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What did you do in KSP today?

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Today i started KSP 1.0. On an SSD, you can't even see the squad monkey head completly fade in.... :confused:

Edit: Turns out the game is really fast if you'd empty the ksp folder this week and assumed Steam would notice... :D

Edit: I seem to be getting quite a drop in performance on my below par computer. I've already reduced pretty much all the settings, but i've got lag episode happening quite often (every 30/60 s) while flying around the KSP area. It's weird because i was fine on 0.90 most of the time, but that's not unexpected. Now the question is: is it because of rendering, or physic computations....

anyway the planes behaviour seems much more realistic.

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I did my first reentry!

I thought I'd be going in slowly, but then when I saw the external temp coming up and thought 'crap, should have brought a heatshield", the re-entry fires started coming, tried to turn the ship so that the materials studies part was going into it, then the chutes popped and after a couple secs of g-shattering vibrations, I went out of the re-entry heat.

Quite the experience, lol.

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my very first attempt at an SSTO in 1.0 nearly made it to orbit!



the fuel levels were a bit off, preventing me from completely circularizing.

All the small winglets broke off, and it could probably use some more intakes

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KSP updated, so I launched it for the first time in weeks. Then I went to build a simple rocket. Because the engines were completely different, because delta-v/TWR displays were still missing, and because I hadn't played KSP for a while, I wasn't sure how big rocket I would need to reach orbit.


The rocket I built was definitely too powerful. I tried to do my standard FAR gravity turn, but the rocket was still pointing to 70 degrees at 30 km. Fortunately the rocket was also too big for the payload, so I had a plenty of fuel to spare.


Then it was time to return to Kerbin. I wasn't sure how dangerous the reentry would be, so I lowered the periapsis to 35 km and did a shallow reentry.


The heat shield felt unnecessary, as I didn't use any ablator at all. The aim was pretty good for the first landing with unknown aerodynamics.

Some random observations:

  • The game loads really fast. It feels like it's angry or something.
  • Struts still attach below the surface of the biggest SRBs.
  • It took a while for me to find the heat shields, because they were under aerodynamics instead of structural parts.
  • I'm missing the information displays from FAR, DRE, and MechJeb.
  • The radial decoupler bug is gone, but you can still use struts to remove the decoupling force from them. Nice.
  • Memory usage was a bit over 2.5 GB. It remains to be seen whether the OS X version still starts developing problems at around 3 GB.
  • The "warp here" feature is really handy.
  • The shaking reentry camera was a nice surprise.
  • Unlike in FAR, the Mk1-2 command pod isn't aerodynamically stable with a heat shield and some parachutes. I needed to steer it manually during reentry.

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^^ Those new radial intakes are gorgeous!

Edit: Or are those the new ram intakes mounted to radial fuel tanks?

The back is a slanted nosecone, the middle is an engine mount clipped into the main thing, and the front of the intake is a RAM intake.

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Rebuilt my bog-standard VTOL trainer in 1.0. Not wild about the new aero, it seems too simplified to give a good flying experience. Still room for an update of FAR (Please?)

Also, the lift jet is a lot smokier now. Must be using Lucas combustion chambers!


APOLOGY: Just realised that my first post since 1.0 seems like nothing but a criticism. Far (no pun intended!) from it. Loving all the new stuff. Gives much more scope for stock builds.

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I said goodbye to 0.90 with my first Jool-4. I didn't have time for a proper Jool-5, as I wanted to finish before 1.0 gets released - as you see, I nearly managed... It was sandbox though, as my first two attempts to put this monstrosity on the launch pad failed and left my career save nearly bankrupt. Also, I used quickload at Laythe, as I missed my desired landing spot twice, and in both cases ended up with a tipped over lander.

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I started abusing the new aerodynamics. It was easier than I expected due to the massless fairings.


A command pod, an RTG, some reaction wheels, and giant fairings make a nice reentry capsule. I was able to get the descent rate down to 10 m/s, but unfortunately the capsule started gaining horizontal speed, hitting the ocean at over 20 m/s. That was too much for the command pod, so some further development is still needed.

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I launched Jeb on a badly designed tower of 4x solid booster /w non-decoupled rt-5 at the bottom, ended up skimming the surface at <1000m unable to gain altitude nor separate the stack of 3 boosters.

Somehow Jeb pulled through once the SRB burned out by reorienting, staging, burn to 3000m and float down for a safe splash into the sea north of KSC.

This was on hard mode so there would have been no reincarnation.

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I have started stock career (will be starting modded one later when all the mods that I like are updated) and I did quite a few stupid things until I finally got into orbit (for science!) after about 6 or 7 attempts.

Then, I have finally unlocked some aerodynamic parts so I took a temperature scan under 17km at the place just north of the KSC, made a little plane and Valentina took it for a quick spin. Flight went without a hitch, my first ever trouble-less plane flight in KSP



Another first in that flight: for the first time in almost a year since I have bought KSP i managed to safely land on the runway. I came a bit too fast, but those elevons can be used as air brakes so i managed to land. I thought I wouldn't make it, as I took off again half way down the runway after hitting one of those bumps, but Valentina managed to bring it down again and stop just in time not to fall down to the shore


And game is much more optimized than it was before. On my crappy PC I managed to play for 2 hours straight without any hitch, which before was impossible.

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I broke the game within five minutes.....

Let me explain, so it was a normal day. I was "testing" some rockets when my capsule flipped over. Valentina was in a seat on top of it.

I wanted to see if valentina's helmet would endure the blast. It didn't. So Jeb and Val died, and so did the universe. First the altimeter went completely blank, then the screen went black. So I reverted the flight and tried launching again, but I was in space the entire space center was invisible and in space 10/10 :Pwould test for bugs again.

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Wow, KSP is actually HARD again! Love it!

Finally managed near-suborbital, last time I flipped the rocket to kingdom come and discovered that the MK-1 parachute IS AMAZING. It splashed the whole upper stage, nearly full, engine fuel tanks and all, safely into the ocean!


Here's to hoping I can get it down safely!

Also, shadows! Wow! They look great!



Well, darn. This'll take a while. :)


Not used to the new parachutes yet. Old habits die hard, I suppose. Or hit the water softly, in this case.

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So... first thing I do: career... ¡Yey!... Let's make it hardcore: 120% reentry damage. First couple of launches feature Jeb. But let's make the first kerbal to go into space Valentina... ¡Yey!

Val died on reentry. Crap...

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