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Naval Battle League 2016-2018

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Just now, ShadowGoat said:

So I can necro my ships by clawing on new engines, probe cores, and armor.

I think within limits this may be allowed, but ONLY with engines.  That and i think new engines should only be available at your "space station" since it makes sense for that to allow repairs.

Other then that, allowing anything to be repaired is kinda unfair imo as people can just stash so many additional guns/weapons/engines/probes they cant effectively be killed...

Just now, MiffedStarfish said:

Nah, I think the max of two is fine. Also, instead of an immobile station, can I have a single joint transfer/ressuply support ship?

My idea here was with the resupply to be immobile (so you cant just bring weapons to your ships, you need to return to base), so thinks like spare engines and ammunition should not be allowed to move around freely, while the mobile support ship should have fuel only.

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I'll join in on the battle royale. My 90ish ton Drek XIV-XV (literally the 2012 hull with some modernized interior) is the only ship that has good range and at least partially acceptable armor plating (2,6 km d/v compared to 1k with "up armored" versions).


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There is a lot of rules being thrown about, so I have written down a list.



1. You can attack only one moon at a time. 

2. You can only move 200 tons of your fleet in one turn, so pick wisely.

3. If you are breaking up an alliance, let the person you are in a alliance with know before taking your turn.

4. If you accidentally knock an enemy ship into a sub-orbital trajectory, switch to the ship and circularise. It takes the fun out of battling if you leave enemy ships to plummet to their doom, and other players will do the same with your ships.

@zekes, wanna join me and @panzer1bs alliance?

we are evolving into two super nations, just as I predicted. :)

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You can move it and only it. If zekes is joining, we are left with the problem of having 6 players, and only 5 moons. How about we allow Eeloo and dres as well, as they are close and relatively easy to get to, and then if alexanderteah wants to join we have 7 players and 7 bodies.

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Ok, what moons are free? I can always just operate from Eeloo. I like Eeloo.

EDIT: The only ship that I can so far hit and deflect my new Popper IV rounds to at least 50% chance. Range isn't great but that won't matter much at Eeloo. 



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5 minutes ago, MiffedStarfish said:

Ok, you can go from Eeloo. Do you except me and panzers offer of alliance? If so, we will have Pol, Vall and Eeloo.

Pol is one of my favorite places to operate. I'll build some scout ships and bring the heavy long range support if need be. I'll join you.

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hhhmmm...... OKAY! I SURRENDER THE I-20S! (However, the I-10's staying. I've got a legit reason for cloning your fighter missile)

(If you'll recall, I took it from your destroyed Apollo)

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