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What did you do in KSP today?


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Once I get home, I will likely continue working on my SSTO. Right now it tends to lose control in the upper atmosphere but I think I can get that worked out. It has come a long way from when it couldn’t even get off the ground.

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Derped about a bit while supposed to be revising, but the little orange-suited Kerbal at the bottom of my screen just demands to be clicked on... Ended up putting a new station core/heavy interplanetary ship core in orbit. And drove about 35km on Duna with my Ares Rover.

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Well, I planted my Flag at Duna and Ike


After that I got realy bored and decided that, since everyone is rebuilding the ISS, I should rebuild Mir:


Well, I got the Core Module and Kvant-1 and 2 up there, with a bit of imagination you might recognize them. Anyways, I'm trying to get the cluttered look (to make it look extra russian) just with stock parts :D

But now it's 0600 over here and I realy need to go to bed...

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I was trying to get my previous save game file to work in version 0.20, but having difficulties with parts not showing up. Finally got most stuff tweaked into workability...except for my rovers with the Damned Robotics hinges. And landscape changes are trashing some of my previously-landed equipment...I'll have to go move them in v. 0.19 to a safe location.

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Landed my new fuel buggy on the Mun (making my old model obsolete - can you believe I actually used *ion engines* to move it around the surface!?) and laid my first flag. Unfortunately since it was an old save, I didn't get to used my customized Munstak Industries flag, but I did get this sweet picture. :D


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This is what I did today...

I've pretty much finished my new habitat module, being smart about connecting the parts together this time (lessons learnt).

The idea is this base design can be used in space (by adding some docking ports to the underside) or used as off-world bases.

I've yet to test the landings, but on Kerbin my skycrane of six rockets can't lift it, so going to have to rethink the skycrane (wider, bigger thrust). Also the current rockets placement causes damage to the modules.

A few tweaks still to do on the base module but pretty much there now.

I added a couple of Cuploa modules to the sides to give great views of the planet from orbit or surface.

And it's complete symmetry so CoT should be fine.


Enjoying the sun


Accessing the Cupola


View from the Cupola


I also started on a drilling rig for Munar polar region but the CoT is slightly off centre giving me problems landing it, I'll work on that later.


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When I first downloaded 0.20 my first act was to launch a Kerbal X to the Mun to plant a flag, as it was stock with no mods at that stage I didn't notice that Kerbal X didn't reallyu have enough deltaV to get to the MUn and back. I only realised during Mun descent! Just made it onto the surface (running out of fuel about 4 metres off the surface!), so Jeb and co survived to plant my first flag.

So today I designed and launched a successful rescue mission with a nuclear power and both 1 and 3 man capsules but crewed but just 1 Kerbal. My first ever rendevous landing was ok but not great at 800m away, near enough to rocket pack Kerbal X crew over and return them home.

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