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New Ideas for loading screen 'hints'!

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killing bill kerman

generating kessler syndrome

despresurizating kerbals helmets

adding new moons

destroying kerbin

preparing jeb for jool reentry


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Crashing into Mun,

Getting Stuck on Laythe (or any other celestial),

Not Leaving Low Kerbin Orbit,

Deorbiting Gilly,

Surviving Eve's atmosphere,

Getting Stuck in Sun Orbit,

Checking the Staging,

Losing Connection to KSC (during transfer orbit),


...Solar Panels,

...Reaction Wheels,




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- Escaping velocity

- Reheating gravioli

- Loading...

- Still loading...

- Yep, still loading...

- Lemme check- nope, still loading...

- STILL loading...

- Initiating self-destruct in 5, 4, 3...

- Pay 1 BitKoin or your hard drive gets wiped!

- Telling Stayputnik to stay put

- I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that...

- "Has anyone seen my pet squid?" - Wehrner von Kerman

- Controlling reaction (as in RCS)

- It's loaded! Nah, just kidding...

- Consciously decoupling

- Creating StereoPropellant

- Repelling space pirates

- Grooming Poodle

- Casting HECS

- Dodging charging batteries (it's a stampede!!!)

- Adding 'space' to non space related objects to sell to KSP

- Adding 'advanced' to part names to increase price tags

- Creating 'Mint-mus' ice cream

- Tracking Center

- Not paying interns

- Auctioning science

- Locking fuel cell doors

That's all I've got for now

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Distinguishing Extinguishers

Braking Good

Launching Paid

Why are you looking here?

<Your advertisement could be here> (No, seriously!)

Have you prepared your homework?

Have you walked the dog?

Where is the cat?

Where is the cat now?

Oxidizing oxidizer

Liquidating Fuel

Converting monopropellant to stereo

Cooking snacks

Farming coins

Landing legs

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