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What did you do in KSP today?

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I made a second trip to the Mun and netted about 1400 science, while picking up a hitchhiker (Motrid Kerman) along the way. I also upgraded my R&D facility to the maximum level.

Right now I'm working on a rocket to bring back a capsule from a tilted orbit about the same circumference as the Mun's orbit to rescue a capsule/kerbal while bringing 4 tourists with me to earn some money, but it's not going so well. I might have to split it up into 2 launches since the Delta V requirements are a little heavier than I anticipated.

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Today, I put a MiG 15 in orbit (ssto):


MiiiiiGs in Spaaaaace !


Edit: I did land the MiG 15, screenshot was taken after I did my return burst (I'm flying backwards here), thats why fuel is zero ;)

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I ran low on fuel in high orbit of Jool... So I used KIS and my 3 kerbals to disassemble my rocket piece by piece.

Among the new debris around Jool are:

* 2 nuke engines (who needs 4 engines anyway ?)

* All the empty tanks, unused fuel lines, struts.

* Landing gear and 2/3rd of the parachutes. All those parts below the cabin can cushion a landing, right ?

* All scientific equipment

* Fuel cells and half of the batteries

Result: went from 850m/s (which only brought me to Dres) to 1300m/s and a collision course to Kerbin, leaving me 50m/s for fine targetting. Success !

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So at this point I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how I'm going to get those tourists back to Kerbin. I use KIS/KAS and Ship Manifest so there is that - I need to see how pipes are working these days, or if hooking up a winch will count enough for purposes of having a craft "docked" for Ship Manifest to be able to transfer the tourists into a rescue ship (seeing as how I can't EVA them).

With KIS/KAS you can add a docking port to an existing vessel, and immediately dock to that port. I did it with the junior one because you can have it in your inventory.

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After much difficulty...


I finally managed to...


Launch a ship full of empty fuel tanks...


That shouldn't have been nearly the colossal PIA that it was.


Four tricky...




Docking maneuvers...




But with the last tank in place...


The Duna ship is nearly complete!


The lifter core deorbits...


And then Megselle & Valentina got stuck on an unrecoverable suborbital course when the game crashed midway thru a test flight that was supposed to be reverted, so I had to cheat them into orbit. Rather than the trouble of a rescue mission, then I just sent them to the Duna ship.


Rather than the trouble of a rescue mission, then I just sent them to the Duna ship.


With no other way to dispose of it, Megselle boards the test derelict, lights the engine, then quickly bails out.


She finds some tools in storage. I really like these solar arrays, so I decided to have her move them to the Duna ship, even if they're not necessary.


Then, after transferring all the available fuel over, finally time to separate it from the asteroid mining complex... only to quickly realize it has no command pods or even a MechJeb unit for flight data. Megselle quickly raids storage again and bolts a seat onto the hull...


So that Valentina can back it away...


It's a big ride for a rover seat.


But at last the Duna ship is flying on its own. It still needs the command & habitation unit, which can be mounted now that it's free of the drydock. Then I'll see if there's enough fuel on board now to get it to Minmus.


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landed this 65+ tons monstrosity on Duna, with 2 tourist, 2 scientific (that will never get back to kerbal) and a few other crew for xp. Part of the mission was to get 5000 ore, and with just 4 solar panel, i think their window back to kerbal will be just enough to fulfil that requirement (1y36 days i believe).


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Today my hard no-revert career continued.

I spent forever trying to find a Mün return re-entry profile that didn't cause key bits of the ship to explode despite having an unexhausted heat shield. Val survived several mach2 bailouts and my program controller was not impressed by the loss of science and funds on each of these failed attempts.

That accomplished, I finally have enough tech unlocked to start setting up some satellite relay networks without their batteries going flat, and the Münar surface beckons at last.

I'm still very constrained by a 30 part limit, but that should be taken care of with a planned Minmus flyby.

Still no Kerbals killed, and one rescued (scientist). Jeb has performed a Münar flyby, and Val has returned from Münar orbit. Neither Bill nor Bob have yet been beyond suborbital. Bill's not impressed to be outranked by a rescued nobody.

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With KIS/KAS you can add a docking port to an existing vessel, and immediately dock to that port. I did it with the junior one because you can have it in your inventory.

I was actually wondering if I could stick a connector port on the crashed ship and then connect it to the rescue ship with a winch (in docked mode), if that would work well enough to transfer out the tourists. The crashed ship has tipped over on its side and is firmly on the ground on Minmus, so docking it up would be challenging at best.

Speaking of docking, I did a fair amount of that last night - no fewer than three orbital rendezvous and docking maneuvers. After putzing about KSC for a little more science to unlock said connector ports (still about 40 short), I decided to fulfill a contract to put a new orbital station around Kerbin. I'd recently designed a lab-equipped station core that I wanted to add to my existing New Horizons station in Kerbin orbit, so I just used that to fulfill the contract. Nothing quite like doing something you want to do and getting paid to do it, right? After I got it into orbit I had a successful rendevous and docking; the original station was pretty much just sent up to fulfill a contract and I hadn't really meant to do much with it at the time. Now it's one of the "modules" of the new station.

Second docking mission of the night - I sent up Jeb in a redesigned Raven 7 (just added some canards for better pitch control) with a group of four tourists en-route to the recently updated New Horizons station, where they'd stay until other craft could ferry them on to their respective destinations. Owing to a bad ascent profile and miscalculation of the launch window, the Raven wound up in orbit without enough fuel to make the rendezvous. So I sent up a Dingleberry mission to give the plane enough juice to continue orbital ops. Rendezvous and docking went quite well.

Then the third docking mission of the night was the Raven arriving at New Horizons. Jeb offloaded his passengers, and he offloaded Bob - who had been in the side seat and who I intend to send on to Minmus to run a lab there. I went ahead and sent him to work processing a little bit of science in New Horizons lab - and by "little bit" I really mean a miniscule amount; Jeb did a quick EVA and brought back in his EVA report for Bob to process; I think it's earning something like 0.017 data per day or some-such. I'll do a more proper sci analysis later, when Bob's on site. Meanwhile every little bit helps.

Tonight I plan on sending up a fuel module to New Horizons. Jeb's got this 1800 m/s rocket plane there, see, which would be capable of doing a fly-by of one of Kerbin's moons and returning easily enough...

Plus I should really plan on grabbing some science somewhere along the line so I can get Val and her can full of tourists back to Kerbin at some point.

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Dry testing my Mun Central base with Vertically Alligned Rover Dock (V.A.R.D, no F.A.R.T. jokes please?!) segment. I didn't have a Processing lab on Kerbin yet anyway, so I'll probably keep the copy there as well.


No idea yet how I'm gonna get all this into orbit and then to the Mun, but there's always Hyper Edit to skip the terrible launching part.

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Launched 5 tourist to the moon 9 days ago. they were about to reenter when I realized their craft had no parachutes. Luckily they did have a docking port junior one the top. Launched a second vehicle identical to the first. Launched a rescue vehicle with a docking port/strut/parachute Assembly. Testing went well and the docking port was able to withstand the force of the parachute deploying. Did the same for the the tourist and saved the day (dam tourist cant EVA to save their lives lol)

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Well now that i can build flyable planes i sent brave Jebediah Kerman on an important plane-mission. To explore the pole(s) (well ok, only the north one). It was successeful, somehow. But it showed clearly that after learning to build and fly a plane, i need to learn how to build and land a plane, without loosing most of it. But the science and Jeb survived, so all is good.

Unfortunately, i forgot to take a screenshot :(

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I carried out my Tylo expedition. And landed kerbonauts there for the first time.

Launched TyloSS



Launched and docked a rover with its lander, a lander for 2, a satellite and a return ship for 6.


Landed on Tylo. Drove around to 4 different biomes over there.


Got them back to TyloSS on monopropellant thanks to an awful ascent and rendezvous.


Rescued 4 kerbals on joolian moons and one debris and sent everyone on a 2 and 1/2 years journey back to Kerbin.


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Busy day, firstly I took this little birdy out on a trip around Kerbin to gather science:


Then decided to go big on the rocket department to get something that can move serious cargo into space:


It's currently lifting a deep space freighter into space with this launch. One of if not the biggest craft I've ever built in terms of sheer weight, weighs over 2,500 tons in total.

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Nearly had to do a 2nd Accident Report Board… this time I sent my first rover (unmanned but with a seat) to the Mun in career, with the follow-on scientist in a lander. Scientist, not pilot, but no biggie because there's a probe core on the lander. Which works fine with power. And yes, I remembered solar cells. The Munar intercept trajectory was an impact, but that just takes a tiny correction at the end (& I was aiming at a specific set of surface targets). No problem.

I had not, however, noticed that the next maneuver would occur during that blasted Kerbin eclipse.

She managed a burn in the blind (without being able to rotate the stupid ship, darn SAS-without-power) just enough to avoid making a new green-tinted crater, and then when the ship came out of eclipse limped into orbit. We'll see if she can land herself and the rover anywhere near each other now given the propellent reserves.

Admittedly this wasn't as bad as an early tourist-to-orbit contract. ProTip: tourists are in trouble if the ship is without power to deploy 'chutes via probe core. That was a really sad day...

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Just some screenshots from, ahem, 'testing' :D

Javascript is disabled. View full album

50m of KAS winch cable was obviously not enough to abseil down the VAB...

Just posted this in the 'Do you have a screenshot that makes you laugh every time?' thread, had lots of fun doing the testing!

The kerbal didn't...

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Today, I hired a new pilot:


He kept screaming FLY SAFE ! FLY SAFE !

...I don't know why ?


Did the plane kill Scott Manley ? Fly it yourself and find out !

Do the challenge !


Let me know if you can save him...

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Today I have been continuing construction of my new mega ship. I plan to explore Jool and some of the planets that OPM adds.

Here is a picture of me preparing to dock a lander.


A kerbal strutting the middle section of the ship to the back section.


And I have been attempting to get the ship heatshield up into space but the atmospheric drag of the sheild causes the rocket to implode during ascent.


Fortunately I got it to space I just have to dock it now.


(thats me decoupling the SRB's)

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