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What did you do in KSP today?


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A brief SSTO mission again. This one is a bit bigger than the last.




I then called it a day and after about 3 orbits I entered the atmosphere.


I had overshot the KSC by a lot so I I floored it to the island airfield.




And then I just straight out tutored my crew again. Jeb seemed to enjoy it.



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Made a new pirate ship, the 3rd generation of the "Annihillator" series...


I think ill change the fx to make it look more scary (prolly use classic trails), but those guns are nuts for how few parts they use  Took some inspiration from the providence's deck gun battery when i made this thing, but aside from that its almost identical to its predecessor in layout and capability.


Went with some assymetry since its supposed to be a pirate craft, hence a base hull, with a thing strapped to the port side where the bridge is lovcated and one of that side's cannons sits.


Yeah, doesnt matter how i make modern ships, their internals just get evicerated by the fireworks.  The only saving grace of that ship is the fact that it has absurd redundancy and has backup vernor engines so while its dV drops to near uselessness after a barrage from the Annihillator, at least its able to retaliate to some degree.



Im also pretty happy with the ship's armor.  Its not great against heavy torpedoes (or even the classic ibeam+sepatron weapons in quantity), but its basically unkillable to fireworks. Most of those explosions are the secondary fuel tanks popping, but its primary fuel supply is made of MK-2 tanks which are near indestructible to fireworks (at least when not using KAL to boost the velocity past the standard of 100m/s which i consider too cheaty and unnecessary).  Again, with enough fireworks, even this thing will drop, but its pretty solid given that i limited myself to conventional armor layout (pirates wouldnt have pure MK-2 armor in universe or any other advanced tech).


Now to finish working on Vall mod for EVE, that atmo isnt easy to make look right...

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Have had my Mad Scientist grants renewed, so pushed on today with an airport terminal called Jet Connect 1a and new variant boom dock, called Pushback 2.

 The jet terminal has six "gateways" but big planes banging their nose down on those claw docks when the nosegear retracts gives KSP fizzix the heebie-jeebies.  Ptthhhh....

So Pushback 2 is a portable boom dock.  Pick one up, dock.  Release it from the terminal to back out and then drop it nearby for the next plane to use.

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10 hours ago, adsii1970 said:

Could also try Kerbal Foundries. That mod even has tracks!

I have got that too but I like to see every design out there. I don't like a massive amount of MM patches so I will probably start turning the restock wheels into their own wheels, rather than replacing the stock, for my game.

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Completed the first year of Into the Snarkiverse. What a momentous 426 days it's been since Kerbals took their first tentative steps into space following the cataclysmic events of The Anomaly that reshaped their entire solar system.

They've poked their heads out of Kerbin's atmosphere, using any means at their disposal...



They've flown some crazy contraptions...






They've seen some pretty stunning views...







And much science (or in some cases, "science") was gathered...






With planets moving orbits, moons swapping which planet they orbit and Dres now shadowing Kerbin as a pseudosatellite in a 1:1 resonance, much has changed about the Kerbol system compared to the pre-Anomaly days, but the Space Program continues to push the boundaries of Kerbalkind's understanding of that celestial cataclysm and their place in this scrambled solar system. The work is far from done, however, and Year Two promises to bring bigger and bolder missions than ever before- returning scientific samples from space around Eve, landing probes on Duna and its new moons, maybe even sending Kerbals on a true interplanetary trip (Dres is so close, all you need to do is aim right at it and you'll get there within a week or two) and of course trying to figure out where Eeloo went.

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Making more progress on Vall's new atmosphere.  Not quite done, and the texture is still a placeholder, but ive finally gotten sorta what i want in terms of overall layout on the atmo.  That said, i think ill make the layers feel more like they are made of ice shards then they are now since they are too much like clouds with holes in em instead of a combination of ice crystals and asteroids floating around...


And yeah, i added some forward batteries to the pirate ship i made earlier (and gave them the proper fx to make them actually look right)...

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9 hours ago, jimmymcgoochie said:


They've flown some crazy contraptions...



Sounds like a chaotic solar system. How long did it take to drive the rover to a baobab tree? I put an arm on the nose of a plane and flew to one. 

I'm working on an ore return probe. I'll use an existing ISRU lander to get it from LKO, fill it up on the Mun and push it back to Kerbin. I quite like how it folds up into the fairing.



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my probe
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@Krazy1 I didn’t do much of the driving- Bon Voyage drove it out to the foothills north-west of the KSC and there was a tree close by when it got there.

I picked Snarkiverse because it just rearranged the stock system rather than adding anything new, which was ideal because my GPU had just died so I couldn’t really run anything else. It certainly makes a difference having the Mun in such a high inclination orbit, I keep launching equatorial and then realising I’m 62 degrees off! (And if you thought stock Moho was hard to get to…)

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I made a bootleg Aigaion that undergoes ICA for no discernable reason within 3 minutes of spawning (even though I have unbreakable joints and no crash damage on), but that looks kinda cool. Measures around 400 by 650m.


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I climbed my Kerbal down from the top of the VAB using the ladders and the stairs and realised that even though I have driven up and down the building many times and flown aircraft up there and even base jumped off there. I had never done that before in all the time I have been playing.

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Air-dropped a rover on Kerbin’s southern ice shelf- small plane plus medium-sized rover me tuck on the back made it look like some sort of wasp with a bulging abdomen (fairing with the rover in it). It flipped out a few times during the flight, but once the fairing and rover were gone it was much better. Flew from KSC to Kerbin’s South Pole then to Dessert Airfield nonstop with fuel to spare, even with Panthers on after burning mode pretty much the entire time.

Also launched some probes and stuff, and checked a couple of existing missions to make sure they wouldn’t crash into a moon or something while I time-warped ahead; not that I had to reload the save after it actually happened and then adjust the orbits of the affected craft to prevent them doing it again, you understand…

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Some combat testing today, with my recently rearmed Dimension-VII-S i have decimating a ship with just it's port side batteries, this thing has 3 quad turrets per side and 1 forward cannon (which doesnt look right ever since the update that added spread to the fireworks, but in practice it is more lethal since spread makes it more likely to hit a greater amount of critical systems then a super tight precision beam would have, same reason multiple turrets did more damage then nose weapons provided the target wasnt small enough to make hitting it at all hard)..


Speaking of the forward cannon, since beam fire is nolonger asthetically possible, i made it fire 3 round burts which seem to be no less effective and look much cooler imo.



And the absolutely final feature i added to the "S" model, a second interior area in the front hull section that houses 6 Kerbals and has a conference table thing at the end where the command staff can argue while stuffing themselves with horribly tasting freeze dried meals (or whatver the heck is eaten in space)...


Parts did take a hit, but im willing to sacrifice a bit for what id consider the coolest looking stock warship ive ever made both internally and externally (even though the Nebula is a bit more iconic and sorta normalied the entire AKS asthetic styling).  And yeah, its still below my absolute cutoff of 600 per single vessel (i can and will exceed that on purely asthetic craft, but this thing is still supposed to be useable in the game in both combat and carrier role.  Its a cruiser class, but ive always considered cruisers a sorta jack of all trades ship that can both carry some starfighters onboard and engage in direct combat on its own, and unlike smaller things, even operate on its own without support ships for a time when carrying droptanks since the dV is a bit pathetic at only 2800 (its useable by all means, but its not quite interplanetary carrier capable without extra tanks, and it goes down below 2000 when anything significant is carried onboard like fighters).

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Doing some routine. Launched Dual Lander (I am considering renaming this ship to TRISTAR) for Kerbin-Mun-Minmus-SOI edge-Kerbin trip giving new Kerbals three stars. Now on way to swing around Kerbin to visit SOI edge for a minute and go back.
Also launched Dres Reconnaissance Orbiter for doing some (now unnecessary) science and find right spot for ISRU base which I'd like to send within next transfer window. Design will be derived from Mun ISRU Site in last pic.

And doing some more usefull with segment displays.


...and land back

There is hot at KSC.



Hopefully I will build this on Dres surface.

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