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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Rockets + Plane = Rocket Plane!

Jeb scrounged through the junkyard and put some old Air Force surplus gear with some solid fuel boosters and took a joy ride....  



Up we go! Destination the upper atmosphere!


Good thing we found some spare parachutes



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Put the finishing touches on a new Moon base design, then noticed I had already created an objectively better Moon base, albeit nearly twice the price and using the largest launch rocket I currently have. A proper comparison is in order to decide which one I actually build, but that’s for another day.

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On 11/17/2022 at 3:05 AM, miklkit said:

Me neither.   The rescue missions were epic!

Speaking of rescue missions...


I can still nail precision landings.


We brought friends to Val's rescue. (So that if this goes wrong, we need rescue nine kerbals!) Getting the XP on my inexperienced crews. The lander had to be wide, to deal well with angles, and this design turned out to work pretty well. The sideways-mounted fuel tanks are staged off when done. That whole top array thing has about 3,000 dV. Launched on a twin boar carried by twin Clydesdales (which fit neatly under the "wings") and it's actually quite a cost-effective passenger lander. ($84,000 & seats nine)

Also, I made sure to bring a couple of scientists because on the first trip I accidentally did a materials study in LKO, collected the data (0.1 science) and broke the experiment. Oops.

The de-orbit maneuver node also went crazy after I landed, blew itself up to 4,000 dV and was coming back down when I screenshotted.


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It was different for me.  My ship found a hole and was damaged as was the rover that came with it.  3 crew and a 2 seat rover............


Two actually managed to get out to "flat" ground on their own and then had to wait for rescue.


Then another rover had to go in and rescue the last crew and then wait for enough seats to get everyone home.  It was all early tech.


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I started a hard (+a few other settings) career mode save. Killed Jeb on the very first flight. After a couple suborbital attempts (the last unsuccessful attempt fell just short of escaping atmo, ~69000m) Val is first kerbal in space. After several attempts at orbit my space program ran out of money. I had to take a few bailout grants (in admin building). Reputation crashes through the floor. Finally reached orbit. Ended up killing Val. Here are a few pictures.


Kolibri VIII, the only successful orbital rocket in the save. (Picture taken right after booster jettison)


Kolibri IV(?) rocket, one of the suborbital attempts.




What's the purpose of Reputation in Career? What's so bad if your space program's reputation is under -40%? Is there any disadvantage? Is there a bunch of kerbals calling for abolishment of the space program?

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My "Hot Shots" mission has landed on Moho.


The science rover (left) and the main lander (middle) both have (with some transfer of fuel) about 1450m/s which should get them back to the orbital elements of the mission.  In an emergency there's a rescue craft (an ion powered lawn chair) that should have enough Xenon to get everybody off the surface if needed.

Bill (left) and Bob (middle) have gone off with the rover to do Science! from different locations while Jeb has stayed behind to make sure that nobody makes off with their ride.

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Whirligig world, stock parts only so far (I believe myself totally unable to rendezvous with orbiting craft, so I may have to be pointed towards a launchpad relocation mod when I attempt to do anything beyond the Mesbin system)

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Mun's polar rescue mission went well. Had enough dV left over to swing by Minmus, but I couldn't get a transfer maneuver set up from polar orbit.

Gave up, then nailed it accidentally.


The lander works quite well, very stable the whole way down. Worth noting I play with re-entry heating at 10%, because I remember 0.90 too well.


ksnip-20221119-183508.png Nice.

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Wow, just noticed. Click the little water thing:


And it switches from sea level to radar-altimeter mode.


I have played this game for 8 years, how didn't I learn this sooner? I thought you needed mods for radar-altitude, so I did all my Minmus/Mun landings by eye and looking at my shadow. (Certainly made darkside landings interesting)

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After an extremely long hiatus from KSP, I have returned, and have begun a new career save (stock game). Over the last few days, I have managed to unlock most of the tech tree up to 300 science, have acquired around three million funds, landed on the Moon, and Minmus, the latter of which, I landed on three separate biomes.  I have rescued several Kerbals, placed a few satellites in orbit, mostly for various contracts, however, I currently have three comsats en route to Minmus for the purpose of increasing my unmanned capabilities in that area.

Perhaps the most lucrative accomplishment yet in this save,  is the establishment of a space station orbiting the Mun for a contract, which admittedly yielded less than optimal profit in terms of funds, but reminded me of the utility of the MPL-LG-2 mobile processing lab and will most definitely provide substantial gains in the area of science.  To aid in the pursuit of scientific research, I also included a tediously expensive and unwieldly nuclear powered lander with the hopes that it may land and orbit the Mun multiple times,  although I have yet to test this lander on the Mun itself. Luckily for the poor scientists aboard the station, the lander has unmanned capabilities, however, a scientist would increase the overall yield of a surface trip. Likely the first surface landings will be unmanned,  and once I am confident of the safety of the lander, I will fill it with one of the crew members in the station (Why I am being so cautious, I do not know, as I allow quicksaves on this save). 

I also have a space station in LKO waiting for an Eve transfer window, which will offer over 900,000 funds due to a contract that has requested  an Eve transfer, but will likely also provide an invaluable amount of science as well. Going forward, I am definitely going to try and utilize the MPL-LG-2 to the best of my abilities, as this is probably the best way to unlock the rest of the tech tree.

(Side note: How do I post images? When I frequented this forum a few years ago, we used imgur, but imgur does not allow posts without an account, and I do not wish to create one. What is the generally accepted way of image posting here?)

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I built a little stunt plane. It can easily spin out of control if you're not careful.




3 hours ago, Firemetal said:

imgur does not allow posts without an account

Since when? I've never even thought about making an imgur account. You only need an account to make your posts public. You can upload images, copy and paste links to them without an account, they should work just fine, like an unlisted video on YouTube. am I missing something?

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7 hours ago, Firemetal said:

(Side note: How do I post images? When I frequented this forum a few years ago, we used imgur, but imgur does not allow posts without an account, and I do not wish to create one. What is the generally accepted way of image posting here?)

I use https://imgbb.com/ No account required, you can drag and drop photos right onto the homepage.

You can use any image uploader though I'm sure, just cope-paste the image link into the forum.

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On 11/15/2022 at 6:39 AM, CrazyJebGuy said:

Held the old habit over of "start turning at 10km"

The rule of thumb is 45 deg. at 10 km (who's thumbs I don't know). Looks like you came up with 45 deg. at 8km. It depends on TWR and drag. I know I got a rocket launch right (for most designs) if it's a nice roasted golden brown... you should see a moderate amount of flames but no overheat bars. I was trying to launch spaceplanes like rockets at first and they need much more shallow angles and a lot of flames. 

Recently at Gilly, one ship left for Kerbin and Gigaklaw 2 arrived with a Class E asteroid.




After leaving the asteroid in orbit, Gigaklaw landed on Gilly. I wasn't paying attention and touched down at 5 m/s... and it bounced 200m up and took over 4 MINUTES to land again.


Now it's waiting for the Moho window to take 4 tourists and rescue another stranded kerbonaut (a contract... not my fault). 

Citadel 3 arrived at Bop from Pol. 


It was dropping to 9 FPS when landing. Pretty bad. The new Parallax is part of the reason but I think the 300+ parts and Unity single CPU core usage is the main issue. I'm using the Win+G performance widget to monitor and it's pretty useful and compact.

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