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New Kerbalnaught Onboard

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Hey everyone! Purchased the game and have been playing non-stop for hours now. However, I did have one question for forum users and Kerbal Space Program semi-pro's.

Are they any MUST have addons/mods that improve the game or make it much more fun in it's whole?

If not, can anyone recommend a few mods that they thoroughly enjoy?

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Welcome to the forums! :)

The mods I tend to get the most use out of are Kerbal Engineer Redux, Crew Manifest, and Kethane. I wouldn't consider any of them essential, but they are quite handy to have.

If you need any help learning how to achieve some of the more complex goals in the game, I'd recommend taking a look at the Drawing Board (link in my sig), which has tutorials and player aids for players of all skill levels. Feel free to also ask questions in the How To section of the forums.

Happy landings!

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I must highly recommend KW Rocketry. It's really not essential, but it's a lot lighter parts-wise, which is nice if you aren't one to take hours making a spacecraft, while still having very versatile parts.

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I have KW rocketry, that's very useful, Mechjeb 1.9 and KSPX. KSPX is good if you want to keep with the original theme of ksp, but you need some parts that aren't stock, e.g. probe ASAS. Mechjeb is useful if you need to get a large payload into orbit with the least amount of fuel, mechjeb is quite efficient when it comes to launching and other stuff.

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I'll not only point you towards 10 great/essential mods but also introduce you to the greatest tuber -for me at least he is- on the topic:

Most of them should be 0.20 compatible by now as well. Enjoy :)

Ah and for when you plan your everyday fuel needs, here are two nifty maps for just that purpose:

#1 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/25360-Delta-V-map

#2 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/20993-Request-Delta-V-maps?highlight=delta

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