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What did you do in KSP today?


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A mere 2.53GHz.

Same here - the idea behind multi-core processors was to allow a computer to perform better without ridiculous clock speeds, and this game seems to defy conventional computing architecture. I'm not sure if it's the Unity engine that limits this, but somewhere along the line, someone wasn't forward-thinking in their software design.

For you, it's got to be that PhysX card - I have a similar processor and your creations would melt my computer.

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I crashed into a mountain on Mun that was somewhere around 7km in height. This is almost 2km higher than the wiki led me to believe. Sadly I wasn't actively watching it at the time so all I can say (based on my Kethane scans) is that it was somewhere near one of the poles. If I wasn't otherwise busy today I'd launch a more thorough mission to find it.

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Circumnavigated the world in an aircraft. Judging by the fuel levels after landing, I could have easily flown around the world twice and still made it back to KSC.


Flies on two engines at 27.5 km altitude at ~1700 m/s.

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Built a craft to take two Hounds to Duna. Made Kerbin orbit but Duna wasn't in phase so I did chute testing on Kerbin. Chutes yanked the control module clean off while leaving the uncontrolled transfer/descent stage to crash...if I try again, I might stagger chute deployment. If that doesn't work, I might have to try again; Duna's too far off to have to deal with a design issue of that magnitude.

Got my initial design for an Apollo-style, non-nuclear Duna craft down. Just need to put it together now.

Picked out a couple of good sounding nuclear bomb test names for these ships, obviously...

Farted around with kerbalmaps and tried to drive a baby rover out to an anomaly indicated southwest of KSC. Latitude's right but I've still got about four degrees of longitude to go. Gave it up for the night on account of the hour - will pick it up again next opportunity I get.

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Congrats on docking! It's definitely an awesome skill to master.

Today I was inspired by

to build a sort of modular command / escape pod that can also be used as an autonomous shuttle if need be, and did an abort test with an LES I designed for the capsule using stock parts. I've also recently installed Deadly Reentry on my install as well, so I'll probably also be stress-testing the heat shields in the near future.
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Landed the first habitation unit on the Mun for my Mun base. It was unmanned... So it's waiting for inhabitants. I also forgot to take a picture.

I tested my base ground Solar Arrays and how they'll attach to my base. I remembered to take a pic of that.


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I spent a lot of time in the SPH and VAB, and then testing the results. I made a reusable lander and a reusable Kethane drill/probe package that will work on everything except Eve and Tylo. Also made a single-purpose 1-stage reusable Tylo lander and a dedicated Pol Kethane drill/probe package. And then I made a jet seaplane that works on Laythe and hammered out a launch vehicle to get it into LKO.

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constructed a nice chunky base to start my mun colonization...


I was very happy with my rocket design. It took a bit of strategic strutting to keep it together during launch, but I devised a plan of using the small structural beams, and struts to make a sort of tension/torsion system, because there's nothing to strut off to to keep the upper stages steady.

and then crashed into the mun because it went all invisible

so I rage quit for tonight, I spent a LOT of time finessing that thing down

I only crashed at 15m/s, but because the altimeter isn't actually "right" about where the ground is, I had no idea where I needed to stop.

view from the crash site


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Manned Duna landing complete!


Edit: How do I make imgur albums work?

For now here is the link http://imgur.com/a/PRxqI#0

There's a tag you use - [ imgur ] (no spaces in between the brackets). If you lose the hashtag-0 at the end, you'll get whatever format you assigned it at imgur.

So in your case, you would want to use [ imgur ] PRxqI [ /imgur ]; again, take the spaces before and after the imgurs.

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Leapfrogged a set of 'hounds on Minmus, dropping science probes every five klicks in a straight line. Another five klicks and I'll be able to claim my land navigation device for Minmus. Big test coming up is to see if A) the lander/skycrane has got enough juice to make it back to Kerbin from Minmus and B) if I've done sufficient strutting up of the whole structure to keep the chutes from ripping the probe core right off the rest of the chassis when they open. If so, this puppy's headed to Duna next opportunity.

Speaking of Duna, I finally got around to building a rocket for the Duna Apollo-style challenge; a 600-part behemoth that includes no asparagus and no LV-Ns, that has to be launched in one go and do a round trip. I'm curious to see if it will work; my box starts lagging around 500...

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Today, I made my first completely unassisted landing on the Mün - no autopilot or artificial assistance for plotting course or guidance.


But, on my way back home, I discovered I didn't have quite enough Delta-V to land on Kerbin!


We could not leave brave Samhat Kerman, who not only was the first Kerbal on the Mün, but was previously the first Kerbal in space, to die alone in the void! "Would it help if I got out and pushed, Komrade?" asked brave Samhat.



Several risky EVA operations later, Samhat had managed to slow down his lander enough to be captured by Kerbin's atmosphere, and after a frightening amount of low-altitude aerobraking, he parachuted to a safe landing in the ocean:


Samhat, who was recruited for his exceptionally high Courage and very low Stupidity, now holds three records in space exploration: First Kerbal in space, First Kerbal to land on the Mün, and longest cumulative EVA (both on a single mission basis and in total time on EVA). The proud nation of Kerbia will surely award him the highest honors and the people are sure to throw a ticker-tape parade for their hero's safe return!

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