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I've come up with the theory that Minmus is the Egg of an Eldritch Abomination; Possibly containing the sleeping embryo of Kerthulhu; Dark Priest of the Old ones, come to corrupt the minds of the innocent Kerbals as they scamper about like small hyperactive raccoons.

If this is indeed the case, then it is the duty of Kerbalkind to do everything in its power to prevent it from hatching. Fortunately, though, scientists at the KSC have prepared a specialized probe capable of landing on Minmus, where it will perform the procedure necessary to keep Kerthulhu asleep.



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I have another theory. Minmus have been mined by aliens. Flats are realy "flat" with not a single meter of diffirence in height. It seems industrial to me. Entire Minmus was "hilly" before they came and mined it. And also, wiki says:

When a seismic scan is run by the Double-C Seismic Accelerometer on the surface, it says that due to vibrations, the planet may not be entirely solid, meaning that there is most likely a subsurface ocean under the crust of Minmus.


Maybie it isn't subsurface ocean, but deep-mined hollow core. Best minerals are deep inside!




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