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What did you do in KSP today?


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No less than 10 new recruits made their way to KSC today. 9 of them left a few weeks ago for their Mun and Minmus flag plantings and one additional soul joined them at Mun Station. After their trip they made it safely back to LKO to transfer to a SSTO Crew Mk-2rev, the Kerbin system shuttle found its way back to Kerbin Station by remote control.


The mighty Space Plane made its approach to runway 09 during sunrise over KSC, generating some nice views for the new recruits.


Approach to KSC was by the book.


The landing was a little bouncy but nothing the landing gear couldn't handle, although the ship needed about 75% of the runway to come to a full stop.


After debriefing the new recruits were quickly ushered into the quarantine area where they will remain for 2 weeks before joining the active crews of the Kerbal Space Program.


The current crew count is now up to 128:



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7 hours ago, Rutabaga22 said:

Ummm.... Why..... Is... the..... kraken.... doing... this..... it...... drives.... normal...... but hovers.....

Generally wheels seem to hover if the radius is set too large in the config file. Do you happen to have Tweakscale or any other mod that rescales things installed?

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Although there were no launches today, your intrepid reporter managed to get a few nice shots of a new type of rocket undergoing some functional tests on the KSC launch pad. This rocket seems to be designed as a lander or surface base, various sub-systems were tested among which some small cooling radiators. The test was concluded with an impressive burn from its 9 engines which nonetheless didn't seem powerful enough to lift the structure off its landing gear.


The building seems to contain three luxury cabins and a coach class cabin as well as an observation cupola at the very top. The more interesting part though is the platform just below the luxury cabins, where there seems to be a hole between the fuel tanks and above the engine mount (which is partially hidden by the large skirts coming down from the platform's edges). A nice drone shot made by one of my fellow rocket bloggers with deeper pockets than your vagrant reporter shows a view of the top of the structure (used with permission, thanks T. Kerman!).


Only the most observant readers may have noticed the Sean's Cannery logo on the side, but surely nobody will have missed the striking resemblance to one of Sean's Cannery recently introduced "Bottlecan" line of BBQ sauces. Unfortunately the limited number of readers of your humble and diligent reporter is not sufficient to elicit an official response from Sean's Cannery's PR department at this time, so we will just have to wait for the official announcement like everyone else (hmpf!).


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Started playing some KSP again to relax. Not pushing a comprehensive modlist anymore, just what I consider Vanilla+ at this point plus a tourism contract I had long ago put on the backburner. The Casino took a while to be completed. A few choice images from the last week and a half will do.


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Our friends from the Minmus Bike Garage, while poking around in the guts of the OMB Demolition Enterprises' Tiki Bar and playing with its high gain antenna (one must wonder about the wisdom of OMB of parking an unmanned high-tech gizmo laden structure next to a bunch of bored petrol heads and hardware hackers in a place with little judicial oversight and zero enforcement) seem to have picked up some interesting communications from a long forgotten rover on Moho, shown here on archive footage.


As you may remember the little rover kicked up a bit of a fuss in the press years ago when it turned out it had landed in the middle of some really rough terrain and was surrounded by cliffs that, at least in the eyes of the writing press, were impossible to scale for its feeble electrically driven wheels. The assurance of KSP Management that the little rover was in perfect working order and was doing exactly what it was told to do did little to alleviate the worries of the press. As one of the popular space reporters of the time (who has since retired) put it so eloquently: "The ability to follow orders to shut down and conserve energy is not something to be smug about. Trees do that every winter, without being told to do so."

Well it seems the little rover has put them all to shame today, as it only took 2 hours to scale the steep cliffs, some taking it up as high as 1 km above its original altitude, driving along swirling paths with inclinations approaching 50 degrees, to finally end up on an ancient lava flood plane to the east of its landing location. After its 2 hour drive, plotted below based on the telemetry recorded by the Minmus Bike Garage guys, the small rover drove around the perfectly flat flood plane for another half hour before signing off and switching to hibernation mode.


At this time it is unclear what exactly the purpose of this trip was, no official announcement was made, but one can't help but wonder if it has something to do with the Sean's Cannery sponsored bottle shaped rocket that has been going through the wet dress rehearsals on the KSC launch pad the past days. With its small solar panels, added radiators and underwhelming TWR, this presumed surface base certainly seems capable of making a landing on Moho, and the flood plane visited by the little rover with its flat surface, high ore concentrations and only low hills to the east seems like a decent enough place for it to settle down permanently. This reporter suspects we may yet see a Sean's Cannery sponsored settlement on the Moho surface around this area in the near future. Time will tell!


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I finished assembling my Duna crew vehicle, the KDSS Benevolent Encounter.


A crew of four came up to inhabit the Encounter for a 200 day mission until the next Duna transfer window. They'll ensure that the life support systems perform as expected and also do some long-term orbital experiments to keep busy.



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So, I've been absent from the forum now for several months for multiple reasons.  Not the least of which is that real life kicked me in the shins, which kept me from enjoying some stuff that I really enjoy.  Like KSP, for example.  But, I've been able to play every now and then, and now that RL is done whupping up on me, I've been able to get into a new career.

Several days ago, for the first time ever, I was able to not only land a rover on Eve, but it survived AND I was able to drive that bad boy around and send science back home.  It helped me complete a contract where I had to splash down into the oceans of Eve, and thanks to somehow landing close enough, I drove that thing deep enough into the water to get credit for it and then drive it out.  So I have a probe core on Eve with a bunch of antennae on it (used for flying to Eve and then the controlled landing), as well as a drivable rover with an antenna and a bunch of science gadgets on it (it's a drone).  I still haven't landed any Kerbals on the planet, but now that I've been able to land something drivable, it's a matter of time before I can scratch this off my list.  When I get some time this weekend, I'll throw up some images of the lander I used for this; it's ugly...but it worked!

After dropping the rover on Eve, I decided to focus elsewhere in the cosmos for a bit as I don't have the necessary parts to land and liftoff from Eve yet.  So I sent a couple of Kerbals to Dres, upon which they landed and discovered that yes, the planet does exist.  They then got back into orbit, made their way back to Kerbin and were able to get into orbit there (with 10 m/s to spare after setting Pe to ~70k and Ap to ~1000k)...and then they all realized that the parachutes were never installed on the pod.  So I sent up a rescue mission and brought the stranded Kerbals home, along with all of that sweet, sweet science from Dres.

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The space station was resupplied with an upgraded cargo vessel. 


It carries a 1/3 again as many snacks as the previous version. This will cut down on the launches needed for pre-positioning supplies at Duna.


Then I took the Duna rover out for a spin after it charged up in the morning.


Then some blueberries were found. Sparking scientific debate over whether or not blueberries were good with mint ice cream.


We tool along to the highland biome.


Stop and pay our respects to the only pieces of the sky crane to survive.


And reach the highlands. Time to charge up and get some science.


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The YB-79 Stryker takes off on its first taxi-test-cum flight. Two and a half minutes later, as the pilot attempted to bail out following engine failure during a landing attempt, the canard trapped Ernard Kerman and he was killed. Abort systems are being designed.

The aircraft's design is based off of a design for the "A-11," a precursor to the A-12 OXCART and the SR-71 SENIOR CROWN.


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