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Ulysses MKII Medium-Lift Launcher (Large Pics)

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The Ulysses MKII is a 3-stage-to-orbit medium-lift rocket capable of lifting a payload of more than 18t to a 120,000m orbit. The Ulysses MKII is a simplistic, basic design and fills a variety of roles. The frequent use of the Ulysses as a shuttle to stations in LKO has proven its reliability and stability. With a payload ratio of 1:6, the Ulysses is an economic option for most orbital procedures. Despite its common use as a shuttle, the MKII lives up to its multi-role reputation by lifting small stations, unmanned satellites and scientific equipment, amongst a wide range of possible payloads.


Pictured here are the three stages of the Ulysses MKII.


The first stage consists of the two liquid boosters comprised of 3 FL-T800s each and are powered by a single LV-T30 each. The fuel in the boosters is transferred into the 2nd stage tanks until the first stage is jettisoned. This stage is used entirely during the vertical ascent.



Upon the separation of stage one, the second stage's tanks are completely full. The second stage consists of the primary motor, a Rockomax Mainsail and two Rockmax X200-32 fuel tanks. This stage lasts until the beginning of the Ulysses' gravity turn.



The third stage consists of the secondary motor, a Rockomax Skipper and a single X200-32 tank. This stage brings the payload to orbit, in this case a Ulysses Orbital Module (UOM).


Ulysses Orbital Module

The most common payload the the Ulysses MKII is the UOM or Ulysses Orbital Module. The UOM's simple design, modularity and ease of modification enable it to be a versatile and rugged orbiter. The entirety of the UOM is rated for atmospheric reentry. The UOM is pictured here at the peak of the parabolic test flight.


This image is of the UOM after separation of the engine module. Note the reentry-hardened nosecone, which houses the flight computers and stability control.


Finally, here is the UOM's crew module, equipped with all the necessities of a lengthy wait for recovery from the oceans of Kerbin. Visible under the crew module are the small motors deployed 20m before touchdown. This ensures the impact does not damage the cabin, as a hull breach could be fatal in an ocean landing.



ULYSSES MKII with UOM: http://www./?zqb8iwrq9z2ahcm

I hope you enjoyed the backstory and information on the Ulysses MKII, I'll add some more payloads to this post later.

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