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This is a list of features that are commonly suggested, already planned or denied. These subjects have been addressed by the developers and will either be implemented at some point or not at all. In either case suggesting them again is of no use and threads doing so will be closed. Please mind that a lot of these features - although not going to be implemented - can be found in addons and plugins. A big thank you goes out to all users who are involved enough to word their ideas and share them with the development team, all the moderators who have helped sort the suggestions and ofcourse to the developers for creating a great game. As can clearly be seen from this very long list the community is very involved and passionate about the game: keep it up!

The list has been updated to contain more subjects and has been categorised for easier reading. Some features will have links added to them that lead to popular mods regarding that functionality. Please do mind that these mods are not officially supported and may cause issues.

Already Announced for Probable Future Release

  • Resource mining
  • More-Realistic aerodynamics
  • Payload fairings
  • Rearranging the parts list / Additional part filters
  • Reentry heat
  • Female Kerbals
  • More IVA views
  • Multiplayer [1] [39]
  • Alternative Tech Tree configurations [15]
  • Change part loading
  • Multithreading / Multicore functionality

Major features

  • Weaponry* [2] [3]
  • Faster than light travel [42]
  • Steam Workshop implementation
  • Robotics / mechanics [7]

The Universe

  • N-body physics and lagrange points
  • New stars, planets, moons and/or asteroids
  • Terraforming*
  • New easter eggs
  • Larger or more realistic scale planets*[40]



  • More types of launch facilities
  • Higher timewarp values
  • Life Support [32]


  • Combining parts [41]
  • Using another game engine*
  • GPU Physics calculations


  • Aliens*
  • Random failures / malfunctions
  • Cities and landmarks
  • Parachutes for Kerbals [33]
  • Weather features
  • Kerbal cemeteries* [31]

Finally, anything that's on the unofficial planned features list or post-release expansion packs / DLC should not be suggested either :)

* will not be in (first release of) the game

** this means no general 'more parts' threads. If you have specific ideas feel free to post them.

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Mod list:

1 Kerbal Live Feed

2 Lazor System

3 Pirated Weaponry

4 Kethane Pack

5 Boat & Carrier Parts

6 Deadly Reentry

7 Infernal Robotics

8 Ferram Aerospace Research

9 Extraplanetary Launchpads

10 Orbital Construction Redux

11 B9 Aerospace Pack


13 KW Rocketry

14 NovaPunch Remix Pack

15 TreeLoader

16 Part Catalog

17 Part Search Plugin

18 Simple Part Organizer

19 EditorTools

20 Kerbal Engineer Redux

21 Mechjeb 2.0


23 AmpYear Power Manager

24 Figaro Global Navigation System

25 SCANsat

26 Remote Tech

27 RCSBuildAid

28 Kerbal Crew Manifest

29 KerbCam

30 Multiversal Mechatronics

31 Eterno-Rest 2000 Coffin

32 Ioncross Crew Support

33 Vanguard Technologies

34 Procedural fairings

35 KerbCom Avionics

36 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement

37 Mk2 Cockpit Internals

38 MK3 IVA internal mod

39 DMP

40 Real Solar System

41 UbioZur Welding Ltd.

42 KSP Interstellar

If you have any suggestions, feel free to message me or Supernovy.

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