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New Ideas for loading screen 'hints'!


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Cubing Octagonal Struts

Coupling Decouplers

Packing Parachutes

Repairing Wheels

Lighting Lights

Completing Contracts

Creating Potatoroids

Maneuvering Manually

Compiling the Compiler

Distributing Biomes

Prodding Pod Bay Doors

Warping Time

Clamping Launch Clamps

Detonating Launchpad

Calculating Blast Awesomeness

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Avoiding Rapid Unplanned Disasembly

Jeb would be disappointed in you. You don't avoid rapid unplanned disasemblies, you harvest the resulting explosions to boost your rocket higher!

Harvesting Rapid Unplanned Disasembalies

Saddling Up the Kraken

Fighting Off Kerminators

Tearing Space-Time in Half

Preforming CPR on Space-Time

Crying as Space-Time Flat-Lines

Scanning Cacti for Gold

Taking the Path of Intermediate Resistance

Interrogating Structural Integrity

Iregulating Safety Regulations

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