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You Will Not Go To Space Today - Post your fails here!

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Mines just hapened within the last few minutes.

After Landing on the moon and planting the flag


Then when Matlorf Kerman got out he decided to fly sideways and smash one of the solar panels.


This was my landers maiden voyage to.

Haha, gotta love the other Kerbal just starting at Matlorf; "what have you done..."

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Sorry, no pictures, since the failure happened so fast.

I was just screwing around with a capsule powered by a few LV-Ns, and after slingshotting around the Mun, I decided use my sizable remaining delta-v budget to do a very high speed reentry back at Kerbin. I burned the rest of my fuel wile keeping my periapsis at 20km, then jettisoned my engine. I was facing prograde when I decoupled, and usually this puts my capsule and engine in different orbits, but my trajectory was so flat (as I was going around 8 km/s) that my engine careened directly into my capsule as soon as I hit the atmosphere.

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Don't have any pics, but yesterday I really screwed up on my staging....instead of dropping the bottom section and igniting my SRB's....I declamped the SRB's while simultaneously igniting them, shooting the lower one right through the top of my rocket and my parachute was destroyed by the debris all around me. Evaing and jumping off at the last second didn't save Bill.

On my next flight, I had Jeb at about 73000m, decided to go out for a quick eva to get some science (started a new science game, above was first launch, this is second). When I went for the eva, my ship decided to start spinning and flung Jeb off of the ladder and away from the ship. Because it wasn't a full orbit yet, I was getting some science while killing some time for the orbit burn, Jeb ended up chasing the craft back into the atmosphere...at about 50000m I managed to reach the pod....only on the wrong side. That was a sad fall, knowing I'd die and having the time to seriously think about it.

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Tried for a Laythe landing yesterday and just above the water (you know, because I can never hit land on Laythe), the chutes started acting funky. The ship started swaying, and the nice vertical landing I was hoping for became a total ship disintegration when it hit the water. Four poor Kerbals drowned when the hitchhiker module was destroyed and the ship's remaining parts floated uselessly near the surviving lander can. No science from the surface of Laythe today....

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But the Goo canisters are in the science tab while the monoprop tanks are in the propulsion tab...

Unless you grab a part from the sub-assembly area or load a craft and just forgot what tank was what. I have experience doing that. Time for an experi....monoprop??? Well, crap.

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Already posted this in the "what did you do today" thread, but I am sure this also belongs here... very much so.

I was building an SSTO one seater... the prototype was left unattended at the launch pad. One of the test pilots tried to take it for a spin.


Don't mess with antimatter.

All you need now is to make a bigger explosion! Then you'll be in space, no doubt!

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Was testing out the Laythe Ascent Attachment (LAA) for my Jool Moons Modular Lander (JMML).......


Once in the air, I retracted the landing legs, and then:


One of the legs blocked an engine on the way up.


But next time, I was ready.


Made use of the 'feature' to do a quick gravity turn.

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Jeb successfully flew a spaceplane to LKO and docked it with a space station. The plane is definitely not optimized (confession: it's the stock spaceplane with some slight modifications) and docking it was a chore because the RCS system placement sucks and I hadn't built the station with docking the plane in mind. But it fit, mostly, and so Jeb refueled, undocked and prepared to take her back down again.

Of course we were close enough to KSC that I foolishly put it in a very steep reentry and came in at about a million miles an hour - first mistake - and then figured I'd just fire up the jets and fly home. Engines toggled, no thrust though. Uh, what? Meanwhile we're falling like a rock rather than actually flying, turns out I pumped the fuel into the wrong tanks or something and the fuel wasn't getting to the engines. I figured that out at about 2000m ASL and realized at about the same time I had no decoupler + parachute for just such an emergency. So Jeb pancakes into the sea and hasn't been heard from since.

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I've had two bad fails in the last 24 hours...

The first was a failed landing attempt on Duna with my MT-20 VTOL Dropship (mainly due to certain chutes glitching up when I needed them).


Needless to say, Jebediah was found buried in a thick dune nearby, and was then scolded thoroughly for not aborting the landing.

The second fail happened today, when Neilbart Kerman was attempting to dock a refueled SSTO to a stardock complex in LKO.

It was coming in nice and slow, when the throttle got stuck and the ship rammed the station full-speed.



Neilbart wasn't allowed to use to controls anymore.

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Made an interesting SSTO Scientific Shuttle in Sandbox mode, and its maiden voyage went very well. Then on the second flight, I was like, "Hey, I wonder if I can land this in the desert?"


The short answer was no.

So then, instead of just recovering, I sent a rescue craft.

Crashed it too. :(


Then I sent a third ship to rescue the guys in the wrecked first ship and the idiots who were supposed to stay out of the cockpit on the unmanned rescue vehicle...

(Looking at you, Munwell and Gregdorf. :mad:)

And, what do you know, I WRECKED THAT ONE TOO!


Someone send a message that there's going to be a new base there!



4th rescue attempt and the desert still says "NO!"

I'm going to put parachutes on the next one. Maybe that will help.

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