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KSP Cinematic trailer


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looks good..

only criticism is missing those pretty stock parts :)

but we do need more videos like this to spark those not yet into the game yet

Well I have actually planned a video with stock parts:-) the things is, that when it is a cinematic historical show that portrays real life missions, it is much better to use the mods that can give me crafts like Freedom 7 or Gemini 3;-)

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this newly released video cinematic is a prime example of the fine photography and 'stuff' and things those Kerbal Space People can do...

we have heard of a few podcasts around the galaxies...I am sure this would fit in nicely...

dont we have cameras here? I dunno Zeta ever get off his planet an get back here maybe we can do stuff like this...wat is youtube anyways? a tire you crawl into?...

<<<<comms break>>>>>

Hi !

SImply Awsome !

Cdr Zeta

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