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What did you do in KSP today?


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Landed a probe on Mars for the first time. Had some issuses with parachutes pushing me to one side, however applying moar thrust solved everything.


Then I used the remaining fuel in the orbiter to land on Phobos, because why the hell not.


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2 hours ago, Frank_G said:

Congratulations on this big achievement :)! I remember the moment, getting my first SSTO spaceplane to orbit very well... yes... it limped into circular orbit too - and i needed to sent a rescue mission to return the pilot home, as it had no fuel for de-orbit...

Thanks! I haven't tried deorbiting it yet, I doubt it'll work, just because of human error :P

I've been working on adapting the design to use the inline cockpit so I can put a docking port on the nose. Using an inline port made the ship unstable.

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On 4/23/2016 at 5:52 PM, fourfa said:

I haven't noticed anything changing in 1.1 relative to 1.0.5.  There was a substantial change from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 though, maybe you didn't do a fresh career with that release?

No, I did a fresh career with that one too.  

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Put 3 kerbals on the Mun for the first time in 1.1.

It was a more exciting mission than usual, mostly because I just barely had enough fuel to do it;  only about 10 units left. Strange, because as I built my rocket, I actually thought I overengineered. Ah well. Maybe it's because the last time I went to the Mun I used the two kerbal lander can and not the three kerbal capsule.

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As a kickoff to 1.1 being the first KSP version since 0.25 thats had playable framerates for me I did this:


There's a big ship in orbit that's gonna return to later. :) For now I'll let them do Science!TM Up until this version of KSP it ran at ~20fps in flight regardless of craft. To someone who has a ~$1200 custom built rig, that's a pretty powerful morale crusher. As of 1.1, all kerbals suffering from low morale will be thrown out the airlock during high energy aerobraking:


Quick little fun mission to get back into the swing of things. Also let me test the heat shield and a new, very crazy mission flight profile.

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Did some nice progress on my 1.1 career and had some fun with a low tech probe on a munar free return trajectory and made a good use of an early Eve launch window today...

Off to bed, it's late... :D



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Valentina went into space for the first time with Vostok 2, performing the first space walk during the mission...



Meanwhile I am working on this heavy exploration probe orbiter, featuring all kinds of available science equipment. It is planned to be shot to Minmus as soon as I figured out a reliable way to launch its 22 ton weight (including travel stage) at my current tech level...


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Tried a new spaceplane-atop-a-rocket design, which uses an all-solid booster to set apoapsis at 120km, far enough ahead that the 0.6 TWR spaceplane can circularize with a two minute burn:


Gets to orbit with ~800m/s remaining for rendezvous with another craft (it's intended to be for crew rotation). Managed to reenter without burning up but overshot KSC. I tried to abort to the island runway but didn't quite make it so I had to ditch in the drink:


The plane lost its wings and engine but the crewed parts survived. While waiting for rescue, Jeb looks forlornly at the tower he couldn't quite buzz and Bob does his best Grissom impression.

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Experimented with a wide-stance taildragger that could survive the starter runway and ended up with an unexpectedly chirpy little bush plane. Low minimum flight speeds make this agile little bird easy to land in rough conditions. Barely sipped from her fuel can during the jaunt out to the island, including having to circle round to lose speed. Will have to see how many of the Anomaly Surveyor points she can stretch to :) 


Down side; no air brakes. Landings need planning from a few km distant if you're whizzing along at mach 1.

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Today I realised that declining contracts was what was giving new negative rep, so I've spent an evening flying tourists and VIPs to orbit in a mk1 passenger cabin to make up ground. 

I play very risk averse right now, with no saves or reverts. Re-entry is one thing I can't build abort modes into however, and it hasn't stopped making me nervous. One re-entry in particular had me very nervous, after a too-shallow accent burnt off the re-entry fins and barely made orbit. 


Up to -200 rep from a low of -284...

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Today I installed about a googol mods.  Every time I revert flight it now crashes so I'm going back through 1 by 1 to try and find the culprit, but KSP now looks like this for me:



I also wrote, designed new badges for, and released Version 3 of the STS Challenge thread, which can be found here.  Check it out!


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So, I was finally able to get onto KSP this weekend for a post 1.1 gameplay with everything(KER, waypoint manager) working. Sent a little Minmus Science Rover up, pretty well balanced, seeing as how odd shaped it is, but I gave extra fuel just for the purpose of fighting the damn thing. The only thing I really fought was the map view of 1.1 all my trajectories AP and PE, as well as craft icons, and planets were offset from the lines. So restarting seemed to fix that. i can't wait to utilize the new features of the right mouse button on the parts, i've seen some great new controls in there. Anyway Rover got there landed and completed needed Contract and my descent stage barely used any fuel, so will utilize it again after I completely explore minmus with science rover which my storage container contains all my science parts available.












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Jebediah is testing the comfort functionality of the small habitat module in an overnight test. For testing purposes an unkerbaled rover has been loaded into the cargo bay of the Rhino Mk. II Konstellation lander. It will later be replaced by a 1 or probably 2 seated version, to carry scientists during surface missions.


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2 hours ago, Mikki said:




59 minutes ago, KamenRiderzero1 said:

Put a small, cheap space station in Kerbin synchronous orbit. I've basically spent all day sitting around waiting for the freaking UPS guy, so I figured I could do something constructive...



Based on the post above yours, you could be waiting a very long time.



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