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New Ideas for loading screen 'hints'!

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Fueling rockets

Reticulating Orbit Splines

Hiding from Danny

Deploying Solar Panels

Flying Safe

Commanding Modules

Rebuilding Stations

Bugging Maxmaps

Generating Science

Making Science

Manufacturing Snacks

Eating snacks

Loading Part Models (Hey, that's what we're really doing!)

Slaying Krakens

Programming Kerbal Space

Going Boldly

Loading Loading Screen

Answering the Untruth Machine

Escaping EVE Online

Escaping Eve

Crashing Kerbal-X on the Mun

Shrinking Earth

Exploring Strange New Worlds

Draining Souposphere


Trying Science

Praying to Goddard

Buzzing the Tower

Downloading Necessary Modifications

Nagging NASA

Aggravating ESA

Satisfying SpaceX

Recoloring Danube

Probing Space

Probing Not-Space

Trying not to Crash

Breaking the fourth wall. Hello Player!

Boarding the HypeTrain

Loading Munbase Alpha Voice System

Painting the Skybox

Setting Phasers to Stun

Capturing Baby Kraken

Conquering Kerbin

Unifying Kerbin

Exploiting Unity

Beaming Up

Building KSC

Upgrading Sandbox KSC

Painting "Kerbal" over "Kennedy" on the Space Center visitor center

Doing a Barrel Roll

Explaining difference between Ailerons, Elevons, and Barrels

Cutting Off Mainsail Engine

Staging Boosters

Digesting Asparagus

Performing Wind-Tunnel Tests

Hiding Old Part Models

Launching Tinfoil Astronauts

Answering Machines

Painting Kerbin

Bombarding Mun

Getting Rid of Boulders

Cutting Budgets

Distracting from long loading times

Throwing Mun into Orbit

Whacking Kerbals

Kremoving Kk Kfrom Kevery Kword

Stealing Saturn-Vs

Calling an Orbital Mechanic


Drowning OSHA in a pit of Acid full of Acid-Resistant Sharks

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- Watching unplanned fireworks

- Planning fireworks

- Looking for Jeb

- Looking for Bob

- Looking for Bill

- Who's Valentina? (:P)

- Who ate the snacks!?

- Finding roadside rocket parts

- Using surplus wing parts

- Repacking chutes


- Doing ROCKET science (because really, how hard can it be?)

- Eating all of the snacks

- Hiding from Gene

- Duct taping parts together

- Hiring new crew members

- Landing on Jool

- Hello, Kraken.

- Removing K from every word

- Hello, Raen.

- Starting countdown

- Procrastinating

- Using "Manifold" in a product name

- Dumping experiments

- Obstructing hatches

- Eating more snacks

- Climbing the learning wall

- Climbing the fourth wall....what's up, player?

- Reciting Sonnet 116 in reverse Spanish

- Listening to whale sounds in space

- Listening to bird sounds at night

- Listening to rocket engines in space

- Listening to other things in space when you shouldn't hear them in space

- Burning retrograde

- Burning prograde

- Burning normally

- Burning strangely

- Burning radially

- Burning squarily

- Burning octagonally

- Burning in other odd ways

- Burning in the atmosphere

- Using mass relay devices to get to orbit

- Using one stage to get to orbit

- Using Wackjob's stages to get to orbit

- Using Jeb's badassery to get to orbit

- Flying safe (mostly)

- Loading 1.0 Soon

EDIT: Just read OP and remembered what Maxmaps said about hints like "you cannot get to orbit by going straight up." Revised hints here:

- The solid boosters are not to be confused with trash cans

- When you get to space, there is still gravity.

- You cannot use parachutes on bodies without atmospheres (Mun, Minmus, Moho, &c)

- Having a CRUD (Completely Unplanned Rapid Disassembly) launch? Needs more struts.

- You cannot get to the Mun by flying toward it.

- Jebediah is not invincible, despite popular belief.

- The water is more dangerous than land.

- Landing on your head will guarantee survival 90% of the time! The 10% is when landing in the water.

- 12345 is a bad password! (Sorry Mojang.)

- Frodo Kerman is not a Hobbit, nor is Bilbo. Sorry.

- Getting to orbit is getting halfway anywhere.

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Bouncing on Minmus like you're on a trampoline

Sending a rover to Jool

Making a swing out of command pods

Trying to use Solar Panels as a Kerbal trampoline

Landing on the Administration building with a plane

Making an Ion-Powered Kerbal Cannon

Docking using Mainsails as RCS

Using SRBs to land on Gilly

Attempting to make an Eve round trip rocket with LV-1s.

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