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10 hours ago, Thor Wotansen said:

@SkunkTwerks you might need to hide some vectors in there or something, the angled wing surfaces and sideways Mk 3 to 2.5m adapters are going to be awful for drag.  Your best bet would be to get a high TWR and punch out of the atmosphere as fast as possible.

I've tried a few partial air-breathing configurations (RAPIERs, Whiplashes) but kept coming up 750-850 m/s short. You are correct, the drag is just TOO REAL.

So I tried some pure rocket-fuel Vector+Aerospike versions on a typical rocket ascent profile. By trimming down nonessential parts (safe landings are no longer an option), adding fuel tanks, and ditching a pair of vertical engines (this makes takeoff tricky) I've gone from missing 75 km LKO by 750 m/s... to 360 m/s... to 100 m/s... to... this.


SO CLOSE!!! With MechJeb's ascent guidance (and smoothing the craft's wobbles with manual input), I'm coming up just 21 m/s dV short of a 75 km LKO. Which tells me that this is totally doable. But I'm exhausted and it'll just have to wait for another day.

May just a little bit more Force, a little less drag, and possibly a slightly different ascent path, be with me next time.




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@SkunkTwerks Try adding a single NERV to the back in line with the COM and throwing a bit of LF in the wing tanks.  NERVs are at about 98% thrust at 10km so you can make use of it all the way up and use it to finalize circularization.  I'm not familiar with how this ship should look, but I'm guessing that that would enable it to SSTO.

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