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Funniest loading screen slpash sentences

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4 hours ago, Sharpy said:

I thought 'combobulating discombobulator' is something entirely random (although funny), then today I found the Blender plugin for adding visual complexity to surfaces is called 'combobulator'.


The humor there, for any non-native English speakers out there, is that the word "discombobulate" (which is, in fact, a real word) looks like a standard-formed word with the "dis-" prefix added to a root word "combobulate"... except that there isn't actually any word "combobulate".

The Blender plug-in is making an implicit joke by calling itself "combobulator"; they're basically making the same joke as whoever authored this splash screen sentence.

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On 11/23/2016 at 10:19 AM, monstah said:

I don't mind this necro since there are new loading hints... but I dislike most of the new ones. "Transferring Hohmann", "Effecting Oberth", really?? 

I don't know if its in the game or not but you should like "specifying impulse"

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Sending Val to Vall, took me a few shots to get it, then i got a good little chuckle. Cleaning Transfer windows, Adding Moar Boosters, Adding More struts, and waking the Kraken are my fav's. But i felt Val, (or is it Vall:sticktongue:), had to be mentioned.

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I usually enjoy them in sequence.

"Locating Jebediah Kerman" followed by "Motivating kerbals"  - looks like Jeb is getting a talking to...


"Calling orbital mechanic" - "Adding more struts."  Sounds like KAS!


"Waking Kraken" - "Reaching safe distance"     ....    There IS NO SAFE DISTANCE!!!

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Counting Geigers...

While Geiger was a name of a person and subsequently, the Geiger Counter was named with that person in mind, the German word for violin is "Geige" and a person playing a violin could be called "Geiger". Now whatever you do with the Geiger Counter, it is counting violinists, obviously...

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I'd bet money that "Liking Ike" is actually a clever intentional dual reference, because it also applies to former US President Eisenhower, who established NASA:

Also, at the risk of permanently ruining this thread, anyone who wants to see all of the tips can now install my LoadingScreenManager mod (for 1.2.2), which has an option to dump them all to the log, and can change the length of time tips are shown.  The next version will also allow adding your own.

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