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Guess Who Will Reply Next?


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2 hours ago, SAS123 said:

Admiral Fluffy: adsii1970

Me, who hasn't been logged on the forums in almost 3 years: "I'm about to end this man's whole career." Hahaha XD

Since we are trying to summon this person though. @adsii1970 Will you be our lucky next participant?

l havent been in the forums for an entire year already


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Wow. The @RoverDude  Gotta say, I love your work. Thanks for all the great stuff you have made for KSP

Hello everybody, been away finding everyway possible to get a 3d model wrong but getting there. Adsii1970 is a busy guy on top of being a moderator so best not to badger him.

So I will say. Hello to @AtomicTech. This has been keeping busy trying get right. My first complex model built from scratch.


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