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What did you do in KSP today?


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I grossly underestimated how hard it would be to land with a rover hanging off your side with no counterbalance;

If I may say so, it does look like a very heavy rover. Would something like this not be in the spirit of the original Apollo 17 version? When I land with this I barely notice it is there.


These two stage landers are actually great for hopping between biomes and gathering multiple rock samples and Eva reports - with the rover as a 1-time augmentation, to that. I think my record is something like 23 stock science results in one Mun mission, including 6 or 7 rock samples (although that did include the East Crater, with its funky Crater walls).

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But i have to search mission report section, cauz im relativly new, i dont search all the forum.

The Mission Reports section is a subforum of the Fan Works section so can be hard to find from the main forum screen. However, it's easy to find from here. Just click on the words "General KSP" in the upper left corner of this screen (the line that shows the path to this thread). That brings up a list of all forums in this area, and Mission Reports is the last one on the list.

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ty, i'll watch it

- - - Updated - - -

Today, i launch the first solar arm of Kerbol Explorer

KE Solar Arm 1 launch


Main arm separation


On the way


Second branch


Final approche


KE test to deploy his allnew Solar Arm


Ouate de Phoque !! The two center panel intersect !!


In this exposition, he "just" generate 708 (KW? Edit: KerboWut ?), and my ionnic engine suck 697... but i have three engines 4 two arms...

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That lander looks pretty similar. I was going for a certain look. I want it bulky and ugly like human-made junk. There's a ton of heavy stuff just hanging off of it that doesn't need to be there; but after 6 Apollo missions it seems to work well enough to finish off the Mun with them.

I'm gonna bring an extra fuel tank with me next time as a counterbalance, and maybe try to do a couple hops before pooping out my Munar Roving Vehicle, even if it's not in the spirit of the Apollo missions. I have all the science I need basically so I'm going to study Minmus without my current rag-tag setup with heavy inefficient landers and redundant things like trans positioning every mission.

All of my missions so far are kind of my own personal tribute to all of the Apollo Program's crew. I tried to make it historically accurate with this:


This one was simply waaaaaaay too heavy so I had to get it down to a reasonable level. No 2-man crew like I wanted.

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That lander looks pretty similar. I was going for a certain look. I want it bulky and ugly like human-made junk. There's a ton of heavy stuff just hanging off of it that doesn't need to be there; but after 6 Apollo missions it seems to work well enough to finish off the Mun with them.

Here's my current Mun lander/hopper.


It has mostly stock parts, apart from the BTDT scanner from the Scansat mod on the rover. Let me know if you need those deleted before sharing. It is saved as a subassembly, rather than a ship, which shouldn't matter and wouldn't affect its use, since I assume your guys ascend, Apollo-style, in the Command Module and 2 of them transfer. This one has a 1 man rover, which can scale major Munar crater walls, albeit slowly (it still beats walking if you chose the right path).

This includes an experimental 2 man/6 wheel version. Only tested it in the canyons.


Not sure of its merits. This is what it looks like:


Take a look if it'll help! Be aware that the single 48/7 on this thing bears a much closer resemblance to the engine on the actual landers used in the mission, than most players use. It is capable of a little more than 1 meter, per second, delta V adjustment, so the general "1/100 my altitude, is a safe speed" rule applies in spades, here - unless it is horizontal speed, during suborbital hops between landing points, but even there, be aware that as little as 150m/s horizontal hover speed can mean a 2 minute full throttle burn, pointed right at the horizon -at both departure point and new landing point - to achieve safe landings.... so while those trips are very economical they can require a fair amount of attention, to achieve.

I think you need to lock steering on the rear wheels, on the 1-man version. For some reason, they all steer in the same direction, and you get better traction (although slightly less steering authority) if the rear wheel have their differential locked - just like real life.

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I made along EVA wiz Bill, Orbital strutting and last refuelling. KAS add very cool gameplay, as u have something to do else than surface sampling/repairing wheel/going to another pod, while EVAing. Thats the first time i have a so big thing to do, and i pass a very cool time of gameplay while orbital strutting (strutering?) wiz KAS

KE is now full of fuel/monoprop, still waiting for Solar arm 2 and payload

Better than struts, Orbital struts !!


End of EVA for Bill


While working wiz bill, launcher slowly slide so close... to catastrophic event !! Hopefully, Bill saw it when ending his EVA, and launch automated reentry computer (me :D)


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Agreed, really nice base. Looks like the parts are strutted together, I'm guessing some concealed way of making it all one piece.

As for me, I landed on Ike.


The landing was a straightforward "stop and drop" affair. VOID telling me my TWR, kerbalmaps telling me where's flat (picked an area around 60 N spanning the prime meridian), and delta-V going begging made it easy. Even lifted off a bit after just to turn the ship so the solar panels were facing the Sun.

And just so you know it's not the Mun,


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That's a sweet base man. Can you clean out those science juniors with that setup? I figured they had to be docked or something.

Cantab is correct, there are structural plates underneath the surface that bind all the pieces together. This allows me to basically "drop a base" in one mission. I was surprised to find that the plates become hidden by the surface when I first created the design but find it a very nice effect. Glad you like it.

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Richford Kerman learned about two hard things: Landing and the ground. Combined, they sadly cost his life. At least he could finish 4 contracts before that, giving me the budget to

a) improve the supersonic plane design using (and loosing) several unmanned test units, so that the next pilot might actually survive landing (already done), and

B) make the currently pen & paper only interplanetary communications network (in-game) reality (will be my next project). I'm already looking forward to place the commsats on a well defined orbit using only the flight computer...

Also, I'm planning to finally man my Mün base. Although the base has enough space for 9 Kerbals, there will only be three crewmembers, of which one will be driving around in a rover most of the time. Supplies should last more than three years. Now the only challenge is to land close to it. The rover is remote controlled and could in principle act as a shuttle to transport Kerbals between the base and their ship, yet it only has one seat...

Bringing the rover there was actually quite a feat, since the rocket was designed with very little extra dV, and during landing the fuel ran out a few meters above the ground, so that the backside of the rover crashed. Luckily the engine and fuel tank, which would have been decoupled anyhow after landing, exploded, slowing down the rest of the rover enough to make a safe landing.

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Bob and Jeb landed on Vall after the mothership completed scanning for anomanomalous readings. Landing was in the dark about 500m from the source of the signal, but could not see a thing. After several hours (days?) the sun came up and illuminated the *redacted* in all its might.

They are now in orbit again, but very low on fuel. The mothership itself is also low on fuel - maybe the mining drone will have come all the way from Pol to get them. :P

Then it is off to Bop and from there to Duna - to deliver the means of refueling to the Duna Return Mission, those guys will have waited for about three years then.

Seems I have problems with calculating my fuel needs?

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Spaceplane SCANsat deployer designed. The imgur album has a test-flight to launch the satellite into an equatorial orbit, followed by images after overhauling the plane a bit, and another test to a polar orbit. It's mostly working, and probably just needs a few tweaks now (like landing gear position, since it rocked back without the fuel mass after landing).






Javascript is disabled. View full album
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Today, i deliver the last parts of Kerbol Explorer

KE arm 2 on the way


KE arm 2 branch 1


KE structural enforcer 1


KE end of assembly, test of solar panels


KE solar panels open


Jeb strutting in EVA


Moar struts !!


Jeb finally end EVA before his work as i realize i want FirstPersonEVA for that part of gameplay :D (i forget to reinstall it on my last KSP reinstall)


Now, its finished, rest to strutting the strucutal enforcers, and receive payload (3landers, a mining facility, and a small ship)

EDIT: and too turn these branch for dont having panels intersection when fully open

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Drove this around Mün for a few hours without needing to F5 save or F9 to reload:


Tis be a very stable rover for the Mün, at least for me, and can reach 26.1 m/s as long as it is in a stright line with very few hills with odd angles. But, still safer to go over hills under 10 m/s.

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Did another rescue mission from the Mun, picked up a guy that have been there for a couple of hundred days. I also picked up a kerbal in EVA in LOK, as part of a contract mission

Right before the Munar Escape burn in a 9-10 km orbit, Kerbin beautifully rised over the horizon.


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I started messing w/ mechJeb.... Productivity of play hours vastly improved, the panic feature is interesting. All the boring stuff I hate doing is automated while I set up manuver nodes, hit go, and watch netflix / crunchyroll.

Sent a probe to Moho, launched probes for Eve and Jool into LKO, launched my Duna ship into LKO, and got my first guy back from a two hop Mun mission.

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