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My first mission to Eeloo

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while I was successfully able to land with my rover, my mission to rescue the rover crew expirienced some setbacks.

My problem so far is, that I want to get the whole rover back to Kerbin, not only Jeb, Bill and Bob. I was using the spherical tanks, but for what ever reasons i encountered a problem with saving and using the game itselfe, so I had to use a standard craft to bring in my lifter vehicle for the rover.

Now we all know that there's no atmosphere at Eeloo, so I'm constantly running out of fuel, when I arrive there.

Does anyone have some tips on how to be more efficient, without having to burn 25+ minutes?

I thought about a combination of toroidal Aerospike and skipper rockets. Would that make sense?

@Forum mod, I was asking for help, not making a diary/mission report

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