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Spiritwolf/Hanland Submissions

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I'm going to have my Jennifer's Beauty loaded and headed to Jool as well as a surprise for any Hanland still on a moon in the system ;) Its just taken me a while to get everything set up, loaded, fueled, and manned. There are some ambitious designs but it's mostly the logistics and support fleet heading out there that has taken a while to set up, with all the screen shots and videos.

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I present to you...

A probably very familiar scene to us all, with a slightly different take.

The Wreck of the Laythe Venture




I was TRYING to get my SSTO to land on Laythe. But the damned thing tipped over and... well... here you go.

I need a better way of testing this thing.

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Hello again, I've been busy coming up with some new designs; I have a new carrier ( I decided to shelve the old one as the parts/functionality ratio was poor and it started vibrating after the recent update, I have no idea why), 2 types of fighter and a mini destroyer that are supported by the carrier, 1 full size destroyer, 2 types of unarmoured cruiser, a salvage and rescue craft, Laythe capable fuel and ammo barges and Carnifex and Stormbringer have received upgrades to their stern armour (and both have now been moved to Laythe 100% legit including refuel).

I'm going to split them over a few posts but you fancy a sneak preview can find launch/trip proofs etc. for all of them here (3 Laythe trips pending): http://mrtegu.imgur.com

and all updated craft files here: http://www./folder/fput8fo5i3yd6/KSPII

(old versions still available here: http://www./folder/y1cudsuw00lr5/Ksp )

Anyway, I'm going to start with the carrier and the craft it supports: K.S.S. Prometheus, not much of a looker but it gets things done.


Stats: 431 parts with droptanks (1020 at launch), 432 T mass, 23040 units of liquid fuel (=8 jumbos) as well as 10 large RCS tanks as I find i get though this stuff so fast and lots of xenon tanks. It can fit 17 crew, 4 fighters and 2 mini destroyers in its hanger at once (not recommended!) It also has 12 or so reaction wheels and enough power to run them (the RCS fuel is for support purposes) making it surprisingly nimble.



Hybrid drive version docking:


Stats: 155 parts (180ish at launch, 11 tons mass, 204 units LF, RCS enabled, non hybrid is stack-able in bay. Ammo: 12 sepratron/oscarB rockets and 1 high velocity sepratron probe, both of these rockets are capable of penetrating plate armour with ease. 1 crew.

Mini Destroyer (shown with Laythe droptanks:


Stats: 314 parts (418 at Launch), 71 Tons mass, 2260 units LF, RCS enabled, 1 crew. Ammo: 21 sepratron/oscarB rockets. Note: you will need to drop the tanks if you want to put it in the hanger.

Hopefully I'll get round to posting the rest shortly.

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WOW Mr. Tegu. Either you need to make a slightly bigger carrier or make smaller carrier fighters. I tried to make a mini-fighter and found, to my horror, I did not know how to get it into space - it was too small.

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Those are some impressive designs, Mr Tengu. Your fighter is particularly mean-looking; all of those inside-out sepratrons make it look like a space porcupine. I would be worried about that part count, though. My computer's no geriatric, and it starts to chug around the 400 part mark. I can't imagine what your carrier fully loaded is like.

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I've never tried it, it was starting to lag too much at 2 fighters, I can get away with about 700 parts, I once tried putting 2 carriers and a battleship on the same grid, it just about worked unit I fired a shot.

Here's how I designed the hanger, it does feel a bit like moving house getting the fighters in, you have to pitch sideways a little or you get stuck:


Also, just got a 2.5 km hit with the Aegis cruiser (the explosion is tiny but you can see part scatter in the next shot):





Stats 306 parts (427 at launch), 66 T, 1530 Liquid fuel, RCS, 1 crew, Ammo: 24 girder rockets.

Probably the most fun to fly; it is nimble and accurate and the crosshairs make sniping easy (I stole the idea of an earlier poster but I cant remember who, too good not too :P . I haven't moved it to Laythe yet so expect to see some drop tanks soon.

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First off hi guys. I have been lurking on the forum for quite some time and i decided I should show what I have been working on. Second this will be a long post so bear with it.

Company name: The orion space company

company objective: Create a safe enviroment for civilians and scientists a like all around the kerbal system. Only recently did we start to develop military hardware to defend ourselfs agains pirate space company's like Hanland.

To achieve this objective we developed several ships:

Iris class base:


This base is designed to work as a relay station and or land based observatory and is to be manned by 1 kerbal. Who can live in relative comfort thanks to artificial reality being displayed on his window.

Hesprides class base:


This base is designed to be a comfortable home for up to 6 kerbals. Featuring 6 independent personal rooms with a view and 1 central common room for socializing.

Pan class rover


A rover designed to carry 1 driver and 2 passengers to locations otherwise beyond there range on different celestial body's

Artemis class figther


A advanced figther armed with 6 standard torpedo's but thanks to his layout can be used to launch a variety of weapons. This ship was originaly designed for short range exploration from a carrier. It uses 4 ion engines and one lv-909 engine.

Tsyche-K class transport ship


A transport ship designed for space toerism. Capable of transporting 4 kerbals in a luxery cabin to destinations near Kerbin. It comes standard with a small probe for ferrying kerbals around in 0g.

Tsyche-M class transport ship


A transport ship much alike the Tsyche-K class ship designed to ferry around kerbals between Mun surface and stations in low munar orbit. Unlike its type K counter part this ship does not come with a drone to very around kerbals but instead comes with landing legs differently positiond lights and ladders for kerbals to safely board and leave the ship.

Hermes class transport ship


A transport ship unlike the Tsyche class ships. Where those ships are ment for short trips and never go far beyond there original point this ship is designed to take a lot of kerbals to distant planets on a regular basis. It has 5 familie sized cabins and a rear observatory all along a center spine away from the engines to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Plutus class supply ship


A supply ship capable of transporting loads in its two side cargo bay.

Hera class carrier


A carrier designed to haul ships do distant planets. Its large docking bay has direct entrance to 2 comfortable cabins in wich kerbals can sit out the journey. A flight command center near the rear of the ship facing in at the hanger is capable of making sure all ships arive at there designated landing spots without trouble. It has 1 shielded docking port on the bottom of its hanger for transporting a Artemis class ship and 4 small docking ports along its walls to transport musqito sized ships.

Oeranos class space station:


This station is ment as a transfer station between orbit and land based operations. The many docking ports around the base allow it to be a base of operation for many ships. On its own it is a fairly simple construction but it can be expanded with several more modules to allow for more living room or fuel. The one in this picture is in orbit of the mun.

Gaia class space station


A enormous orbital station designed to be a transfer station between smaller ships and interplanetary ships. It service as a orbital space port with room for over 50 kerbals to wait in transit or to do scientific research.

All of the above ships have proof of how they got to there current location but i choose not to post it to keep the post reasonbly small. With the exception of the Hera class carrier all of the ships listed are under 400 parts. The hera carrier has 403 parts(i am not sure i will fill in the correct number once i looked it up). Also it should be noted that none of these ships require RCS all of them use reaction wheels and SAS modules to do the heavy work for them.

now for those questioning if the artemis fighter can be docked in a hera class carrier.





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Hello Macey!

I am afraid I cannot fullfill your 300 part limit but as I keep getting asked by those who have seen it already I just have to ask if you are in any way shape or form interested in using this stock Galactica that I built:

Downsides in order of severity:

- 1400+ parts

- no real fuel reserves to keep TWR and partcount handable

- was only able to get into orbit with infinite fuel cheat

- will only be able to transfer anywhere with infinite fuel cheat (max delta-v is about 800m/s I think)

- a Viper that can fit a Kerbal won't fit in the hangar - it is still too small ^^

The shipclass would obviously be a support carrier as I have not implemented any real weaponry ... though there are docking ports in the hangars -> so it could store ammunition. The inside is mainly hollow - don't know what happens when you put fueltanks inside though - I think it will just break during any launch attempt.

Thanks for considering, good luck and have fun!

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i do like the heremes, maybe flesh ou the design a bit more, but i like where its going, the gaia is also really awesome

What do you mean flesh out the design ??

To the rest I will post craft file's when i found a good place to host them. Also noticed that I forgot 2 ships wich i will post when i have some time to get a good screeny.

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I may be a bit late, but I only just finished Season 1 and saw the Submissions video.

I wish I could submit something, but I haven't bought KSP yet :( I could submit my "Company" though. In my friends' Minecraft server, I have an organization called LonGov (Londonian Government) with a sub-division called Londonian Aerospace Science and Experimentation (LASE). LASE is driven not by money or pride, but by science. Experimentation is in their name for a reason. LASE's motto is "We are not violent, we are experimental. It's just that sometimes our experiments have violent results,". LASE will do everything and anything, producing ideas for new technology. If they would pick a side, I am certain they would pick Spiritwolf because they will feel that Spiritwolf is desperate and more open to their experimentation.

I am sorry that I cannot supply a ship :( But I figured it wouldn't hurt to submit something. I would love to see LonGov's LASE implemented into a story.

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LonGov's LASE probably wouldn't have any ships anyway. It'd be more of the company that makes some of the technology for the ships. If you have a new weapon/engine/technology-of-some-sort you can just reference that it was developed with help from the boys at LASE :wink:

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Well i final relaunched my Jennifer's Beauty into orbit. I lost the save file in an unfortunate Hanland hacking attack. My security has improved and i put it back where it belongs with some slight modifications from the Naval Academy video i posted. Here she is in the rough, no fighters yet and no armor yet if i even decide to put any, But she can turn on a dime for here mass and with no RCS has a hanger for 16 fighter and up to 10 bomber or heavy attack fighter craft. I'm also quite happy she does not have any noticeable wobble and is as sturdy as a rock. Seeing as she is held together by docking ports that worried me at first. apPOEGp.jpggm2c86G.jpg

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Hey guys!

I was just looking to get some feedback on my ships before I send them in for submission officially.

I've got minor changes to do to them, so I have to end up resending them to Laythe, but wanted to see if there were any suggestions for things to change and what not.

Company Name: Kerbal Propulsion Laboratories

Other company info still needs to be made up, but im not too worried about that atm.:) I've got video/screenshots showing these things getting to laythe with their launch stages and tugs as well, just need to organize it before i send it in.

KPL: Tortuga (LOCS-1) [Low Orbit Combat Ship or Corvette class is you like)



When asked about the theme of the design, the Assistant to the Lead Engineer, Jebediah Kerman had this to say, " I like turtles!"

Ship weighs in at 183 parts, with 810 L of liquid fuel, powered by two LV-N engines in the back, and two forward facing Mark 55 Radial Mount Engines, for reverse and emergency maneuvers.

Payload consists of 2 stinger missiles designed to take on light spacecraft with the bulk of the arsenal devoted to the 4 RT-10 SRBS designed to engage larger, armored craft. Reloading capabilities are for the larger SRBs only.

The main idea was to design something that would stick close to capital ships to ward off and potentially put a dent in the armor of hostile heavies. The two lighter missiles can be used if the only threat is smaller ships. Most likely unable to take down a well armored capital ship on its own.

The Tortuga is very well balanced and can go for quite a while without refueling. All I was planning to change was the supports for the missiles as they tend to launch at a weird angle. I fixed it, but sent off the wrong ship to Laythe lol. Oh well. I might remove the smaller missiles all together in favor of upgraded the larger SRB's with a strut in the front of each. We'll see.

Next, the KPL: Dagger (FAC-1) [Fast Attack Craft]



I forget the part count for this one, but it's low. Comes with a reloadable stack of liquid fuel missiles. Firing them is kind of clunky since I didn't toss in a command module/drone to each one, but if you "pre-fire" the engines and decouple sequentially, they work like a charm. Three sets of high velocity rounds with great accuracy up to 1.5k+.

3LV-N's on the back with 3 Mk55 Radials facing forward again.

Very light and quick and is intended to again be close to friendly capital ships, but its main target is light to heavy fighters with no more than one layer of armor. The missiles work fairly well against light armor and should be a good deterrent.

Changes I need to make:

1. NO DOCKING PORT....derp. I get the thing all the way to Laythe to find out I cant refuel it haha.

2. Missile upgrades. I might look in to tossing a strut or something on to the front of the missiles to give them a little more oomph. More testing needed.

3. It looks kind of bland, but maybe I can write that off to stealth capabilities or something. I might try to add flare to it like I did with the Tortuga.

Any input and tips are very welcome, thanks!

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