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Naval Battle League 2016-2018

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On 5/28/2017 at 8:35 AM, ShadowGoat said:

@panzer1b well we're fighting. You want to put up the persist or should I?

If you want start up go ahead, i need1-2 days to make a few minor alterations to one of my ships before we go anyways (discovered a fatal flaw yestreday, and id rather not get it 1 shotted by a bloody single ibeam).  Also, what is the total tonnage and ship count?  Im asking since i have relatively few ships right now that id be willing to use (i have 2, 3 if im willing to bring the SK-105 which is a piece of trash, good armor but it always looses most of its guns/engines on the first hit).  I can flex around quite a bit with the vessels tonnage wise as i can always drop/add guns/fuel as needed, but generally my ships are 70t and 150t with a bit of wiggle room depending on what i arm them with.  I also have a 12t starfighter that is harder to knock out then my capital ships (insanely tiny and takes like 10 or more direct hits with ibeams to do anything to), but im not going to fight with that as it uses certain "exploits" to achieve said armor levels (not to mention its armed with pulse cannons as i cant spare a single extra part count) and i dont feel right using it against someone who has normal ship designs.

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