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[1.11.x] RCS Build Aid v1.0.6

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@m4v its analyzed:

You could indeed not repro it, because in MOLE's "standard playmode" after installalation, "ClassicStock", the engine (Fulcrum in this case) is configured as a multi-mode engine, and indeed has 2 usable modes. So no problem here (see screenshot #1).

If the playmode is changed, e.g. to "CRP", then there is a problem on the engine config: it is still declared in the part config as multi-mode, but has actually only one usable mode. This confuses RCSBuidlAid and leads to that nullref spam (see screenshot #2).

Showing the situation: 1) no problem, and 2) problem



So the root cause is definitely a misconfiguration on the part. Question is if that could maybe be handled more gracefully by RCSBuildAid, now that the cause is known?

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== Version 1.0.5

* Fix: Ignore PartModules that have moduleIsEnabled set to false.
* Fix: Don't ignore ModuleEngine independentThrottle setting if used.


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Hi there! Just found a bug with my heavy modded install. It only happens with parachutes calculator. When I grab a command pod and install a chute, calculations are OK. But when I load another ship in the VAB, I get velocity calculations to "Infinity", and keeps like that until game reboot. (Of course, none of them are from the mod RealChutes, and happen also with stock ones. And I'm using stock aerodinamics)

This is the error found in the log:

[EXC 15:51:23.665] NullReferenceException
    UnityEngine.Transform.Find (System.String n) (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0)
    Part.FindModelTransform (System.String childName) (at <06f13185617646e5bc801baeab53ab75>:0)
    RCSBuildAid.CoDMarker.findCenterOfDrag () (at <4ce320faa66f449aafd3274fb767e25f>:0)
    RCSBuildAid.CoDMarker.UpdatePosition () (at <4ce320faa66f449aafd3274fb767e25f>:0)
    EditorMarker.Update () (at <06f13185617646e5bc801baeab53ab75>:0)
    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
    ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

And after that, lots of :

[LOG 15:51:23.689] Look rotation viewing vector is zero

If you need the full log, I can upload it for you. Thanks in advance for maintaining again this awesome mod @m4v!

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I tried to reproduce but I was unable to, can you go into more detail the steps you do to trigger the bug?

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