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What did you do in KSP today?


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Landed a robotic rover and lander on Eve. For SCIENCE. I feel rather accomplished, given how ungainly and unbalanced the delivery system was. Managed to touch them down within meters of each other. Even had to drive the rover a little bit just to make sure the lander didn't land on top of it. lol.


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Let me show you the laggy way of getting 200T to orbit.

I call it the MR - 1400, 1572 parts and 2156.465T on the pad. And sorry for 31 images...

<iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="http://imgur.com/a/6jHoo/embed"></iframe>

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Looks like NovaSilisko's Alternis Kerbol, if my eyes do not deceive me. (Either that, or that is laythe with TR, and one hell of an SSTO.)
That picture reminds me of Avatar opening scene.

That planet mod is it?

Alternis Kerbol. The SSTO is my kerosene and hydrogen fuelled Úþûøñрø Þá. It goes suborbital on the jet engine and uses MPD thrusters for orbital operations. It can do two trips to Laythe and back to the station before it needs to be refuelled, but I prefer having a depot available anyway. But it's nowhere near as big as the Avatar SSTOs. Eventually I plan on adding a large crew shuttle for when I establish ground base on Laythe, but for now I am content with just the Úþûøñрø plane.


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Sped up time, sent an Eve probe on its way that was waiting in orbit, got it to its destination and took some readings. Landing to follow.

That also dialed down the ETA for the return of the Duna Explorer.

Kerbed over launching big space station modules into orbit - it is somehow less easy for me these days. :P

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Decided not to abandon my Career save after all. The prospect of a vast expanse of rework stretching out in front of me was too daunting for me to start another one, especially with no idea how soon the new patch will be coming.

So I un-colonized the Mun, i.e. removed my base, which I had the foresight to design with parachutes so this would be possible. I'm not sure WHY I made it that way, but it all worked out in the end. Eventually I'll recolonize it with a better base in a more hospitable location (less cliffs) and with rovers that are actually able to drive uphill xD

Also sent my crew transport back up to space along with some more extra redundant fuel for the Jebulon. SOME DAY the Kerbatar will be able to perform an interplanetary voyage, and when it comes back it'll need refueling.

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I completed my first successful orbital rendezvous and docking procedure without any assists! It was awesome! My rendezvous came in nice and close on my first try. The docking was clunky, but it worked, so I'll take it. I forgot a command module on my space station so I had to send up an emergency ship to drop one off. :)

Next step, figuring out a design to get a large amount of fuel into the air to attach to my new space station.

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I only fired the game up to check some stats for my deduction of what KSP's fuel is, but while I was at it I decided to launch a little baby rocket. I thought it would just go up and down, but instead...


it made orbit :)

Just an antenna, nosecone, remote guidance unit, FL-T200 tank, and 48-7S engine.

*Now thinks KSP is too easy.*

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My career mode game without science experiments is turning out to be a great idea. The game remains interesting, when every mission goes to a different planet, instead of grinding through biomes with a pile of silly devices. The pace of progress is also quite nice.

After visiting Gilly, I'm now planning a second interplanetary mission, targeting Duna and Ike. This time the ship has to be much bigger due to the expensive landings, but I'm still using the same general design for it.



The main ship consists of three modules: command module, habitation module, and landing module. After reaching orbit, I'm going to move the landing module to the nose, freeing the rear docking port for the transfer module. At Duna, the command module and the landing module rearrange again to form a lander, while the habitation module remains in orbit.


The lifter stage of the transfer module looks like a castle.

I accidentally ended up having an additional restriction: fuel lines can't be used between stages. If I want to use drop tanks or similar things, I must connect them with docking ports, or transfer the fuel manually when the engines are throttled down. Because vertical staging is still unstable in 0.23, and I don't have Mainsails yet, the end result is that my rockets are even wider than with asparagus staging.

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