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Naval Battle League 2016-2018


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Hit it the 1st time with the Aurora and separated the probe and the pod.


Hit it the 2nd time, destroying or separating all missiles onboard. Labal is still alive.

1 missile remains on the Aurora.


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12 minutes ago, ShadowGoat said:

I'm sorry I thought panzer was taking a break I'm not fighting you anymore

@Alphasus there was a spaceship in subnauitca called the aurora also no aurora does not mean dawn. It is the northern lights.

Ahh sorry about that. Somehow that and dawn came up as synonymous...

EDIT: look up aurora meaning and read the 2nd definition.

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21 hours ago, ShadowGoat said:

@panzer1b Ok i put 4 voids around the planet. 

Lining up for the shot on one of the regulators

Missile just before impact

Damage on the regulator


1 down, 3 to go. 

Heres the persist.


Ok looks like 1 of my ships died, but another one of them has been damaged?

Since that 2nd ship didnt make any moves (and its illegal to attack 2 different targets in 1 go) ill replace the slightly damaged ship (missing the upper bridge and some wing paneling) with a new identical ship and place it where it was.  Then ill make my attack...


Actually im NOT going to repair that ship (no idea where the damage came from but whatever, i guess random kraken attack or something).  I have a plan to win this despite loosing 1 ship from the get go and then having another one take damage from who knows what.

Expect my move later today or like tomorra if i dont get the time.

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2 hours ago, ShadowGoat said:

Yeah I'm not sure where that came from I was actually having trouble finding one of the ships. I hope I didn't attack 2 different ones in a case of misidentification.

Its fine, i didnt exactly name my ships all that well so its possible you mistook one for another (they were all in similar orbits and had the same name).  Lets just not worry about it though and call it a kraken attack/rng.


Anyways, i made my turn using the undamaged regulator, and i managed to neuter (not necessarily kill) one of your ships.  First i took one of the kerbins from the destroyed regulator and stuck him in another regulator since i need him to aim the guns when im dumb firing.  Then I fired the heavy 1.2m ASM prototype i armed my ships with (thats so being shelved in future as it sucks compared to even my V0.22 original tripedo which is lighter and does more dmg) and knocked off one of the 2 nuke engines, then i fired the 2 RT-5s doing absolutely nothing (i knew that was gonna happen looking at how you armored your vessels but i may as well not drag that useless mass around when escaping), then i fired 1 SRM and vaporized the entire rear destroying what remained of the propulsion. and unless im mistaken and you hid some sort of backup engines inside it, its not going to go anywhere far without those 2 nukes on the rear.  This is the result after 4 hits from the regulator's arsenal...


After the attack, i basically knew that leaving my ships where they are was suicide since all of your ships carried so much ammo that armor or not i was going to loose 1 ship every turn, so i decided to do the one thing i knew i could do in such a situation and play mobility warfare.   I put all 3 remaining warships into various orbits to try and limit your ability to engage them at least until i got a kill lead.  While i cant guarantee that your ships will be unable to perform a rendezvous, i feel fairly confident (looking at how much armor and guns you got relative to me) that you will be on fumes by the time you intercept any of the 3 remaining ships, and that i can basically evade long enough that you either run out of gas or i manage to kill everything off in the long term.



Lets hope i dont get another ship vaporized next turn :D...

And as usual, persist located here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5q6gjjpsf2icl22/NBL_AKSvsX_2.sfs?dl=0

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