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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Tonight started by doubling KSP load time with moar mods, and then I started looking for funds for next overly expensive spaceships....

Three satellites got launched to do some magnetic field science for long time


... but of course I had to do in in single launch of experimental vessel ...



Due to some staging issues Jeb landed with more parts than expected ...



In meantime I found not just a boulder, but a rock!


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What is the name of the field in the .sfs savefile  that defines the current game time?

What are the implications of bumping it up a few hours to avoid a long low altitude warp?

I'm wondering how it might affect:

Background resource processing.

Crafts on rails going through orbit SOI transitions in the skipped interval.

Contract timers and durations.

Things I'm not thinking about.

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2 hours ago, Minmus Taster said:

Pressed F9 and ended up on a mission from yesterday #hitmewitharocket

Maybe try Better Load Save Game Renewed. It brings up a menu; won't load instantly. It's faster loading the menu and will go directly to the ship you were flying when you saved instead of always back to KSC. I changed my keys to F5 to load and right-CTRL for save so I won't have any problem if I hit the wrong F key. 

2 hours ago, darthgently said:

What is the name of the field in the .sfs savefile  that defines the current game time?

What are the implications of bumping it up a few hours to avoid a long low altitude warp?

Don't know the field but can't you just go to the tracking station and warp up to 100000x ? 

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Added sciencedefs to my mod today. I did get a bit carried away and did most of the situations for half of the experiements! It includes lore! Oh, and of course, attempting to eat rocks thinking its something else on 3 bodies, Thermometers explodings, Barometers imploding, sentient goo, etc.
Oh, and the corrosive moon? Yea a kerbal even brings a terrarium home with creatures from there!

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1 hour ago, darthgently said:

That works, was just wondering about another way with less scene switching as long as the game isn't running yet

Switch to other craft in higher orbit? There's always some contract junk satellite floating around in silly orbit.

But it would be good to have some kind of KAC to not miss maneuver.

Tonight I continued looking for funds, thus I sent some cost-optimized trashcans on silly missions, and even managed to make them not look too ugly.




And then I discovered MOLE research stopped working after last modding foray, blah.

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Not much. Building a Hackintosh with a Intel i5-4570  quad-core processor with plans to upgrade to a i7 4770 or 4771.

Computer started out as a used Lenovo Thinkcentre M73 small form (Free from work when we moved and upgraded all the computers. Was a 100% working unit)

Test run cleaning, stacking in 8 gigs of RAM instead of 2 and installing Ubuntu and it works fairly well with a old-as-dust 160 gig 5200 RPM HDD. That will get changed to a SATA3 SSD or a PCIe x1 M2 SATA drive.

GPU is going to be tricky, but it will be a Nvidia Low Profile format.

Stay tuned........


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I managed to scrounge enough funds to send a gaggle of drones....

... inside double ribbed rocket, for science and pleasure I guess...


... choke full of space goodies ...



.. and after surprisingly stable flight it reached its destination...

A new and shiny space cruiser!



It was financed by advance payments of both science and tourist missions so it ended up as a ship for nerds, where they can engage in such experiments as testing ice cream in space! At impressive ~0.6 TWR under full load.

As experiments are comfortably nested in cargo holds, for aesthetic reasons, a servo is used to rotate MOLE segments for easy clicking!



... thats some worryingly looking cargo on ventral slot...

Not the ugliest vessel I have cobbled together, and even somewhat practical.



To be continued ...

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I took Astarte to Mun, and finally drained last ascent boosters...


Got some science from two biomes...



Failed to establish comsat constelation with micro drones, RCS dV readouts are problematic, but at least they looked nice.



And upon return to Kerbin Bob fiddled with secret cargo mumbling something about "only way to be sure"....


... Then there was time to replace one screaming gaggle of tourist to another. I probably kerbed around too much in this game if I can make ugly SSTO droppod from random parts in first attempt, wasn't it supposed to be hard?




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I have started a new organization: the Monke Space Program! Our goal is to broaden the reach of space monkeys everywhere, based off one philosophy: monkey brain like number go up. With our snack cupboards filled to the brim with bananas, we launched our first vessel into orbit: Le Monke!


Jebediah's patriotic display of our glorious flag.

Next stop: the Mun.

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Pimp My Ride

Kerpollo V's mission to the Mun's Far Side Crater.  A little engineering test . All parts stowed in Inventory on the Lander. (Some assembly required)  


A few wheels here, a few seats there...  (needed to use both KAS and EVA Construction to get the optimal result)


And we are motoring! (a better name would have been cooler) ;p

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Val went for a fly-by of the Mun.



We go for a free return and the d/v was tight so the ship ended up doing a not-very-close flyby.


We get a fine view  of Kerbin out of it at least. 


And we make it back before the stress of living 9 days in an unpressurized can, while wearing a space suit, causes Val to make a FREAKING SCENE .


Plans are made and tests are done for a better long duration vehicle.



Of course Bill dares Jeb to pull the Abort switch. With predictable results.


But hey we know it works now right?


The first test flight


And in orbit.



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I successfully solved a bunch of issues with my planet pack!
After doing some shenanigans by running beyond home alongside my mod and in general doing things to the game I shouldnt have been doing

its a bit bright here!


its a quatenary system now!


four stars from Temporalis (it won over Rhode.. i set both .cfg files to the same name)


dear god the system is just chaos


Well.. I managed to screw up the game real bad and completely destroyed kerbin template textures


It was so bad, that it somehow persisted after I completely wiped my ksp folder and reinstalled the game from steam..


and kept getting this cursed broken main menu screen

And after tons of troubleshooting, I figured out that I could just.. ya know.. use a custom texture instead

also I figured out the issue of the barycenter emitting light and fixed the flarereplacer flares! looks much nicer now
However, the stars 'blocking light' when eclipsing is a kopernicus issue.. so we will have to wait..

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