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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Not sure if this will be my main career, after 5 years not playing KSP...

... but I'm not in an urge to explore immediately the cosmo, and starting only with planes, alike I was right after a post-WW2 alike situation:


so I grabbed a couple of contracts, and throw together a "Kitsubishi A6K2 - Model 11" for some trips here and there.
I don't know why I started from the Zero.
But more (from all over the world) will come right after: I have a 45 minutes flight to end this 4 missions.

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I made a landing barge.  Not big and not self-propelled, but hey.  T'was not as hard as I thought.



OK.  Now it's propelled.  And makes 45 knots.  She's called the 山本


And...  my very first successful landing on the Yamamoto!  (Tip of the hat to @Philae_Rosetta2021 for the design of this natty little carrier trainer.  It can actually turn around quite easily on that deck.)


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Hey all.


Here is Jeb with another batch of Equestrian Recuees rescuhees rescuese that he saved.


He was supposed to sing the Kerbal anthem but he chose to sing the theme to the Mr Ed TV show.



Here is Jeb on re-entry with a young one ,riding shotgun, that was stranded in orbit.



All those rescue missions are making a lot of hay for the Agency (KASA).




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There and back again - suborbital flight and return on the cheap

"I'm OK to Go"


Up and away!


Quite high now

Not so much a graceful reentry, more an uncontrolled plummet...

Whew. Parachute is out! That is way more than I hoped for. Welcome home little buddy!


These sounding rockets are pretty useful in the early game, and quite fun as well.

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I'm advancing in my career............ probably?
After my Zero, I build a Fokker Dr.1 (or the kerbalized "Kokker Dr.1", as I call it...) and... well... as a proper WW1 replica, it's a brick.
(Technical data: it flies at 52m/s... it stalls at 40m/s... landing in one piece is a work of faith...)


by the way, my save is trolling me: after I spent hours to travel to the locations of some aerial surveys, with the Zero, and landed on the nearest Kerbinside Remastered base, to recover it, the next aerial surveys are AGAIN in the same region. I could have saved time if I kept the plane spawned in the base...... sigh...

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My engineers have discovered that Vector engines and some other parts are *waaaay* more durable than expected. Or that their world is a simulation with some really weird glitches. The hint? Observe the photo of the remains of the first *ascent* stage of my latest Eve lander. The pilot - scientist, really - is now safely in orbit, awaiting a transfer window back home, and the currently unkerbaled science station I've left on the surface works just fine, but I've discovered some weird debris nearby and checked.

The stage fell more a kilometer under Eve gravity with no parachute and this much of it survived?!? Have my engineers unknowingly manufactured it out of Kraken bones or what?


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Career game has entered the Jet Age riding on a Comet (KerbalX)

Jeb and Val carrying a full load on the maiden flight of the Comet, with first class and economy class seating.


Everyone made it safely to their destination (this is kind of important for an airline).




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I was going to restart my RP-1 career, but instead I got distracted by the idea of a Kerbalism Grand Tour and spent most of today designing crafts for that. Well, making some and stealing others off KerbalX then modifying them to meet my needs and work with the rules of Kerbalism.

It’s nearly impossible to make fuel with the Kerbalism ISRU system (getting hold of carbon is the tricky part) so the main ship will need to pack enough fuel to visit pretty much everywhere in the Kerbol system without refuelling, meaning it’s going to be LARGE.Add in the landers for Eve, Tylo and Laythe- anywhere else should be a doddle in comparison- and the rules about building it in LKO and then no more launches once you leave, and this could be harder than it looks...

On the other hand, minimal crew plus maximum resource recycling plus no real need to do anything but land, plant a flag and leave again on each body means I can skip the science gubbins and save tons of weight- literally, in the case of crew and lab experiments- and bring only what I absolutely need, shaving weight off the payload and improving delta-V.

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Yet another rescue mission to LKO.


We had a hold on the count down to get Jeb out of the vehicle. After that it was a prefect launch.


The second stage ignition.


"Yes, Seeing plasma and bits of the burning heat shield flying off is perfectly normal" 


A beautiful day to be rescued.


And I moved a satellite around.


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Further design work for this Kerbalism Grand Tour of mine has revealed just how horribly deadly Jool is when you're playing with Kerbalism.

Kerbin's radiation belts are nasty enough, but Jool's are not only vastly more powerful, but also vastly more vast- the outer belt engulfs Laythe, Vall and Tylo entirely and the inner one ends just inside Laythe's orbit. Depending on the positions of Tylo and Jool in their respective orbits, it's possible to get to Tylo, land and return with minimal irradiation as it grazes the very edge of the outer belt; Vall is a trickier proposition due to its closer proximity to Jool (more radiation, and it takes longer to get there and back); but Laythe... It's safe on the surface of Laythe with radiation levels barely registering, but start climbing through the atmosphere and the radiation levels rise, and rise, and rise! Once you reach low orbit it's worse than Kerbin's inner belt, but it'll take hours or even days to escape as opposed to mere minutes. If your orbit happens to intersect the inner belt even slightly, say goodbye to your crew, shielding or no shielding.

I originally planned to use the upper stage of my Eve lander/ascent craft to land on most of the other moons and small planets, as well as for the ascent stage on Tylo and possibly for Vall as well, but it's going to take a completely separate craft for the moons of Jool as it'll need full radiation shielding, which is too heavy for the Eve craft to deal with.

Once I've sorted Jool's major moons, the rest will be a piece of cake- getting to Moho will be a pain, dodging the radiation at Jool means no convenient slingshots from the moons, and I'll need thousands of tons of drop tanks to get the delta-V; but apart from all that, it should be a piece of cake! :confused:

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Made a small carrier-grade jet for @chadgaskerman's naval aircraft challenge.

I'm on a renewed Juno spree lately, and this challenge called for minimal stowing dimensions, so it seemed fitting to also make it Juno-based. The limited thrust made it somewhat of a challenge to achieve short take off capability, but the research lab came through for us.

Slow controlled approach, low stall speed, fast deceleration on touch down, sturdy undercarriage, all goes without saying for a carrier jet. But it is also a highly maneuverable craft, able to maintain mach 1.8 at 15km for long-range reconnaissance. 

Showing some of its capabilities:

Testing practicing the short take off and landing:


Pics or it didn't happen:


All yours for under 25k.


A treat to fly on long range missions.


Chance alignments are fun.


More pics and details: https://imgur.com/a/CS8Q2PQ

Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/swjr-swis/Arret-1N

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Continued testing on my JNSQ science save, with further adjustments.  Sent the first manned Mun lander on its way - the crew launched separately and rendezvoused in Mun orbit


The second stage covers most of the transfer to Mun, leaving the lander to perform the Mun orbital insertion, landing & launch back to orbit.  It ended up with <100 m/s after rendezvous with the Mk2 pod back in Mun orbit.


Crew heading for Mun to rendezvous with the lander


I also sent an automated sample return mission to Mun



Entering Mun orbit


Heading down for a soft landing.  The lower section remains on Mun, acting as a ground relay and providing further scientific data while the upper section collects the initial data & blasts back into orbit then back to Kerbin






After the sepratrons fling the return module in a high arc over Mun, the spark takes over for the rest of the trip


After a short braking burn to expend the rest of the fuel, the sample return module discards the spent fuel tank & engine to prepare for reentry



Crew rendezvous, Mun landing, and return to orbit.  Crew is currently heading home






Hmmm, this might be a little big to bring back.....


Maybe breaking off a chunk of this one will work better


Near perfect rendezvous - finished my velocity-matching burn ~12m from the Mk2 pod.  Of course I was WAYYYYYY off on my launch timing.  Required nearly a day before I could perform the rendezvous.


I even remembered to grab all the science from the lander & bring it over to the Mk2


Heading for home


Also launched a Minmus sample return mission & my DSC-Jool probe finally departed orbit.  It's scheduled for a course correction in a few months that should put it straight into a Tylo intercept for a gravity-assisted capture.  It doesn't have enough dV to do much more than enter Jool orbit

Minmus sample return - made some minor changes to the original design (deployable sun-tracking solar panel & 2 antennas instead of 1, also only used one pair of sepratrons for the return module)


DSC-Jool performing transfer burn


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2 hours ago, swjr-swis said:

But keep in mind it's an unpaid volunteer-run website... they have lives and work to tend to.

Thank you. So that means they don't have an automated system and won't Email me till they have seen the request.

That helps. I was worried that there had been an error in the sysrem.

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The jet age brings new flying comfort for TKA corporate executives with the new Latitude aircraft ( KerbalX: Latitude )
Jeb Kerman - " This is a big step forward in aviation and I don't have to freeze my [redacted] off in that open cockpit any more!"


The marketing guys and Mortimer wanted this shot for the sales brochure,


Handles smooth and landings are nearly effortless. (Now if the Bureaucracy construction budget would hurry up and pave the runway it would be even smoother!)


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