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What did you do in KSP today?


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Tylo is difficult.


Hint- that whole craft is supposed to be pointing UP!

About a dozen attempts later and I managed to land it on flat enough ground that it didn't fall over.

M4i95WI.pngNine flags planted, only five more to go to complete the set.


7 minutes ago, Kerbalistic1 said:

I Installed RSS and RP-1, but RSS won't work. It will show just the regular Kernel system planets and, which causes RP-1's contracts to bug out and for some reason I start with only 3 parts: 


These parts are all non-rp1 parts

Did you install it correctly? KSP 1.12(.3) > CKAN > RP-1 express install will get you everything you need. See: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/Installation

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I finished designing all the surface hardware that my Duna mission will need, including this kinda cute unfolding rover attached to the  habitat module. I took it for KRASH-simulated test drives around the KSC and Duna's surface and it handles pretty well.


I also launched a probe to the Lindor system on a Zephyr VIII rocket.




I had to coast to apogee before insertion since this configuration's thrust is so disproportionate to the payload mass, but it needed the delta-V.



The second stage ignited briefly to circularize.


The second stage then coasted until it was time for the 4 km/s ejection burn. After SECO, the deep space stage separated and finished the ejection burn. The sun came over the horizon during the last few hundred m/s. 




The next correction burn is scheduled in about 4 and a half years, with arrival at Lindor in 7 years.



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Snippets from the Mad Scientist Journal


Back in January (2022), I posted Batwing Mk2, an aerial Mars Duna exploration vehicle, to KerbalX.






Very pleased to be able to announce that the first (long-forgotten) Batwing Mk2 has finally arrived at Mars Duna and is preparing for LDO circularization to occur in 15m.






That's a Mule nuclear transfer tug  preparing for the retro burn.

And, yes, now that you're wondering why it's taken 8 months to get here: I do play in "real time" (a regulatory limit: "no warp longer than 30m; find something better to do").

And, yes, I do play KSP something like 6h per day.  :)  Mad scientist that I am...


Those who have been following the highly-sporadic Mad Scientist Journal will recall that I've started  an independent space initiative based on a very southerly island nation (about the size of Tasmania), necessitating 60-degree inclined orbits.  I made some remarks recently about synchronization of launches to assemble a space station; so here's one more observation, for those also inclined to attempt such a thing:

  1. make your first launch during full daylight
  2. note the UT (Universal Time), e.g. 04:00:00
  3. your launch site (on Kerbin's surface in rotational motion) will be positioned again, under the established orbit, every 6h, at 04:00:00 every day.  Easy.


KSC High Command has announced Rule Changes for ASR operations.  The current rules:

  1. any vessel/debris de-orbiting over Kerbin must be followed to the surface and/or destruction.
  2. Marked with approximate coordinates in the craft name: e.g. 'SOS 157E PFA-366 Hunter'
  3. for recovery (unless within the precincts of the KSC 'green'), a manned ASR operation must be despatched to the crash site and landed within target-switch ('[', ']') range
  4. for sunken debris, a submarine ASR operation must be despatched and likewise positioned within target-switch range once all sunken debris has fallen to the ocean (lake) floor.

have been amended to additionally require (since the adoption of Targetron, which gives a 1Hz proximity update), target selection of the stricken vehicle is not permitted.  ASR pilots must find and locate the target strictly by homing on the target-distance read-out.

Here's another (real) example: 'SOS 87/49 SE X-97'.  It gives the map grid indices which gets you in the direction to within 10 or so km.  Then the homing commences...

(Ah yeah: now you're asking "whyyyyy??!")  It's actually a fun little game!  :)

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Cool party trick. Here's an OKTO2 floating in mid air.


The only parts here is the probe core and launch clamp. I'm not sure how I did it but I think that it's the angle that I placed the clamp at. You can put bigger payloads, the most parts I've put is one of the Oscar tanks (I play with Restock+) and a spark engine.


Here's the craft in the VAB, top-down:


Try this yourself, see how much you can stuff there. Make sure the clamp is slightly hanging off the probe core.

After doing some more testing, this only works with Restock. It does not work with the stock launch clamp. :(

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A resupply mission was conducted for the KSS-1


Those kerbals sure go through the snacks.


And the Duna core arrives at Duna. We insert into a polar orbit.


And after discovering that there was not enough d/v to go into the planned orbit. It was decided to get into a 1,000 km x 875 km orbit and get refueled on the prepositioning missions. Then move to the planned 150 km X 150 km  orbit.



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I don't normally care about reusability all that much but while building a xenon-powered craft to shuttle a few extra kerbals to the newly finished Kerbol Express, I thought ehhhhh, why not.
It uses a two boosters to help it reach orbit, but the main body is easily recoverable. Kinda fumbled the landing but I only lost a few peripheral parts.



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