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What did you do in KSP today?


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I installed Ferram Aerospace Research and am about to relearn how to build rockets. In the meantime, my relay network of satellites for the Mun is finished and works nicely (Remotetech is really adding quite a bit of logistic headaches to the game), I removed and de-orbited the front of my research&refuel station (I wasn't satisfied with it being a "dead end" due to the airlock at one end), my kethane miner is working nicely (though launching it was almost as much a bit... as landing it is), and my dedicated Kethane detector is about to reach the Mun.

And if I figure out how to attach pictures sensibly, I can even show them off.

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After reading the forums for many hours and having played 100+ hours on KSP since I got it a few weeks ago I figured it was time to post something. I have spent most of my time in KSP so far learning how it works and watching a ton of YouTube videos (many thanks to Scott Manley), but finally have something to show for my efforts. Today I launched 3 probes to the Mun and have them in various angled orbits searching for kethane. I also have my various modules ready for my refueling station that it going to orbit at 400k but its a 17 part operation so its going to take a little while to get all the modules up into LKO. This will be my 4th station but the first 3 were various testing setups and lifter setups.

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Today I completed Vertex Station.


I am the greatest KSP player EVER!

What's that you say? If you look closely, the far corner seems funky?


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! No, I did not try to fix it three times but it just goes back to being frikking mis-aligned every time so I gave up and took the scenic screenshot from the other side! I told you, I am the greatest KSP player ever!

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Landed on Duna, a bit too fast. Guering is stranded. The aerobraking put me on the dark side making it difficult to judge altitude to slow at the last second. I did have sufficient parachutes for slowing down.






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I barely managed to put this into orbit today, my first time really building something huge with B9:


That cargo bay is about the size of an orange tank. It got to a crappy orbit with dry tanks, and I had to use a 10 minute RCS burn to raise the Pe above 69 km, but it made it. Once I refuel it, it'll contain 9.8 orange tanks worth of fuel.

It's designed to be an interplanetary exploration vessel. I'll put logistics modules like extra oxygen and batteries on a clamp-o-tron in the tail end of the middle section (I'm running Ioncross Crew Resources to make crew consume oxygen) and whatever lander is called for by the mission in the main cargo bay. The two rear 2.5m docking ports are for refueling, but I might also use them as drop tanks or for installing a higher efficiency drive. Just forward of the main bay are two clamp-o-trons for any small probe I might want to carry along.

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What did I do in KSP today? Why, the same as I do every day!


I messed around with the space station...


I remember about that random docked fuel tank...


But ultimately, whatever I do in KSP...


I'm better at failing than anything else...


And i'm ok with that!

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I'm taping another episode from today till probably Wednesday and want your help with some of your cool designs. Here is a link to the page explaining whats to come. If you don't have a design for the featured topic but have one that you would like in a future show send that one too.


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I sent a mission to the Mun, which instead overshot and landed on minmus. But because I landed on Minmus at about 50m/s, so all that was left was a capsule with a very disoriented pilot.

Made a new manned mission, sent just 2 Kerbals in a 3 man pod to get him back. Managed to get him back to Kerbin safe.

Realised I forgot to put a flag on Minmus.

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I just landed on Laythe for the first time - and realised how important changing the inclination mid transfer is. Because I hadn't changed the inclination of my Jool intercept, i ended up in polar orbit around Jool, and after about 10 minutes of waiting and fiddling with maneuver nodes, I managed to get some sort of weird polar intercept with Laythe.

I also broke the solar panels on my space station whilst being careless on EVA, and it looked so bad I just deorbited the whole thing.

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Finished my 30k drive on Minmus and sent the lander/skycrane back to Kerbin. Chutes are still ripping the lander's probecore clean off the rest of the lander; makes me hesitant to send the design to Duna. I think I still will anyway.

Ran my fuel lines. Booster wound up with just shy of 6000 m/s...so that's the difference between SSTO and onion staging, I guess.

Both craft are as ready as they're going to be, I think. Time to get that Duna challenge off the ground. Hopefully tonight.

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