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What did you do in KSP today?


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Flying around in the Icarus 2 doing visual surveys.


Built to fit in the level 1 SPH, it's not got much power but it does the job. Just under 2 tons, nice and stable in FAR, and features a detachable cockpit and chute in case anything goes horribly wrong. I've since made an upgraded Mk2 one, with improved landing gear and three times the solars but otherwise unaltered. Service ceiling of either unknown as yet.

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Tried an automatic LKO deorbit system for capsules, essentially just a bunch of Separatrons pointed backwards.

Unfortunately, I decided to test them almost immediately after jettisoning my orbital maneuvering stage, without changing course or otherwise shifting my orbit, resulting in the test capsule slamming into the maneuvering stage.

Thankfully the capsule was unharmed, but as its rockets had been spent I had to send up a rescue tug to nudge it into a suborbital trajectory.

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Made a large Fuel Shuttle, that can land on the Mun and take off when fully fueled (TWR of 1.6 on the Mun) to bring LOX to orbit and beyond from my Kethane Miner. Thanks to Mechjeb I get some nice precision landings within range of KAS winches

Fyi the miner has a TWR of around 0.7 on the mun when full. But has emergency return vehicles for ... reasons

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I took a break from space faring today and decided to KSP 'Back To The Future III' style!

The boys still ran into dangers;

Dang it, Bob! I told you not to play with snakes!


I made it to the end mostly intact... [bill died of dysentery a little after Bob died]


Ha! They don't know how ironically that label fits.



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