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Kinetic Freefall, Ep. 2 - Shadows


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TehLazyPirates Presents



Remember to turn on captions

Following the Duna Starport assault, the Corporate Alliance is in heated negotiations with the Syndicate. The Corporate Alliance was hit heavily by the loss, with a drop in trade to and from Duna by 30%. The Duna colony was hit the hardest however, while they previously lived in comfort they must now eat less meals every day with the huge drop in supply income. The Syndicate refuses to pay for the damages, justifying themselves by saying they need to expand and weaken their competition or their economy will collapse. With each day the situation gets hotter. Prototype ships are being rushed out and mass produced, freighters are being retrofitted into cruisers, and the combatant fleets are on the brink of total war. The opposing CEOs nearly pulled the trigger, until all freighters going to and from Eve started to disappear. Both sides are blaming each other, and with the Corporate Alliance already losing income from the Duna incident, they are desperate to investigate. We join our heroes again while Jodeo Kerman and the team are on a 4 week investigation mission...


Music by: WildDakPaks

Produced by: James Lee(James510) and Robert Lytle(Misterspork) of TehLazyPirates

Voice acting by: James Lee, Robert Lytle, Alex Lo, Chris Chuang, Srikar Ranga, Broc Lovell, and Pablo Gonzalez

Closed captioning provided by: Alex Lo

Made in Kerbal Space Program 0.19.1

Mod List(All credit to respective mod authors):

Major mods: NovaPunch 1.5 beta, Dynamic Warp, and HyperEdit 1.2.0

Minor mods:

RW Improved Trusses and Girders v1.2

Mechjeb 1.9.8 + Mechjeb 2 v2.0.3

KerbCam v0.4

Gaby's Quick and Dirty Miscellania

Deep Space Mission pack v1.7.1

Deadly Reenty v1.3

Damned Robotics v1.3


FusTek Station Parts


PlaCo Heatshields

RW MiniMega Sepratrons

B9 Aerospace Pack

Ion Hybrid pack v1.4.3

Edited by Misterspork
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