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[0.21.x] ReflectiveShader Plugin (Version 1.2)

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Ideally, when it comes to performance, you'd want to render a single cube map for all reflective objects in an area, but you'd have to drop dynamic objects, which is perhaps kind of purpose defeating, especially if you're in space with little but stars to reflect.

Perhaps it'd be possible to update the cube map generation less frequently so that it spend 6 frames rendering it, then 6 or even 12 frames keeping the previous map, effectively cutting the strain in half or more? It may not look as nice, but it's much more viable for those with less powerful machines.

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Try setting MeshesToChange to all in your part config:

MeshesToChange = all

        // Use this variable to specify which meshes to apply the shader to.
// Not using this variable will default to the first found mesh.
// Use the actual mesh name for the value. Or you could use:
// all - to replace the shader on all meshes in the model.
MeshesToChange = meshName

I hope that helps!! :)

If not, could you PM me the prefab or model and I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong.

Well I tried this with the small lander cabin and it doesn't seem to work. I initially just wanted to do things like landing legs but the MeshesToChange thing doesn't seem to be working. Is it possible that it is case sensitive? I have it just like you have shown but all that is getting the reflection is the grab handles at the door and the window glass. The rest is still dull grey no matter what I do.

Someone else want to test the small lander cab and see if it is just something to do with the model?

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I just think it looks a little TOO reflective, yaknow?

Maybe just windows and things, but IRL tanks and pods are NOWHERE near this reflective.

I really only would want reflective windows and things. They'd do much better than the current bluey-ness.

What is the feasibility of making reflective windows-only available to the general no-programming-or-modelling-skill public? That is, if they are feasible at all.

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I feel that a toned down version of this could greatly improve the atmosphere of KSP. People are making really beautiful models of real life spacecraft, but that very distinct gleam that makes it look all fancy like is always missing.

Can not help you with any sources, unfortunately. I had a bit of a look through some archives, but no success.

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I released an updated version of this with source.

Changes include the ability to have non-realtime reflections so that it only updates periodically. Obviously if you want a realtime mirror you wouldn't want that. But if you just want environment mapping that changes with scenery then you would want to use that.

Reflection Plugin Continued

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I so badly want this, can anyone write up a simple tutorial on how to apply this via the module manager or whatever, so it auto-applies to all parts of a specified type (such as engine nozzles or windows)?

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