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What did you do in KSP today?


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Today a probe to Tellumo was sent off to complete a contract for surface science to be transmitted.


In coast mode.


The insertion burn is done such that the PE is moved over the equator.


But it wasn't moved far enough because we have an unplanned liquid landing. (I don't know if it is a water ocean on Tellumo)

So Mission control grabs, then transmits, the airborne science and prepares to find out if the probe floats :/


And it floats! Then the next Tellumo morning, the surface science is collected and transmitted for the contract completion.



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Kerbal engineers pose for a group picture after completion of a major project.  In my recently new 1.12.3 career, using as much construction mode as I could, I installed my first mining base on the Mun.  Sections and parts were launched on a reusable space plane and then transferred from the Kerbin space station to the Mun station.  From there, a sky crane delivered them to the Mun surface where Kerbal engineers completed construction.  The only serious problem I ran into with construction mode was dealing with some root part issues where I couldn't move certain parts until I attached another vessel and the root part changed.  Phew!  This was a lot of time and planning but worth the feeling of accomplishment!  Hope you enjoy the pics!










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Welp plans and doing right now time

So my Duna mission with kerblism is going well and the ship that is heading there is called the KIV Duna

So after a refuelling mission autopilot going wrong destroying decoupling a mission critical module of KIV duna leaving a gravity ring floating in orbit and leaving the command module that had the docking port stuck to the rest of the ship somehow that refueller is intact and docked and started refuelling after that was complete and the refueller picked up the command module and deorbited itself. A new replacement module is on its way and will dock with KIV Duna and I think I can get it on its way soon.

Images of it will be here soon

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[JAXA+] 2026-03-09 - A "Tsukuyomi" lunar base lands near Shackleton Crater, launched in one go by a super-heavy H-Z rocket, which has a capacity of 485 tonnes to LEO (RSS/RO). Astronauts Mutta Nanba, Hibito Nanba, and Takio Azuma are on board.



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Not today, a few days ago, but I made another fusion SSTO with a (frankly absurd) LKO Dv of 600,000 m/s. As it turns out, the bigger the Kerbstein engine is, the more efficient it gets; a weird but welcome quirk, unless you primarily build tiny SSTOs. Forgot to upload screenshots; I'll do it later, if I remember. Fusion propulsion is awesome, I don't think I'll be ditching it anytime soon.

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[click + arrow => slideshow]




A lonely ORB has been eking out a living mining/refining fuel on the surface of Moho.  A Mule is mounted atop, receiving the precious fluids to take back to space, but it can carry only a limited amount of OX.









Finally, a larger, Goblin miner (left-hand) has arrived in a 45-degree incline with only 3% fuel remaining by the time it finds and docks with HXZ6 Zenith space station (such as it is, middle-hand, pictured with an older model Mule, right-hand).  The space station has only enough fuel to make a Goblin landing "risky".  Space Command decides to make an exception and "dot 'I's and cross 'X's", this time.  We wait...









Meanwhile, a much larger-scale Atlas miner lurks above Moho, in a strange and quarky, left-hand orbit...  A Spider has gone out to attempt a vain retrieval but everything now hinges upon the Goblin..






Nevertheless, Space Command is (literally) drinking champagne as we type this.  Fingers "dotted and crossed"...

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