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48 minutes ago, Lewie said:

@GuessingEveryDay I played Henry Stickmin before it was a meme! 

(2017 vibes, anyone?)

I first found Breaking into the Bank back in 2012, and thought it was boring, since it only had 6 options, they were pretty funny. But then I found out about Escaping the Prison, and been playing since then. Can't believe I've only heard about CTM since a few weeks ago.

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1 hour ago, Souptime said:

So is this gonna stay open forever???

It always wasn't staying unopen.


The evening clicking.

13 minutes ago, cubinator said:

It's false.
It's a total fabrication.

And it's a problem: is this thread falsifiable in sense of Popper?

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34 minutes ago, Vanamonde said:

Told you it was closed. Now do you believe me? 


also, it is Wednesday, my dudes! 

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