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Hey, just enjoying one of the greatest games and game ideas ever. I am really enjoying the mods for the game. What are five you could not live without?

My own:

1. MechJeb (even if the autopilot tends to break tall ships...)

2. Firespitter plane parts

3. HOME base parts

4. ISA Map Sat (gives me a mission to map every planet!)

5. Kerbal GPS

May all your ascents be stable, and all your reentries be glorious.

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Welcome to the forums! :)

I've already shared my list of mod preferences recently, so I'll just link you to the post instead of typing out all of that again.

If you ever get stuck or just want to sharpen your skills, be sure to check out the tutorials on the forums, as well as the ones I've listed in the Drawing Board (link in sig). Also, the people in our How To forums will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Happy landings!

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I am also a new user and I started with these six;

Subassembly Loader - which allows you to save any sub-assembly

Crew Manifest - Allows the creation of new 'nauts and adjustment of their stats and the ability to specify which go on missions (stats are meaningless and define their reactions)

Ioncross Crew Support - Adds life support to all manned crafts (in stock parts) and Oxygen Tanks, C02 converters and the like

Aviation Lights - Too cool for school

Engineer Redux - Allows you to see certain stats about your custom builds while building or flying

Deadly Re-Entry - Brutal! Will probably disable it until I figure the math out. Not easy! :)

So that brings it back to 5!

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