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Command Seat - Picture Thread


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While toying with the idea of placing rings of command seats around a rocket's central stack in place of a Hitchhiker module, I tested something akin to a passenger aircraft. I waned to see how the Command Seats would affect flight characteristics.


Turns out, the craft flew just fine even without ASAS engaged. The passengers look a tad concerned, however.



Of course, the real fun began a couple of minutes later. Those suits are heat resistant, right?


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I wish that were re-entry. No, that was just normal, high-altitude cruising. :D But since you mentioned it... I must now put a few Command seats on one of my SSTOs and watch them squirm when the real heat gets started. And just like that, my night is booked!

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Allow me to present my work on my...well...I dunno. Its a rocket seat, Jim, but not as we know it.


Awaiting lift-off.


Successful landing?


I guess still good...


Derhat Kerman = Jeb's new mission partner. Not even joking.

I was laughing the whole flight but it reached maniacal levels when I saw he had landed on his face.

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Driving the Mun


Emmergency Rescue Donut in action


It have single Ant engine and over 1000 m/s dV. Theoretically can land on Kerbin when near empty. I use it only to escape and orbit rendezvous, though. Placed on top of a lander it have almost no chance to break if lander goes to crash.


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A little RCS bike for moving to and from my base on Minmus, featuring Ademone Kerman wearing his best "meh" face.


Nice bike! I need to build one of those for myself! Also, please don't post reaction images, as they're a bit annoying as well as against forum rules.

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against forum rules.

I don't think so... Looking at the rules, it's only rule-breaking if the reaction image is posted by itself.

"...Messages that lack any substantial content, for example messages that contain only reaction images..."

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