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What was your greatest achievement in KSP?


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I've only been playing for a couple days but my biggest achievement so far is putting Jeb in orbit around the Mun in a one man space probe. I'm not using addons so figuring out the navigation system and doing that felt pretty satisfying.

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Probing the entire Jool system in a single mission. I'm still not sure how I managed to muster the patience to go anywhere with ion engines and constant power shortages. :P





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Actually not the hardest thing I've done, in fact it was quite easy, but there were so many stages to it.

During my first Duna mission I managed to land 3 Kerbals safely to the surface, but with dry fuel tanks and no way to get home. A while later I decided to launch a rescue mission which was an enormous amount of planning - if any one stage had gone wrong it would all have failed, but it worked.

Kerbin Preparation

Launching of a large carrier ship

Docking with Space Station to refuel

Launching of Landing Pod

Launching of Satellite carrier craft

Launch rover landing frame

Docking of Landing pod and satellite carrier and rover frame with mothership

Outward burn

Duna Operations

Transfer & Aerobrake

Deploy satellite carrier (which then proceeded on it's own mission to deploy a satellite network around Duna and Ike)

Launch rover with 1 crewman and land. Landing site 3km from stranded Kerbals.

Launch rescue pod (robotic control). Tight fuel margins so it lands wherever it can. First landing 35km from rover.

Use rover to collect all 3 kerbals and drive to rescue pod.

Rescue first 2 kerbals, launch and rendezvous with mothership. First 2 safely on main ship.

Relaunch and land rescue pod (this time 9km from rover)

Use rover to get to rescue pod

Recover last stranded kerbal + rover pilot.

Return to mothership and get all crew onboard

Recovery pod dropped into atmosphere empty and destroyed

Outward burn

Kerbin Return

Transfer and aerobrake

Rendezvous with space station and offload rescued crew

SSTO shuttle launched from surface

Shuttle collects rescued crew from space station

Re-enters atmosphere and returns everyone to Space Center

Again, nothing too hard, but it would be very easy for one phase of the mission to fail and make the whole thing fail along with it, but every piece of hardware functioned to within specifications and it all went well. One of the most fun missions I've had in KSP both due to the large planning neded, small margin for error and actually having a very specific objective.

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Probing the entire Jool system in a single mission. I'm still not sure how I managed to muster the patience to go anywhere with ion engines and constant power shortages. :P

I did the same! Also with a 'carrier' craft but I hardly had to use the ion engines. Firstly the carrier did many of the orbital and planar adjustments, got the encounter, launched a probe then adjusted itself away from the encounter, leaving the probe to just brake into orbit. Each probe also had a tiny stack of liquid fuel which it would ditch after it made orbit and then correct on Ions. Have to say your hardware looks a lot nicer though!


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I really can't remember, I've done quite a bit. Recently, though, I managed to put myself in Moho orbit, but that wasn't the greatest achievement. The greatest achievement was managing to quick-load my way back to Kerbin orbit. It takes skill to achieve such a failure.

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Definitely my first successful rendezvous mission. I'd just made a new space station (as the old one had suffered a serious rocket malfunction and ended up in a stupidly inclined orbit) and I sent the core module up, crewed by 3 kerbals (but with a second cockpit/viewing area with room for one more). I sent up a rocket with 3 more kerbals, intending to do a full crew exchange. I managed to eventually dock and, over a period of 10 minutes, swapped the crews by EVA. Exchange completed, I undocked, made the de-orbit burn to a perfect splashdown in the sea.

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