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What did you do in KSP today?


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7 hours ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:

@Caerfinon@OrdinaryKermanHow did you guys make them usable shops?

While editing a static, there's a Set Facility Type button that opens up a menu window for what uses the building could have. Shops/fuel pumps are facility type Merchant, then you can select what resources the facility sells or accepts

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I landed for the first time on a comet. Perhaps the one basic achievement I was still missing.

It's not that I couldn't have done it before; I launched a comet mission in my original career, but it would have taken 11 years. and after that, I've only done jool 5 and grand tours, and comets were not required for it. But I decided to add "land on a comet and an asteroid" as additional conditions. And I'm glad I did


I got there at apoapsis, where the rendez-vous would be cheaper. I would have liked to stay there to periapsis, but it would have required to spend ten years; life support is running short, i barely have enough nitrogen to get back to someplace where i can mine more before i run out of food.

Then I realized what the hell, I'll time warp to periapsis, take lots of good pictures, then reload. Man, comets at periapsis are spectacular!



that halo of light is the coma




the most spectacular part of it all, small fragments are ejected from the comet and float around all the time. You can notice a few of them in the pictures if you look closely, but when they're not moving they are a lot less noticeable.

Guess I should have taken a video. Damn. Will have to reload again.


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Test Launch of the 3rd of three vessel projected to complete the "plant a flag on Eve" contract.

Vessel name: eve transfer
Vessel purposes: launch into 80Km LKO + RV and DOCK with "eve lander" at 120Km LKO + transfer "eve lander" to Eve.
Status: still testing.

Launch test video 6x: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kelq11jvqzjfu81/eve transfer test launch.mkv?dl=0



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Valentina returned from a long interplanetary journey to find her previous space agency had been taken over by a budget space tourism conglomerate. During the merge, they threw out her favorite coffee mug. She could never forgive them for that. 

Val, Bob, Fred, and Jeb decided it was time to start fresh. They took out a small loan, hired a handful of nerds, and called up a few favors - and before long, Serious Business was born.  After a few short trips around Kerbin to gather some basic scientific data, it was time to go to the Mun. 






Nothing could possibly go wrong, Val assured Bob as the eight Ant engines hot-glued to their fuel tank fuselage puffed and wheezed below them. This was the moment they had been training for. As their orbital velocity slowly declined, the craters below them came into sharper focus. 

One way or another, Val thought, she was going to get a piece of that Mun and bring it back to Kerbin. 

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On 9/27/2021 at 8:00 AM, Angel-125 said:

I've been feeling the COVID blues of late and missing the Before Times, so I made a recreation of the K.S.S. Intrepid, created by @Kuzzter for his Kerbfleet: A Jool Odyssey webcomic. I remember eagerly awaiting the next issue of the webcomic... Anyway, my recreation isn't an exact copy since it's difficult to gauge the exact construction details and KSP has changed greatly since Intrepid took to the skies, so I named my ship the K.S.S. Voyager[*]. In my head cannon, KSC's Deep Space Network received a powerful transmission containing the historical documents from a Superimposed Alternate Variant Existence (SAVE) known as Kerbfleet. Learning from their example, kerbals around the world set aside their differences, formed the United Nations of Kerbin, combined rival space agencies, and set out to build an Intrepid-class ship of their own...

[... snip...]

[*] In Star Trek Lore, the USS Voyager was an Intrepid-class starship.

You hit me hard in the nostalgic department, Angel...

... Kuzzter comics where some of the funniest kerbal story that, still, I remember.
It heavily inspired my kerbal lore.

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Today I launched an SRTM tanker to refuel an ANTS tug (acronyms, yes. they are the best)


For everyone's sanity, here it is in a spoiler!

Last time, 


I launched many modules of my new Munbase, Homestead. And in doing so, I used the ANTS (Advanced Nuclear Transfer Stage/System, which took a excrements ton of effort to set up but now I am using everywhere and in everything) to transport the pretty heavy base modules to and from Mun orbit from LKO

Of course, like usual, I forget to clean up after myself (after all, the ANTS system only works if there is a tug available).  So first I brought that from Mun orbit back to LKO, too boring for even a shutterbug like me to take screenshots of. 

So, standard procedure would be for me to dock the ANTS tug to the OFD-1 (Orbital Fueling Depot, stationed conveniently in LKO). However, since I would be launching the OFD-2's parts soontm, I would need the ANTS again, and there was no point in docking it to an OFD only to undock it and have to re-rendezvous, when I only had to do it once instead of twice.

So being 'big brain' I decide to just launch an SRTM straight to an ANTS since they have similar capacities, and the SRTM can just directly refuel the ANTS. Lots of acronyms, yes. If you skipped over this word part, pictures ahead:


Another standard, boring Griffon launch from the KSC. Somehow (I don't know what I touched), the Twin Boars are not wobbling anymore. This is one of the launchers I have a love-hate relationship with. I literally use it for everything, because I cannot seem to design a proper 3.75 m launcher that actually works. This is the only thing that works, and I'm stuck with it. But that plume though (waterfall is awesome). Plume > Old Design (or of course, I could download a neat SSME plume and spam 10 Vectors on it. Actually, that might be a good idea for a launcher. Hm.)








Yup, of course. Nuclear is the best option for a tanker that also has to go through reentry. Mmhm. Look at that plume though.




And, docked! This stack could probably go interplanetary if it wanted to. In fact, a fully fueled ANTS alone has a delta-v of 8000 m/s and a TWR of 0.5. That's exactly how overengineered these ANTS are. 


P A I N.


How to: irradiate a multi million dollar nuclear tug


Inflatables are the best.




Mmm heat. Why did Squad not just enable this effect?



Heat Shield is jettisoned. Technically not necessary, but we don't need it anymore.





Splashdown! What a good idea, let's expose the ocean directly to radiation! (Just then I realized I didn't even shut the engines down per safety protocol. Just a... small oversight.)


I also designed a thing:





TWR of 0.1. This is why I installed Persistent Thrust (even if it likes to break timewarp every once in a while). Feeling brave, I finally designed something utilizing the Linear Docking Ports. Honestly, they aren't even necessary as I could just use regular clamp-o-trons, but this a thing that really needs to be lined up (dockrotate exists, but it's hard to get the exact angle anyway.) 

Also, unlike usual I actually added an abort protocol. The top crew section (with the centrifuge and the striped tank) has two thud engines in case of abort, which will probably get 200 or so delta-v. Of course, the thuds also broke the delta-v reading. I guess you can't have everything. Hopefully this design sees the light of day, because I really want to strand leave to gather extra science a very specific Watney Kerman.


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The fuel tank core of the Minmus Skylab arrived in Minmus orbit today, along with a return pod and a lander for surface missions. Eventually this will serve as a conduit between the mining activity on the surface and planned missions to send a base to Gilly. More modules will be arriving shortly. The main booster that brought it was able to disconnect and de-orbit, leaving it completely full. 




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I always post on this topic the day after I played KSP for some reason.

Ok, so I didn't do a lot, half of the time was spent by a bug in which the craft that spawns on the launch pad is the last autosaved one. 

The mission was based on sending Kerbals to ze Mün again. The first time was with a [bad word] rocket. This time I sent the same kerbals (Jeb and Bill) While Bob is in an orbit. (Apollo styled)

The rocket used was the failed Duna and back rocket. It is a Apollo themed lifter, again.

The mission had to send Kerbals on the mün (near a ground station(its still the core) and put some experiments) I landed 400 meters from the location (which is good for the first time, right?).

I will bring the boys back home tomorrow (or whenever possible) Make sure to wish me luck!

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1 hour ago, Aerodynamic Kerbal said:

I have a small question: Will 1000∆v be enough to achieve munar orbit of 8000m apoapsis and periapsis?

Easily.  Orbital speed is around 550 m/s.  You will need more than that, but not double.

Or, see this: cheat sheet (scroll down to "Kerbal Space Program dV Map"), it says 580 m/s with an excellent ascent.

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On 6/1/2021 at 12:26 PM, Martian Emigrant said:



Thanks, I will play with that.


Not sure how old you are but...

The rover in Space 1999 was actually an Amphicat.



Every kid in the 70s wanted one.

They where touted as all-terrains-amphib. I don't think they ever were as good as (us) kids dreamed  them to be,

They floated precariously, the wheels would (With their big treads) churn the water like mad and it would go forward.....slowly.

I don't think you would have wanted wind, waves, or current. Vegetation or rocks either.

I have seen videos of them struggling to get up a stream bank.

I also think that the ground clearance (For an all terrain) was too low to be practical.





ha, now I want one. Today me build JU87 Stuka. The image is here: https://imgur.com/a/wbGh7bj 


3 hours ago, ColdJ said:

The first outing for the Mini Moke drivers club is underway and off to @Caerfinon's Tavern for lunch.


give me mod now

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