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Really Really Really Tall Building

The Jedi Master

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Floor 3064: in the ground you find a sword, you pull it out and die, but a fairy revives you.

Floor 3065:You find a person with their back turned to you in white robe, waving his hands over a big Purple Heart, while smaller Purple Hearts fly into it.

Floor 3066: you see the Kraken munching on a ship, you fast walk up the stairs.

Floor 3067:You find a kid screaming at a screen and going GEEZ, WUT DA FRIICKKK. you don’t mind to ask his name.

Floor 3068: you hear the 20th century fox theme on recorder, and it’s awful.

Floor 3069:there is a wind tunnel, you get blown back.

Floor 3070:you see several people robbing a bank.

Floor 3071:you see Link using the hook shot, he gets hit in the head and dies.

Floor 3072:you see a little pink ball with arms and legs fight this familiar robot  with wings, a crown, and a cape outside the windows.

Floor 3073:you realize that the robot from the last floor is the emperor from floor 3038.

Floor 3074: You find all sorts of board games here, and stop down to play one with Jeb.

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3083: Something messed up the floor numbers, from 3035 to 3082. You realise that this is because the other floors are inside the Mun. You start feeling normal, "downward" gravity again, because the mun is starting to pull you back to floor 3082 instead of pulling you to 3084. You walk up to 3084.

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3084: You are in a large open field, with a section taped off. A sign on the tape reads:




You decide to go on up to the next floor.

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Floor 4005: You are no longer in the sun.

Before you are 7 billion wandering ghosts, all waving around copies of the sheet music for Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2. You listen to their conversation, and hear them talking in Japanese about nuclear submarines and digital cameras. How do you understand them? Subtitles.

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