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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Pushed forward... well, more like sideways, in my no contracts career game.

Brought 3 Reuso 2 launchers back home.


Oh this looks like it might be good.


It is... right on target.


Dropping down in the front garden.


Number 2... not so much, more like the scrub beyond the back garden.


Ditto number 3.


At least I got 97% the value of the parts back from those that dropped in the rough.

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Today I sent my first probe to Mun in my JNSQ career. Felt great after being away from ksp for some time!

After landing, I noticed that I forgot to do some science while flying low on the Mun.  So I sent my probe to a suicide "jump" just for fun (and some science). :D
By the way, I strongly recommend JNSQ!



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10 hours ago, michaelbezos1 said:

Do you know how to install steam on ubuntu as it is so time consuming and i could play car mechanic simulator 2018 and kerbal space program on 2 computers so it would be more efficient

You can install using your regular package manager, if you first add Steam's repository (repo.steampowered.com) to your repo list.  The complete information ought to be available from Steam if you log in with your browser from the Ubuntu machine.

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This is the morning after:


landed this KAA Victor III ground-based relay-installation plane after deploying a station that was not yet working (yellow target marker in top-left view).  Very thin altitude for maneuvering to land.

This relay, FLEAS, started working after I installed another, SACKS, in the KSC Hills, at elevation.

This is in a fresh world, Terra, and I'm starting by building a ground-based relay network to the North Pole, where I will place something like an RA-2 on a Silo base.

I have configured 100% occlusion, so I think I have to chain mountain tops together as much as possible.

If this works, I'll build an equatorial chain.  Then make a save file that can be imported into any other world.

I'm also building a Victor airway network and I'll incorporate that here, too.

(There'll be a companion world, known as Astra, in which I'll build a space-based network within the Kerbin SOI, and I'll use that similarly, in future, to inject into new-start worlds.  Not that I restart very often...!!)


I'm still a bit puzzled why one would need any kind of ground-based network (including the stock Ground Stations), since it's a simple matter to boot a Kerbin-based space network, but...

...you know what?  This is a lot of fun!!

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Tried to go to the mun for a science mission. Ended up tipping over upon landing without breaking anything. Got a bunch of science in the container. Didn't transmit it (yet). Was trying to right it. Crashed and then even though the crew was alive I couldn't turn off the engine or control anything. Lost all the science. P*ssed off rn.

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15 hours ago, Zeiss Ikon said:

You can install using your regular package manager, if you first add Steam's repository (repo.steampowered.com) to your repo list.  The complete information ought to be available from Steam if you log in with your browser from the Ubuntu machine.


i will try to do this 

I downloaded item frot this site but there is not progress as after clicking on setup it is written "an error occurred while loading the archive. 


Can you help me progress,please. 


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adding information
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(1.8.1) I've had a reasonably busy past 48 hours; events in RL kept me from affecting a report yesterday, which was unfortunate but unavoidable. Got plenty to talk about today. Going to be screenie-light though; I had them, just most of them were boring as hell...

With the need to perform some repairs during the final stages of construction at the Aban Pearl outpost on Moho, my day began in the VAB with a very quick redesign of the Phase 3 module recently deployed at the Usumacinta outpost on Tylo. All that happened there was the addition of a Pathfinder Walkway and Pipeline mass driver to the KIS storage unit. While I was still there, I went ahead and transferred the Bus Module unit design from the SPH to the VAB and made sure to save it as a VAB design. That job done, my next stop was LSV House Atreides in high Kerbin orbit, where I ordered up the updated Bus Module; construction time will be nineteen hours and 4 minutes. Atreides will require a single resupply of Rocket Parts to complete the module about 2/3 of the way through.

About this time, the Crater Maker Heavy 7 16-passenger lander recently launched from the Non Caseus Yards over Mün reached its intercept point with space station Munport and burned to set up a rendezvous. Flight time to rendezvous was 43 minutes, during which time the revised Phase 3 module was ordered up at Aban Pearl, with total print time estimated at 66 minutes. The Crater Maker made its rendezvous with Munport and docked without incident. Before I could affect further operations, though, the Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane recently returned to Kerbin from Minmus was ready to make its second aerobraking pass.

Things on fire tend to be interesting, right?

The craft completed its pass and then conducted a series of relatively small burns to put it into a 153.5 by 75.1 kilometer, 0.39° orbit. I later conducted a subsequent burn to adjust this to a 75.6 by 75.0 kilometer orbit in preparation for landing. In between, NCY completed its print of a Plane Pylon module for Munport and launched it after fueling. The Plane Pylon burned to set an intercept with Munport, with flight time to that intercept set at sixteen minutes. At intercept, the Pylon burned to align planes and set up a rendezvous with Munport to close up the day on Monday; flight time to rendezvous was two hours even. While the Plane Pylon was en route to intercept and after an eleven minute delay, Aban Pearl completed its print of the Phase 3 module. The KIS container was recycled after its contents - 12 Mineshaft Crew Tubes, the Walkway and the Pipeline - were transferred into the base for future installation.

Yesterday's activities kicked off with the Auk, which was deorbited and affected a safe landing at KSC 09, bringing its delivery mission to a close after nearly three weeks in space. The twelve colonists it delivered to the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus still have at least another forty days before their contracts are up and they can join the program. I'm just glad to have it off my plate, honestly.

That job done, my attention returned to the Crater Maker at Munport. Fuel supplies were transferred to the lander from the space station and the twelve colonists that had been awaiting transportation to the Piper Alpha outpost on the Munar surface were finally able to board for departure. The lander affected a successful deorbit and landed safely at Piper Alpha.

That lander is resting more securely than it looks at first glance. I-beams rock.

Outpost engineer Sherlie Kerman EVA'd to hook up the lander to the outpost and after some minor crew shuffling, the new colonists boarded one of PA's two Castillo modules, where they will stay for the next 42 days. The lander took on fuel supplies from the outpost, at which point Sherlie detached it from the outpost and resumed her post in PA's factory module. I took a quick opportunity to finish up a drilling contract for 400 units of ore from Mun, after which the Crater Maker launched to return to Munport, affecting a safe return and docking after an 85 minute flight. During that same time, the Plane Pylon also arrived at Munport and affected a safe docking maneuver of its own. Once fuel supplies were transferred up to Munport from the Boot Hill equatorial outpost on the Munar surface, all ongoing operations at Mun were finally brought to a close.

I wrapped up the day at Aban Pearl, with engineer Anemy Kerman going on EVA to install and inflate the new Walkway module, attach the Factory module to it, and replace the existing badly-oriented Pipeline mass driver module with the new module. She then rejoined her fellow crewmates and over the next few hours the Factory Module, Observatory and new Pipeline module were all inflated and brought online. I'm happy to report this morning that construction on Aban Pearl is now 100% complete, just leaving Eeloo as the only world in the system without a permanent kerbal presence on it. I did realize during the final stages of Pearl's construction that I had neglected to reset WBI to CRP mode after a recent update to the MOLE mod, and efforts to fix this oversight (namely two restarts of the game) effectively put the kibosh on any further activities for yesterday. I just count myself lucky that I was able to get Pearl finished up...indeed, I think it's because I was playing in an unstable hybrid state between CRP mode and Classic Stock mode that let me finish the base up faster than I ordinarily would've, but I could've just as easily been visited by the Kraken...

Which is what happened this morning out at Pearl when I attempted to order up construction on the Moho orbital shipyard. After the third attempt and revert there, I decided to table that for now and went over to Usumacinta, where the Botulism 7 refuel rover had been ready to go for about the past twenty minutes. After a false start there (got to remember to pick the right clock facing for those SPH builds), the new rover rolled off the pad with outpost commander pilot Dunfred Kerman aboard. Outpost engineer Geoffrod Kerman EVA'd briefly to install a Mineshaft Crew Tube to which to hook up the new rover - designated Tango 3 - for fueling, but that proved to be unnecessary for the time being. Owing to the reverts this morning, I didn't have time to perform Tango 3's first mission, which is to refuel the Spamcan 7e lander with tourist Nafel Kerman aboard and already at the surface 175 meters from the outpost. That'll be first on the agenda in my next session.

So the plan for today is to get the Spamcan 7e back into Tylo orbit after fueling and then get it to space station Tyloport, where J. G. Backus is waiting to pick up Nafel. That done, Backus will head to LSV House Harkonnen in high Tylo orbit for the final stage of her ongoing interplanetary tourist mission - she'll be heading to Duna after a quick Laythe flyby. I need to figure out what's going on with Aban Pearl and why trying to just get the outpost to print a shipyard is breaking things. I suspect it's because I'm trying to use the north pad for construction when it was the south pad that was last used for construction, and if that's all it is I can just use the south pad. Kinda hoping that's all it is - I've still got a G-LOC to build there to send back to Kerbin, which I can't do if I can't print things. Longer term, I have a plan for revisions to the failed Auk XVIII 20-passenger spacelane that cooked off all its engines at launch last week, and I hope to be able to implement that plan today or tomorrow for a new test flight. I'm highly confident that the new Bus Module won't be sticking out of the side of Atreides's drydock this next time and so I need to finish getting ready for her big interplanetary mission quickly; the plane is part of those plans, so I need to get that done. Other than that, the only other thing I've got in the pipe is the long-delayed survey mission to Eve's north pole, which I hope to take care of soon. Replacement mission for the Mun drilling was to plant a flag on Moho, which I'll do as soon as I can figure out what's breaking AP's launch pads (higher priorities at the moment, see). I'll keep y'all updated.

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I sent a rover to Tylo.


This little guy drives extremely nicely -- not completely immune to crashing but close enough that I can zip around Tylo without too much stress. 

Tylo now also boasts a 2G CommSat constellation, and a 100G long-range link in high orbit around Jool to transmit data back home. This was stressful what with the 1.9.0 bug that only lets me set up one manoeuvre node at a time. 

I don't have RTGs yet so Stupidity has to stop and take the rays every once in a while. The sun is weak this far out...


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Hi guys i wanted to add this feedback

I think you need to use the terminal (control+alt+T) to add the Steam repo with the "add-apt-repository" command.

I did this so i received error:must run as root



there are also "sudo<"add-apt-repository"> and the result is > as at the top of the window is written 

to run a command as administrator(user "root"),use "sudo <command>" see man sudo_root" for details. 


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9 minutes ago, Dash8466 said:

Today I went out to duna and planted my first flag on another planet.

Cant believe it took me 1300 hours




did you play for 1300 hours doing other things before deciding to go to duna, or did you spend 1300 hours trying to get to duna?

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37 minutes ago, michaelbezos1 said:

there are also "sudo<"add-apt-repository"> and the result is > as at the top of the window is written 

to run a command as administrator(user "root"),use "sudo <command>" see man sudo_root" for details.

Punctuation matters.  Enter the command this way:

sudo add-apt-repository http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/precise/

You'll be prompted for your password (use the same one you use to log into your Ubuntu), and the repository will be added.  You should then be able to issue:

sudo apt install steam-launcher

You won't be prompted for password again (it'll remember your authority for several minutes), but the Steam client should install.  Once that's done, you may be prompted to restart (I don't recall), and once done (if needed) you can launch Steam from your regular software menu and install your (already purchased) KSP on your Ubuntu machine.

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