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What did you do in KSP today?


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My habitat module arrived in the Duna system and aerocaptured into a low orbit.


I picked out a landing site in the "Notable Plains" biome, which is also near a number of more mountainous areas. I waited a few orbits and then put the habitat on a landing trajectory.


The flappy bit is a couple of radiators mounted to a hinge which helps to trim the aeroforces on the habitat during atmospheric entry, and reduces the amount of work the thrusters have to do. 



Parachute pre-deployment at 10 km.


Full deployment at 2500 m. The resulting 3 g's of acceleration assists with heat shield separation as the habitat slows to a terminal velocity of 50 m/s.


Engine ignition at 800 m as the parachutes cut.






Rover deployment.



Habitat deployment complete! Now all it needs is a crew.

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15 hours ago, Misguided Kerbal said:

Since I can't really make anything to shift the center of mass for control as in real life,

If you have Breaking Ground, then 2 pistons, balanced with one pointing left and the other right, put a weight on the end of each, maybe the micronode? Then extend one or the other to cause the weight to shift to the left or the right, add two more to lean fowards or back.

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6 hours ago, ColdJ said:

If you have Breaking Ground, then 2 pistons, balanced with one pointing left and the other right, put a weight on the end of each, maybe the micronode? Then extend one or the other to cause the weight to shift to the left or the right, add two more to lean fowards or back.

That's a very intriguing idea, I never considered a solution like that. I'll definitely have to try something like that, but that sure sounds like kraken bait.

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made an updated version of my Low tier SSTO


didn't work as well as the previous model tho, and barely made it out of orbit,

i might need to minimize surface area of the wings and replace command pod for a lighter one, maybe upgrade swivel to a mainsail or reliant

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I finished redoing all the kethane tanks and completely redid the zero bypass turbine again.

2 meter extra large tanks

2 meter large tanks

2 meter medium tanks
I stopped doing the double pipe? part since it was starting to look kind of weird on short tanks

2 meter small tanks

1 meter tanks & external tank
I gave both of these tanks two different variants, external tank has the option to turn the text off/on, and the 1m tanks just have a different coat

I completely redid the zero bypass turbine, again, because the one I had before was looking a little inconstant with the storage tanks

It's still able to reverse thrust and switch modes


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Been experimenting with experimental VTOL craft. 


The Hoveround.  Like a beefy hoverbike:


Bicopter.  It's ok, but slow:

And the Vitol.  This one is very stable, I have good control with the various engines and get decent speed because of the efficient afterburner engine:


Vitol demo: 


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The past few weeks saw the arrival of the convoy sent to the Eve system a few months ago.



Coming in directly over the pole was the MultiSkan observatory for Eve and the MultiSkan Mini destined for Gilly, both similar crafts as we've seen deployed this year through the Kerbin and Moho spheres of influence. They were successfully brought in their respective polar orbits and are currently scanning their targets with all the modern technology available.

Of bigger interest was the announcement from Rokea Inc about their sponsored mission, something that has been kept very quiet until now. According to some people at KSC I've talked to (who wish not to be named) this mission is highly experimental and Rokea wanted to delay announcing it in case of a mission failure. However now that the base has been built they are very forthcoming with some very nice promotional shots. First there is the arrival at Eve, which is always a sight to behold.


This is only one of the three craft involved in the mission. it carries four long tubes each containing a cabin for two, some fuel to land on Gilly and some electrical control equipment. The tubes are closed off on both ends with large docking ports and powered by a mere total of 8 kN from their four Spider engines. The four tubes were brought into a low polar orbit around Gilly.


The booster with its small capsule at the top will return to Kerbin after a long wait of 500 days for a suitable transfer window, but we've been assured the pilot has enough snacks to last for 600 days without rationing. The first of the three craft to touch down on Gilly was the very tip of this enormous six-piece puzzle, which carried the crew of one pilot and two engineers to prepare for the arrival of the base of the structure. In order to facilitate this a ground anchor was placed exactly at the North Pole of Gilly to which a strutting structure and a large docking port were welded.


Even though the negligible gravity of Gilly makes handling heavy building materials quite easy, it also means ground anchors are required to prevent structures from simply sliding off the tiny moon, and for this structure in particular the engineer had to make sure the docking port was pointed exactly away from the center of the minuscule moon.


Once the anchor was secured, the vessel was parked a small distance away and the various parts of this architectural puzzle still in orbit were guided down remotely one by one by the pilot. First the base was landed and docked to the anchor, this is the heaviest part, containing two Jumbo-64 tanks, mining drills, ore storage and refinery, and another cabin for two.


After the base it was time to stack the lighter four tubes on top of it. Each of these measures around 40 meter which means that all four stacked on the base makes the structure already around 200 meter in height. Although these are relatively light it is still amazing to see those four tiny Spider engines are enough to de-orbit and land these enormous lengths of rocket fuselage.


Placing these parts on top of each other is very precise work and the team worked several days to get them all stacked up. In addition, after a new piece was stacked on top it was rigged to the piece below with four external struts, which involved one of the engineers going on EVA and attaching struts while precariously balancing hundreds of meters above a rocky surface. In this picture you can clearly see the tip of the spire parked in the background from where the pilot is guiding this tube down on top of the others.


Last, but certainly not least, the tip of the spire was lifted up on RCS power only and carefully placed on top of the already 200 meter tall structure. This 'business end' of the spire contains, from bottom to top, a two person cabin, a storage bay with research equipment, a research lab and a four person cabin...


This clearly shows the external rigging which runs along the entire length of the structure, at this point not attached across the docking ports yet. A scientist I spoke to mentioned these were tensioned steel wires, and although they were "not entirely certain tension actually helped it sure makes things exciting!" Above the research related area there is an observation platform...


Again from bottom to top we can see the viewing cupola, three luxury cabins for two, four external observation seats, a one person control cabin and an impressive array of fireworks which will no doubt deliver a spectacular show once the VIPs start visiting this exciting new space tourism destination. By now you probably only want to know one thing. How tall is this thing really?? Looking at it from the bottom it seems to go on forever and just disappear among the stars.


Above the control cabin there is a large telescopic piston, topped by a communication array, topped by another telescopic piston, topped by a strut structure supporting a number of control and measurement systems, then yet another piston, and finally an array of solar panels, resulting in a vertigo inspiring height of...


255.3 meter! Needless to say that makes it the highest current structure in the Kerbolar system. I tip my hat to Rokea Inc. Where Sean's Cannery chose to go for the relatively safe option of putting their no doubt meme-worthy but not very technically innovative BottleCan base on Moho (which, I might add, they STILL haven't landed), Rokea dared to dream, to push the envelope, to empty the snack cabinet in a single sitting, to awe and inspire. I will stop before I say things that might hurt my blog's ad-click revenue from Sean's Cannery and let the last 2 images speak for themselves.




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Second day of landings. The Endurance-12 crew disembarked from the Encounter and transferred over to the DLAV.



After another 15 hours, the now-occupied DLAV used it's thrusters to deorbit on course to land near the habitat module.



Duna Lander / Ascent Vehicle EDL sequence:


The DLAV entered Duna's atmosphere over the south pole.



Much lighter and more stable then the habitat, the crew landing vehicle is able to adjust its attitude during entry in order to fine-tune the trajectory. This is the main reason I landed the habitat first, since stability issues prevented it from achieving the same level of accuracy and the second vehicle would need to land near the first.


At this point the DLAV is well on course and transitions to a zero-lift attitude as it enters the thicker atmosphere.



Parachute deployment and heat shield separation at 2500 m.


Propulsive landing.


The Endurance-12 crew land within sight of the habitat.


The utility rover came over to pick up the crew as they disembarked and ferry them over to the habitat.



The habitat module will be their home for the next 5 months as they conduct long-term experiments and explore nearby biomes.


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I finished a rover to handle all most of that Parallax terrain scatter. The All-Terrain Science Train includes a full science suite. Trinary wheels allow the ATST to clamber over medium-sized objects/modest boulders and the hydraulic steering was based on the Landmaster, inspired by u/fryguy101 on that other forum.


Craft on KerbalX

4k on YouTube

Music: "On The Way To The Top" by LemonMusicStudio

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Today was making a new Combi aircraft for carrying passengers and cargo at the same time. Went through a few iterations but ended up with the Dash 9. Similar to the Expediter the Dash 9 has seating for 2 crew and 18 passengers. The cargo bay is roomy enough to to transport a nice size vehicle for further ground exploration. Passenger loading and cargo ramps are to the rear of the aircraft.     


Take offs are done in a very small amount of space which is a plus because I plan to fly it mostly to out of the way airstrips


Landing is quite smooth around 80 m/s.  The cargo bays are well lit for night time operations and KAS Fixed Telescopic Joints are used to secure large items like trucks made with the Mini Moke mod.     


The Dash 9 stands ready for adventures of all kinds.  Available now on KerbalX: Dash 9

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Made a replica of the ADM-20 QuailMdYsm2L.pngA99yt16.png

"The McDonnell ADM-20 Quail was a subsonic, jet powered, air-launched decoy cruise missile built by McDonnell Aircraft Corporation. Quail contained electronics and radar reflectors intended to make it indistinguishable from a B-52 approaching at low altitude. This would force Soviet defenses to divide their missiles and interceptors between multiple targets, reducing the chance that a bomber would be targeted." -Wikipedia


See the source image

Here is a picture of the actual thing, for comparison.

I think it looks cute

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Continuing to work on my totally not cursed paraglider concept, I think I've finally settled on a workable design. 




Pathfinder re-enters like a normal capsule, utilizing a conventional heat shield.


Here's the most critical phase. With the capsule still aligned retrograde from the reentry, a drogue chute is deployed not from the nose, but from the rear to slow it down.


By deploying from the rear, this allows the capsule to reorient into a position for paraglider deployment while not completely killing off all velocity, and allowing for a smooth transition to occur.


Once in the correct orientation, the paraglider is deployed and the drogue chute is cut.





While I was originally aiming for a runway landing, I ended up reentering short and had to make a landing in a random field instead. Oh well, any landing you can walk away from...


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On 9/13/2022 at 4:09 PM, Rakete said:

Did some fooling around with low powered engines... That resulted in my proposal for the next design for the kerbal-olympic and paralympic fire:


You can also roast some marshmellows on it. The kerbally bowl of fire :D :D :D ...

Why? Cause it's possible.


I am a firm proponent of this philosophy.

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I've been out of town the past couple of weeks. During that time I found out that another space game, Mars Horizon (MH), could be downloaded on the Switch. It's an alright game, nothing compared to the grand cosmic comedy that is KSP. But I got to thinking, can I remake the rockets I created in MH in the KSP VAB?

The answer: kinda sorta. Let's just say some of the gameplay decisions in MH are odd, like the fact you can't launch soyuz on the soyuz rocket...

But anyway, screenshots. First rockets I've done today are the Sageata (which I believe is Romanian for Arrow) family of rockets.



Sageata IIID


Sageata V


I figured the rocket family kinda resembles the Delta series, both in terms of components used (thanks BDB!) and also because each version seems to generally have very little in common. I'm hoping to flesh this family out further via KSP.

I will post more images on my main thread here:

Edit: Craft Files!



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Landed on Vall and got away again with only 78% of a lethal dose of radiation, yay!

Meg is currently curled up in her radiation detox unit, staring blankly at the walls and singing some kind of nursery rhyme on a loop in a really creepy way, but being locked in a tiny tin can for many days and landing on a moon so irradiated your DNA starts disintegrating if you even think about it will do that to you…

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50 minutes ago, jimmymcgoochie said:

Landed on Vall and got away again with only 78% of a lethal dose of radiation, yay!

Meg is currently curled up in her radiation detox unit, staring blankly at the walls and singing some kind of nursery rhyme on a loop in a really creepy way, but being locked in a tiny tin can for many days and landing on a moon so irradiated your DNA starts disintegrating if you even think about it will do that to you…

"Shut up Meg"

Sorry, had to do it. For real, I hope Meg Kerman gets well soon...or at least as good as it can get for a Kerbal...

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