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What did you do in KSP today?


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I spent all night making station "can" modules instead of sleeping, which are quadruple couplers scaled up to accomodate 2.5m and 3.75m parts on each of the four (normally 1.25m) mounting points, and with large (read: 3.75m and 7.5m) docking ports on the (normally 2.5m) mounting point.

There is, so far: A supplies can, using 7.5m docking ports and quad couplers, with two 3.75m LF/O tanks, some MP tanks, and a lot of life support stuff; A fission reactor can, with 4 3000Ec/s fission reactors; A refinery can, with a few ISRUs and a lot of ore capacity; a twelve-fold MPDE can, meant to cap off the end of a vessel for interplanetary missions; And a fusion torch can, which can't really be classified as a "can" because it's just a central crew tube with "an engine at the bottom" (thirty-six OPD dark goo drives in a fusion torch shaped engine bell because of the high ISP and deltaV to mimic an actual fusion torch because I don't feel like installing even more mods) and twelve fuel tanks attached to the sides of the crew tube.

I forgot to take and upload screenshots of them, so I'll have to post them later (if I remember.) These cans arose purely because I wanted to find a use for SpaceY's 7.5m docking port. I mean, really, why would you ever need a docking port that large, unless it's for a craft that will effectively tie multiple lead balls to your FPS and yeet it into a deep pool of water? I've figured out that the Brute Force has at least 650 tons of payload capacity, which means maybe two launches are needed to get the full fusion torch into orbit, from it's dry mass of just over 1,300 tons. Which means the next super lifter will need at least that much payload capacity. (See edit)

Anyway, I've figured out that I should be paying attention to ISP, deltaV, and TWR rather than pretending they don't exist, at least for the first two stages.

EDIT: Here's some screenshots of the fusion torch module on top of the brute force, and it in space with 3,624 m/s of deltaV, which is comprised of the entire third stage and more than two thirds of the second stage left. Which means that, yes, it can indeed lift more than 1,300 tons. I'm planning a 1,500 ton payload test later today, and a 2,000 ton test if the 1,500 ton test is successful. I'll post an update then. If this works, I can launch an entire interplanetary, if not interstellar ship into orbit in a single launch, no assembly required*. I wasn't able to dock it to the station however, because Luna Multiplayer kept syncing me through minor timewarps and resetting my thrust because my physics clock was yellow, and screwing up my transfers >:(

EDIT #2: I also encountered what I believe could be a new kraken: The Staging Kraken. It occured for me when I activated the second stage, which activates the second stage engines (duh) and decouples the first stage, at what could be the precise moment the first stage ran out of fuel (intentional) to avoid an interruption in the burn. This is when the kraken comes into play: It made some of the Vector engines spaz out a little, and then displace into the craft at an angle; one was turned around 140 degrees. It didn't destroy anything, but it was odd. It fixed itself after a few minutes, though it may be because of the physics syncing of Luna Multiplayer, and maybe a bit of timewarp.


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possible new kraken encounter?
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<Cue in your tipical "cine-journal" music, in (pre-)WW2 style>


The renowned scientist and engineer Werhner Von Kerman demonstrated that "... burning inflammable liquids inZide a finely KonZtructed tube with an hole only on one Zide aKtually made Zhe thing fly!!!" [cit.]

He named all the things related to it "rocket science", and his contraption as "Akkrekate A2 rocket".
(... we heard rumors about an allegedly A1 version, but detractors of the genius Von Kerman himself are just pointing that he was setting up a gas stove and, accidentally, punctured the gas tank, barelly surviving the subsequent "unexpected explosion" but, in stroke of geniality, figuring the basis of the new science and immediately baptize the tank as "his first rocket")


(Somewhere on Kerbin, starting a new career...)

("Somewhere" because I was clicking on random launch option and, in perfect kerbal way, I'm not sure which launch site I chose, but it was not the default one for sure)

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My Lab world does not have good Commnet coverage, so I am rebooting it via a temporary world that I have aptly named Kiwistan.

MS1 Scout is on the way to the Mun to enter an initial polar orbit.  Kierkegaard Kerman and Dr Kepler Kerman are at the helm.


Meanwhile Valentina Kerman and Hayly Kerman have just boosted off the KSC launchpad directly into a polar Kerbin orbit: KS1 Scout



Scout Mk2 enters a target SOI into a high polar orbit to circularize and then deploy an M700 Scanner, an RA-100 'Meerkat' Kerbin Master Link Relay and a pBeep 3x RA-2 relay constellation.

Scout then maneuvers into an easterly equatorial orbit to launch the eBeep 3x RA-2 relay constellation.

Finally, the Prospector geological surveyor/lander/explorer leaves the Terrapin ion drive motor in low orbit to descend to a landing upon the surface at some promising looking mining site with a high ore concentration.


The first Moho transfer window opens in 5 days...

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Today I installed astronomers visual pack and, by some miracle, it runs perfectly (no significant lag) on my little laptop that can! :D (obligatory specs: Intel core i5 8th gen, 8gb ram,  Lenovo IdeaPad S145)














I also installed opm! :D 

In the days before today, I did a load of other stuff:

First off, I deorbited Bob and Vyacheslav from skylab, Natalya stayed on board, but I forgot to activate the engine, and accidentally hit spacebar, and while trying to revert I accidentally saved, so I made a plan to use the aardvark resupply probe to dock to their capsule from the station, after a quasi-gazillion tries, I docked and deorbited, they were recovered, and one piece of the probe, the oceanic debris shown above, survived!

After that I sent a crew to the station, and later brought them and Natalya home, and the station's glory days are over, I may or may not deorbit it, depending on my preference.

I also, through a couple of accidents with installing "earn your stripes", removed everyone's orange suits, but thanks to benjee 10's historical suits mod, I gave the big 4, and some others, even better orange suits!




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Technically yestarday :D

Sent relay to Dres for a base I want to sent in next window. em7DBNH.png 

Then just enjoyed my most succesfull single rotor helicopter design. OK, it is wobbly thing, which needs constant care, even if you carefully kill torque, but yes, it flies, it works, can lift up to 6t and kOS is still here as an option.


Trying ability of new ferry, but no success. It can pass through rough scatterer oceans, but has problems with stabilizing payload.




Trailer moved to ugly position. OK, I can move it straight with crane.


but no matter, how many repair kits I use, wheels always instantly breaks. There was no chance to exit ferry in ordinary way. So I need to change something. There KAS small winches are almost unusable, they breaks in a second.

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Supplied Chandra-Station with its Krew:

Here you can see the new munar station with one of my Phoenix-Class SSTOs docked to the long docking arm. Welcome to your new home Lansby, Elsa and Radec... The centrifuge in the back is now deployed and rotating....


(Jim and Sharon are only support team to boot up the new station)...


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1000m tall "Modular Girder Segment XL" spaceframe truss launchpad project - VAB assembly and launch to 120km LKO

4x speed video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qlyo45iozwgfplv/1000m tall spaceframe launchpad project - VAB assembly and launch to 120km LKO.mkv?dl=0


Taller than these structures (517m, 628m, 646m) and Burj Khalifa too.

70px-Brown_Road_Tower.png?dl=1  KVLY-TV_Mast_Tower_Wide.png?dl=1  450px-Maszt_radiowy_w_Konstantynowie.jpg 

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11 hours ago, antipro said:

1000m tall "Modular Girder Segment XL"

I would have suggested Hanger Extender, although you managed OK without it!

Also the pointy Advanced nose cone is inferior to the round Aerodynamic Nose Cone in every way (except appearance perhaps). Unfortunately devs made an error with the drag.



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52 minutes ago, Krazy1 said:

I would have suggested Hanger Extender, although you managed OK without it!

Also the pointy Advanced nose cone is inferior to the round Aerodynamic Nose Cone in every way (except appearance perhaps). Unfortunately devs made an error with the drag.


thx but I've already found HEE yesterday cause I'm planning to build another tower but 70 times higher that this, if my pc do not explode fist,
I woul'd like to launch starting close to the atmo edge, I'll try it soon.

I'm not registered in bugs.ksp.com but it's long time I know about those cones behavior, and apart these are only some funny test experiments,
I'm not the kind of person that exploits a ridiculous easily fixable bug like that only in order to gain some dV,
I always first look at the design and all my rockets have, when possible, the appearance of the ESA Ariane,
so I only use, Advanced Nose Cone - Type B and/or
C7 Brand Adapter Slanted - 2.5m to 1.25m and/or Mk3 to 2.5m Adapter Slanted.
In few words I prefer to see a slanted cone instead of a symmetrical vertical one or a non-aerodynamic one.
They are ugly, aren't they?
And apart all, come on, look at this: Part imageand it's called aerodynamic.
Are we in "the Dictator" movie? Where the Aladeen's Engineer built a round-tipped rocket?

This is the design I want for my rockets:

Why the NASA SLS don't use slanted cones?

Thx by the way.

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54 minutes ago, antipro said:

70 times higher that this, if my pc do not explode fist,

:D good luck. Maybe someone made a planet mod with 70 km mountain?

54 minutes ago, antipro said:

They are ugly, aren't they?

Yeah OK.

58 minutes ago, antipro said:

Are we in "the Dictator" movie?

Haven't seen it, maybe soon.

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First of all, a tangent with nothing to do with ksp:


Happy birthday to me-e, happy birth day to me-e, Happy birth day to meeeeeeeeee!

:happy: :D :D :D 

Now for the ksp:

Still just playing around looking at the pretty mods. :D 


PS: How do you remove the city textures on the terrain? :D 

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7 hours ago, Krazy1 said:

Haven't seen it, maybe soon.

I'm sure you'll find it very Aladeen.


3 hours ago, dci said:

They didnt use these on STS boosters and these boosters are ancestors for SLS boosters

ok you're saying SLS boosters are the evolution of STS's ones.
well, ok but I was wondering only why Nasa didn't change their cones to some inclined ones.
isn't it better to have less pressure between main tank and boosters?

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3 hours ago, antipro said:

ok you're saying SLS boosters are the evolution of STS's ones.

well, ok but I was wondering only why Nasa didn't change their cones to some inclined ones.
isn't it better to have less pressure between main tank and boosters?

The nosecones of the boosters are probably not angled (in the case of STS and SLS) because 1, it could complicate aerodynamics of the booster after separation (they did want to recover them after all), or probably 2, the risks and redesigns outweighed the benefits. I'm pretty sure angled nosecones were studied at the early stages of STS development in the 60's and also for BOLE in the 90's, but neither made it to the physical world.

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Oh dear, what has @Caerfinondone.

I'd just got going once again (after a little break due to real life getting in the way) on the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation - Rewind, when up pops a mod with promises of a new bit of "coastline" to explore, in the form of the Panocean Canal.

Bill, who'd stayed back at the KSC, while Jeb, Bob and Val headed off on a coastal trip by plane, smelled adventure, so he too took to the skies, to see what lay in store if he once more headed out to sea.


Yes... you're eyes are not deceiving you, that is a canal. Cut with the finest shovels, dodgiest explosives and as much shear stubborness as Kerbalkind could muster. Cutting through the landmass that forms the single massive continent of Kerbin's mainland, making a true circumnavigation by sea possible.

However, as there is a limited amount of time in the day (Bill has to help supply his 3 friends with supply vehicles for their trip) he will be making a much shorter trip, going West to East along the length of the canal. A Kerbin circumnavigation will have to wait for another time.

But what sort of vessel should he make the trip in, something shiny and new, or pull the tarps of of something in storage.

Bill considered bringing the Kitchen Sink out mothballs, but that ship had too much scope for distraction from the goal of completing the passage, what with it having 2 mini jets, a rover and a minisub onboard. Instead there was only one real option, something more compact, but still suitably equiped for exploring, both on land and sea.

Yep,... he's going with the classic.


So it's time to dust off the Coastal Cruiser (the boat that made the original Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation) and head to the Western end of the Panocean Canal.

But first something that had been out of use for a couple of years needs a shake down to make sure it's still seaworthy.

The seas off the KSC were a bit choppy today, limiting the speed (and ability to steer), but Bill's been told that the waters off the entrance to the Panocean Canal are much smoother.



Adventure awaits!

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In an undisclosed location <... after a whole day (yesterday) spent to fix B9PartSwitch errors in BDBNowInColors... today I had fun with it....> a mock-up of  the MOL (a.k.a. : "Misterious Orbital Laboratory" because our great rocket scientists have still to figure out what to do with it), a semi-secret effort to develope laboratories and space stations, was launched by a Prometheus III-C rocket, carrying on top a refurbisced, unmanned, Leo capsule.

Discussions (started by a bunch of perfectionists) insued later: some point that we probably forgot a mysterious "Transtage" (... uhhmm... I don't know........ HEY GUYS!!! Is anyone again started to bring home rocket parts, to build fireworks????? HEY BILL!!! Do you know anything about this... uhm... what was its name?...  "strange-stage"????) ... or maybe not, if we were testing the actual capacity to launch the planned station.

But in any case. the capsule reentered safely (albeit we discovered later that a decoupling section was omitted and the whole assembly capsule+retrorocket section landed... well.. I guess  we tested the parachute system... "Am I Right, BIll?!? Didn't you bring home another parts for your side projects, right???") and the mockup station is dangling in space, in orbit... we will see if use it for something, or simply deorbit,.....

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