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What did you do in KSP today?


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Spent a good part of this afternoon trying to model a Pou Du Ciel. I finally figured out how to make the entire front wing act as an elevator by using the Big-S 1 & 2 elevons as the wing. The only directional controls are by rudder, pitching the front wing, and loads of dihedral. It flies oddly, but it's still kind of fun and easy to fly. I use the Wet Wings mod, so I didn't need any tanks, but if you want to build one, you can always just radially attach a couple of mark zero fuel tanks and then offset them inside the fuselage somewhere.

Top view:


From (a bit too closely) behind. ;)



Side View:



From the front:




The Original Flying Flea: https://youtu.be/oiCuHpMEOCc

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18 hours ago, Kaiser82 said:

I landed on Eve for the first time. my craft looks a lot like the one above by @MagicFireCaster, only much uglier. 

Landed on eve today too, to bad my rovers were aerodynamically inestable and they couldn't keep their wheels, worked as expected in gilly tho.


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Allee and Urte have been stuck in Laythe orbit for a year waiting for a replacement lander to arrive, after Tylo claimed the one they brought. Now that it's finally here, it's time for some... landing. Hopefully also some taking off.

Spoilers for a Vall easter egg.



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3 hours ago, Rthsom said:

Um, I believe that is closer to Mach 15. :P

I thought a MACH was 1000 m/s ?? No wonder i was sweating if it is Mach 15? got to 5750 m/s trying for 6000 m/s....80

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2 hours ago, algwat said:

I thought a MACH was 1000 m/s ?? No wonder i was sweating if it is Mach 15? got to 5750 m/s trying for 6000 m/s....80

At standard sea level conditions (corresponding to a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius), the speed of sound is 340.3 m/s(1225 km/h, or 761.2 mph, or 661.5 knots, or1116 ft/s) in the Earth's atmosphere. The speed represented by Mach 1 is not a constant; for example, it is mostly dependent on temperature.

From Wikipedia

at 1000 m/s and 15 degr C you're just under mach 3.


And I caught me a Class E in Dres orbit. Now I can finally bring my crew home.

They were stranded due to lack of fuel.

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7 hours ago, CliftonM said:

Sorry about that.  Have some rep.

Thanks. Much appreciated. 

It's not all bad, it is an old set up (half decent mid range in 2009), I was looking to upgrade soon anyway, I just didn't want to be forced into it.

At least it means I have a decent excuse to get a new machine (ready for 1.1 :D).  All being well I'll be 'back in orbit' in a week or two after I get my head around balancing my wants, needs and budget.

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Landed on the Moon again...



Sent several unmanned fly-by probes...



...to Jupiter,...









Uranus probe is still on the way. This one will actually become an orbiter. Also turned into a long-term experiment on fuel boil off...



First launch of a Mars orbiter failed. The Merlin S lifter rocket got a stability upgrade after this loss...



2nd try on a Mars orbiter during the next transfer window was a success...



Getting ready to start Ola. Who is Ola? I will show you in one of my next postings. :)



Meanwhile Nancy is spending lots of time in the KCT simulator, performing studies on life support systems... trying to figure out what is needed for future manned Mars missions. Sometimes starving, sometimes suffocating. Here she is about to die of thirst. Still, she likes these simulations. She said it keeps her figure maintained...


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On 12.12.2013 at 9:36 AM, Deadweasel said:

I followed arsenic87's solution and killed the audio hitching bug in this game COMPLETELY. That's what I did in KSP today. (Somebody send that cat some cookies/beer/wine/whatever goes good with a side of epic win).



Copy the Mono folder from the launcher folder to overwrite/replace the one in KSP_Data. The launcher uses a newer version of Mono that doesn't have the audio buffer dump bug during garbage collection. You'll still get little hiccups in frames, but with some of your huge ships, you probably won't notice that at all since your sound will be playing completely uninterrupted!

Is the thread / fix still available somewhere? Because the link to the thread is dead and I can't find it with other means. :(


Found it athttps://web.archive.org/web/20140905081329/http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/41900-Audio-skips-KSP-otherwise-jittery/page15

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after successful mission in the sarnus system,"fat boy" proven to be efficient go-to lifter.

so now i decided to go for the ulrum system,and polta was always on my mind.

mission "fat boy in ulrum" destination - polta. :P

docking mission in high orbit in kerbin with "fat boy"2d843kn.png30c7xqh.png2r2vejt.png

"fat boy meets fat boy junior":(10xbmvk.pngmsn32r.png

"fat boy" in all its glory 


warp drive refueled and ready to go,reactor full power is on!


using massive atomic engine that runs on liquid hydrogen,uranium and tungsten


in the orbit of ulrum going for poltas orbit


so far away from home 


16 radiators all made for 1 nuke engine :rolleyes:


some small adjustment maneuvers for the orbit of polta


finally orbit of polta!


valentina is the first kerbal to do eva in the ulrums system!t5jbes.pngjk8tps.png2u5xnhs.png

now all its left taking the lander and going for polta land.:)

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An air of expectation hung over KSP today, every telemetry screen crowded and all the KerbalWeb bandwidth reserved for live streams. Even Werner climbed down from his lofty domain and rabbit punched his way to the front. The only discordant note was the sound of banging and muffled swearing coming from the spaceplane hanger.

The occasion? The approach of Dumb Probe 1 to a certain patch of space, its mission to determine if Dres really exists or is just a cautionary tale told to young planets warning what will happen to them if they don't eat their greens (or reds or purples.. you get the idea).

As the massive counter usually reserved for seconds since last accident ticked down to the expected encounter time a hush descended broken only by the click of the counter and the muffled sound of tortured metal in the distance. The magnetometer kicked into life claiming Something was out there but pictures from the miracle camera following showed nothing..... could Dres be so embarrassed it had developed a cloaking device?


As the hours passed Dres hove into view to a background noise of "boooooring!" and "is that it?"


Once in orbit a constantly changing vista totally failed to appear accompanied by a total lack of insights into the fecundity of the universe. The only question raised was "what now?"

It was decided to attempt a landing with a ship totally unsuited to the task for two reasons, to say they had done it and on the off chance the impact would knock it out of Kerbol orbit. In a rare outburst of common sense the guidance team brought in the radiators and panels "just in case".screenshot138_zpsyogltu81.png

To general amazement she stayed upright on the ground thanks to the slightly over engineered RCS fit allowing a quick mag reading to a soundtrack of limp applause and shouts of "now try that on Eve".


Job done it was time to lift off before the RCS ran out and swing into a wide orbit where the flight director claimed to have spotted an interesting asteroid on the way in.screenshot144_zpsxbnztmi2.png

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I found out that if you grab a Kerbal with a klaw, you get all EVA functionality of KIS.  This means I don't need to worry about Kerbals floating off...

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It was only for a fraction of a second, but it was glorious, and I managed to get a screenie of it. The following picture is not photo edited in any way and is a direct screenshot of the game.


Jebediah Kerman looks worried. I have finally shattered his iron resolve...

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