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Guess Who Will Reply Next?


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7 hours ago, ColdJ said:

Yes. Just been reading weird facts about "Max Headroom."

Maybe @Lisias will briefly resize the conversation?

Not this time. Talking about Max Headroom… :sticktongue:


Yep, tough week...


6 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

haven't even had coffee this morning

Nope, it's the contrary - too much coffee!! :D When the caffeinne waved off, I took a temporary leave from this existencial plane globe… :P


Perhaps @Admiral Fluffycould bring us some (decent) coffee? I'm tired of the Instant Coffee I'm taking...

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Tyops, as usulla...
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Only if he is naughty and not asleep.

@Lisias I have the Art of Noise on both cassette and CD, though I am not sure if the cassette will still work or if I have a cassette player that still works.

The cassette version was actually slightly different to the CD version.

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