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Zestful people and spirit of exploration


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I think modern educational systems around the world are created to crush human spirit and creativity. But on earth are still people with zest for lie unfortunately the are dying species.

I watched red bull webpage, they sponsors extreme sport, Red bull plane races, Baumgartner jump, and 12 years old boy who make 1080 on skateboard.

I think they all are human version of Jeb :D

Sometimes I think whether in my lifetime, people will go where no man has gone before, I mean Mars, beginning new wave of human exploration and adventures.

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Here in the UK the education system is now about getting as many people to pass and leaving smart people to themselves.

Nah, the human version of Jeb is someone who tries to ride a SRB :D

Considering the previous rate of human achievements and that it should increase exponentially, I'm confident that we will visit other planets in our lifetimes. Unless something like a world-wide disaster strikes us.

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ah don't worry were humans we got that little voice that says "Go go on."That what makes us human the fact that there is something that we don't know of makes us want to go there.When humans see some from the unknown we don't just go away from it we go towards it.

Hopes that lightens things up for humanity.I be gone.

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