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You Will Not Go To Space Today - Post your fails here!

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Took me a week to get to Eve (mostly due to other failures), then finally when I get there, I realize that I put a module in the way of the hatch, my pilot can't get out and place a flag.

As a result, he transferred to the sundiving program.

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Just landed my first Mun rover. Parked it, went to go get a drink, and came back to this:



I had apparently parked it on a hill, and the rolling force combined with its first contact (used a decoupler to restrain it, they put out quite some force when activated) had broken everything. ;.;

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Got to space today. Got all the way to Tylo. For some reason mechjeb plopped me down 15k short of my target (the cave). That's ok, I brought along a rover for just that possibility. Then spent the next couple hours watching it flip, flop, & explode trying to actually GET there. (Going just a wee bit too fast makes things explode, but hitting the brakes makes things flip THEN explode, go figure). Funny part is, not even my fails fail right. There were several Times the rover started flipping, knocked the Kerbal off, then just for a moment looked like it might land back on its wheels undamaged, making for a great story back at the space lounge later.

Nope. Upside down every durn time. Or right side up but poor Jorhner had already become part of the lithosphere.

Finally managed to get there, plant a flag, fall down a lot, try to drive the rover up the walls, and made it back to the lander. Now I've gotta get him off this curséd rock.

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Here's multiple that I can (not) avoid:

Big rocket = fall down, everything explodes, someone might die.

The whole idea of the balance of Power and Control on a spaceplane. My new berserk button.

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You should always burn as close as possible to whatever you're orbiting to take advantage of the Oberth Effect right? Right?


Looks like too much of a good thing....

Today, I managed to land on the island runway.


The rest of my plane didn't quite land in the same spot.

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I was in a atmospheric plane and was seconds from space when i remembered that plane engines need air.

It started splutering and i lost control of the ship. It went into a spiraling desent back down to kerbin.

i almost got control of it when g-force ripped of one of the wings. There wasnt a parachute.

R.I.P A kerbal that had a wierd name that i cant remember.

i wil give a pic later

Also i made Jebidah look SCARED...

p.s. i have alot of lag on Kerbin i dont know about anywhere else because ive not been there ive not even got to space.

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Lifting off from Mun, I totally failed to realize that my fuel was low. It ran out on a near-vertical trajectory, only slightly arced due to Mun's rotation. My to Kerbonauts decided to ditch the ship and see if they could get into orbit with their jetpacks, so they could be rescued later.

The first one went with the flow and rocketed east. He got into a pretty good orbit with 10% of his fuel left.

The second one decided that was too easy and tried to go west. I don't know if it was because he waited until after apoapsis or because he had to kill that eastward motion and then go west, but he ran out of fuel with a tiny sliver of his orbit intersecting the surface. Soon after, he was intersecting the surface.

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Well, I went to space few days ago... and returned. However, it is sad that the ship separated when at landing (near the end), separating solid boosters (in intro), and no video sections (in outro) :(. On the other hand, the Kerbals survived --- all of them :).

If you want to see the whole video, go for it. Otherwise, after watching the intro, skip to landing operation, and then skip to the outro. I'm very stupid at the outro.

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I got to space today but I'll be staying there indefinitely......


Bob staggered from the wreckage and noticed that about 100m away from the capsule, one of the lander's legs was standing vertically foot-up, slowly spinning around. Intrigued, he bounced over to it and reached out to touch it, at which point it exploded in his face. Wish I had a vid of that :)

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