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What did you do in KSP today?

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Trimmed the fat off my mun and minmus lander.

down to 213t for 8000 delta V.

Getting my hand on landing, taking off, and putting on orbit satellite, before attempting again the damn rescue mission of kerbal in space...

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I made this adorable little compact station and put it in polar orbit over the Mun.

Yes, it was flown up in one launch, but the rocket it took to put it there was far from insane, so I don't feel too ashamed of myself.


notable features:

-Folding survey scanner arms and docking pylons using IR, allowing it to fit within a ~5-meter fairing.

-Space for 7 kerbals

-A variety of science gear, although mainly just what's useful in sandbox (KSPI magnetometers and gamma ray spectrometers, the four 'original' sensors, and survey/narrow band scanners)

-2 KIS containers, holding KAS pipe endpoints, harpoons, grappling hooks, tools, and over 40 packs of explosives

-4 KAS winches

-Docking space for 8 small craft (using small docking ports), 2 large craft (using standard docking ports), and one expansion module (using a large docking port)

-Small propulsion system with approximately 500 m/s of total delta-V (probably enough to deorbit or get onto a kerbin flyby, should that ever become necessary)

-Well-balanced RCS thrusters

-Lights for nighttime docking

-Large solar panels and backup RTGs for power

-Full RPM external camera system

-Cupola for nice views.

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Finally getting a Cadzilla variant worthy for 1.0. It has been more problematic than anticipated, but everything is now mostly ship shape.

Testing deploying a rudimentary satellite to test the vehicles throw weight.


Setting a standard deployment to build emergency recovery vehicle constellations.


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Damn that looks good, too bad it won't be able to fit more than 6 kerbals, anyways, kind of timely since xcom 2 (or whatever sequel they do to it) has just been pretty much confirmed.

Actually, it can holt up to 16 Passengers, since the middle part is a Mk3 Passenger Module. Not counting the four Kerbal cockpit crew. So in that respect it's more like the old Skyranger ;)


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Last night was pretty much a "lets make as much money and research as possible night. So i practiced landing on Mun and minmus, ship satellite in orbit, etc...

I'm starting to look at building a Duna exploration ship...

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I started my 3rd or 4th Career mode. Just messing with the tweakable scales to get what I want out of it. Finally got all the contract packs I want. Started launching some bigger ships for the first time. Placing larger stations in Orbit an such. Getting ready to build Bases.

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After failing to land a base on Minmus yesterday due to bad design I have sent new one today. This one wasn't designed for looks but just to mark that contract so that I can proceed forward with other things. I have used the same launcher as for previous one, only ditching one LFO tank from 1st stage because this design was quite a bit lighter so I didn't need extra fuel to have enough dV to reach Minmus and land.


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Realised to my horror that my Ike probe was a touch short on dv so I launched a refueling mission to top off the transfer stage - it should be fine now. Other big thing was getting the SSTO fighter from yesterday tuned a bit better - I've reduced it from two 20mm cannon to one, removed all external stores (so there's just 6 Hellfires in the missile bays now) and tweaked the intakes on the underside. I'm getting to a 100km orbit with ~500m/s dv remaining, so I'm pretty happy. It now acts as a light, limited range alternative to my other SSTO fighter, which carriers four HEKV missiles and has a docking port for a drop-tank to significantly extend its range.


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Busy weekend - the big thing I did was use KIS to save Valentina and a group of tourists that were coming home from the Mun and had run out of gas with their Pe at 700,000 kilometers. Berris was flying and Bill was in the jump seat awaiting an EVA; this after the two of them had ran to the Mun real fast to collect enough science to unlock CoT Jrs. Stuffing a wrench and a Jr in a container, Berris made a tricky HKO rendezvous and then Bill got out to attach the port to Val's ship. It was a touchy EVA; on account of Bill not taking the time to RTFM at first, he dropped the port instead of attaching it and watched it begin to float off. He was able to grab it again, though, and after a quick moment to reference the instructions (i.e. I paused the game) he was able to get the port installed and back into his pod before he ran out of jetpack fuel. Berris then performed a pretty straight forward docking maneuver between the two craft and transferred half of the remaining fuel in her craft to Val's, leaving both craft with enough fuel to make the necessary de-orbit burns. Job done, both ships came home and reputation was collected for finishing up a few of the tourist contracts. Val was promptly sent up again with a new bunch of tourists headed to Minmus, from which Jeb and Bill had just came home, bringing enough science to unlock spaceplane parts to start giving that aspect of my space program serious consideration.

I spent the rest of my weekend watching planes that should've been perfectly viable explode spectacularly...

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Just completed a trip to Ike and came back to the fuel station. Below you can see the ship that will be used to fly back to Kerbin.


I have too much science and almost completed the tech tree... Can I convert this into cash?

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Why did you deorbit your station?

Tradition. I always start a new save with every new KSP version. Before "closing down" the old save, I bring all the crews home and deorbit any crewed structures. That particular station had a fair amount of "baggage" too, Edgas Kerman can tell you all about that.

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